(happy instrumental music) – Whoa! (This is Home by Bryan Lanning) ♫ Wherever you are,
that’s where I wanna be ♫ All it took was a ring
in that soft sunset, ♫ Big blue eyes welled up and said, ♫ “This is home.” ♫ Running around, you’ve
never looked so cute ♫ Hugging you tight,
kissing all I could saying, ♫ “I am home” ♫ Home’s wherever you’re with me – [All] Good morning. – [Bryan] Happy birthday, Ollie. Do the birthday dance. Oh, you wanna give them a kiss. (lips smacking) Okay. Birthday dance, do the birthday dance. Birthday dance, do the birthday dance. Birthday dance, do the birthday dance. It’s your brother’s birthday, Finn. Ollie, how old are you? – Four. – Four? Can you show me with your fingers? Remember, high five, and
then tuck your thumb in. High five? – Hide your tongue,
(laughs), hide your thumb. – [Bryan] There you go, four. You’re four, dude. – First day of four, he has
to practice how to show four. – [Bryan] Yeah. Good morning, Finny. You eating a waffle? – Yeah. – Today our little baby is four years old. He’s turning into a boy, you guys. I can hardly even believe it. I love you. I’m gonna have Ollie’s birth blog, and all of his birthday
parties linked in the iCard. So you guys can check them
out if you wanna watch those. Today we’re gonna have a super fun day. Ollie’s gonna get some P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S. We’ve got a couple of
cool surprises for him. We’re just gonna hang out with family. – I’ve got a pirate patch. – [Bryan] Oh cool, come show me. Mama will put on your pirate patch, okay? – Okay. – [Bryan] It goes over your eye so that you can be like a pirate. Now say, “Aarrr!” – Aarrr! – [Bryan] And you even
have your telescope? – [Missy] Oh my gosh, and he’s
even wearing a pirate map. – Yeah he has the pirate map pajamas. (laughing) You could say this kid likes pirates. So yeah, today’s kind of like the family birthday day where we just
hang out and celebrate him. Then this weekend we’re
throwing an epic party. – Yep. But, I did wanna say that
you guys should make sure you’re following me on Instagram, because I’ve been sharing
bits and stories of the day and the day before he was born. It is, honestly, like every
time I think about it, I get like (groans). It’s so hard to even … – Yeah, I read them and I start crying. – It’s so, it’s just like,
the story is intense, because if it wasn’t for
like actually taking action and going against the doctor,
I don’t know if he’d be here. It’s really scary to think about, but yet it’s amazing to know that like, he’s here and he’s okay.
– He’s here and everything’s okay, and we love him, and he’s a big boy, and
he’s such a trickster. Finn, where’s your brother? He’s in there? I can see you. (laughing) (upbeat electronic music) – We have donned our birthday apparel, and we are so excited,
because we’ve been working on a huge surprise for Ollie. Should we bring him over and … – I think it’s time. We’ve been working hard on this, so I’m so excited. He’s gonna see this
when he first walks out. – And we’ve been concocting something. Kind of like a prank, surprise. We’ll see how he reacts.
– We’ll see. – It’s gonna be funny. Are you ready for your birthday surprise? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah? Look at Finn in his little birthday hat. He looks so cute. He’s like, okay. Alright Ollie, keep your hat on. Let’s go, come on. What do you think your birthday
surprise is gonna be, Ollie? – I don’t know. – [Bryan] You don’t know? – Yeah. – [Bryan] You’re so excited? – Yeah. – [Bryan] How old are you? – I’m four. – [Bryan] You’re four years old. – Yeah. – [Bryan] What do you see? – I don’t know. – What’s that? – [Bryan] Balloons. – What do you think’s in there? Maybe you should open it up. – [Bryan] Should we go in there? – Yeah. (upbeat electronic music) Whoa! (laughing) – [Bryan] What do you see? – Lot’s of presents. – [Bryan] What? (gasps) Oh my goodness. Look at all these presents, dude. – [Missy] Alright, Ollie, this is a game. – So Ollie, we have fake
presents, and we have real presents, and you get to go
through and unwrap everything, and try to find the real ones. Does that sound cool? There’s some cool presents in here, bro. You ready? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Alright dude, what
present you wanna try first? Grab ’em. Oh I think that’s a real one. Rip it open. I think that’s from auntie? – [Missy] What is it? – Batman. – [Bryan] Legos. – [Missy] Junior Legos. – [Bryan] Cool, superheroes, dude. It’s got superman and batman. – It also comes with a kryptonite. – [Bryan] Yeah, kryptonite machine. How does he know that? – I don’t know. What do you say? – Thank you, auntie. – [Auntie] You’re welcome, bud. – [Bryan] How about this big one? What about this big one? Here, rip it open, rip it. What is it, what is it? Open it up, open it up! You got it! (gasps) What’s in there, what’s in there? – Nothing. – [Bryan and Missy] Nothing. (laughing) – Alright that’s a fake one, let’s keep looking for real ones. Let’s try this one, Ollie, Ooh, that one feels
like it’s got something. You remember how to do this, right? Look at that, Ollie, it’s a
Squawk Eggsplosive Chicken game. – What? – [Bryan] Isn’t that cool? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Alright, Ollie,
the whole fam wants to know if that’s a real one or a fake one. Can you open it? – [Family Member] I’m saying fake. – This one’s definitely fake. – [Bryan] Uncle, I love your
colorful wrapping paper. It’s so sleek and modern. – [Missy] Oh, what is that? – [Bryan] Oh. – [Missy] What is that, Ollie? – I don’t know. It’s a sword. – [Bryan] That is a really cool sword. It’s a transforming ninja sword, Ollie. It has a flashlight and a sword. – [Missy] Oh my gosh. – [Bryan] What do you say to uncle? – Thank you uncle. – [Uncle] Welcome. – [Bryan] Oh, we have
presents crashing everywhere. Rip it open dude. This is a big one, Ollie. What’s in it? What’s in it, what’s in it, what’s in it? – Nothing again. – [Bryan] Ahh, it’s another fake present? Where are all the real presents. Oh, let’s open that one. That one looks like
uncle’s wrapping paper. Nice. – Ironman. – [Bryan] Finn likes it too. (upbeat electronic music) What, another fake one? – [Missy] Oh my gosh. – [Bryan] Finn’s coming through. He’s knocking over presents. (laughing) Finn, you’re such a silly goose. Oh, a Lego dinosaur. Nice. – [Missy] What do you say? – Thank you, auntie. – We’re pretty far in the process. I think Ollie is now discovering how to figure out real presents from fake. What is that? – [Missy] Those are from Mimi and Papa. Ask her what it is. What is it? – Superheroes. – [Mimi] Not just superheroes
they’re dive toys. – You can dive to the bottom for these. They’ve got Spiderman.
– We’re gonna go swimming with those, okay? – Let’s do this one. – [Bryan] Yeah, rip it open, dude. This is from mommy and daddy. (upbeat electronic music) Finn’s got balloons in his shirt. Who did that? You got a balloon in your shirt, dude. – [Missy] He gets a little present because he’s such a good boy. – He’s gotta practice.
– Now rip it. For October. Aww they’re opening them at the same time. What is it, Ollie? – A pirate. – [Bryan] Yeah it’s a pirate ship. – I wanna build it right now. – Yeah, and it comes with
pirates and captains. – [Missy] And then you’ve got other little characters that you can … – [Bryan] You can open open up those ones and see what the other characters are. Finn, what’d you get? (Finn babbles) – He’s like, I can’t be stopped now. – [Bryan] We got Finn
another pirate one too. So they can play together. (upbeat electronic music) – I can’t decide what is it. Nothing. – [Bryan] (groans) These fake presents. There’s real presents and fake presents. You think that’s a real one? Could be stuffed animals, huh? (upbeat electronic music) – [Missy] What is it? – Nothing. – [Bryan] Another fake present? – [Missy] What kind of
birthday present is that? – [Bryan] Oh no! Boxes everywhere. I think it’s safe to say, Ollie, that I think the rest of these are fake. They’re too light to be anything. – Look at this. – [Bryan And Missy] Nothing! – [Bryan] Did mommy and
daddy prank you, Ollie? Sorry, dude. – One, two, three, hit. – Nothing in that one either. Go! (groans) Anything? Fake? (groans) Anything? (groans) No more presents? Ollie, what do you say to
everyone that got you presents. – Thank you. – [All] You’re welcome. – You’re welcome. We love you buddy. – Thank you. – Happy birthday. Do you think that’s all
the presents you got? – Yeah. – Yeah? You got a good little stash, didn’t you? – Are you happy with that? – Yeah. – Pretty cool, huh? – Yeah. – Well guess what?
– What? – Mommy and daddy got
you one more present. You wanna see it? – Yeah. – I think papa’s gonna roll it in. (gasps) – What’s that? – A bike. – Oh my gosh, your own bike.
– You get your very own big boy bike. And it’s red, dude, just like you wanted. And it has a bell. Whoa. Oh my gosh, look at him on that thing. – [Missy] Those are brakes. – [Bryan] We’ll teach
you how to use it, buddy. It should be really easy, okay? (bike bell ringing) – [Bryan] It looks so cool. Now you have pedals, Ollie, so you can go super fast outside, and go
on adventures, and trips. We can get you a little basket. You can put toys in it. – Yeah. Thank you, mama. – You’re welcome baby. I love you. – I love you. – [Bryan] Aww, are you surprised? You weren’t expecting a bike, huh? That’s pretty neat. What do you think of the color? Do you like the color? – Yeah, red. – [Bryan] Yeah, and it has eight on it. It has an eight ball right there. Look at on the back. On this fin, it has checkers. – [Ollie] Checkers? – [Bryan] And we have
training wheels on it, so that you won’t fall off. (upbeat electronic music) – [Missy] Alright Ollie’s
gonna try out his bike for the very first time. You’ve gotta push, he’s
never really done pedals. Take your feet, and push like that. Good job. Keep pushing both sides. Push, push. Good job! That’s how you break. – [Auntie] Good job,
don’t go down the hill. – [Missy] Oh my gosh he’s doing it. – [Auntie] Good job, you steered away. – [Missy] You can break. Remember, you can break. – [Auntie] Good job, Ollie. (upbeat electronic music) – [Bryan] Alright we cooked up
some hamburgers and hotdogs, because we’re all so hungry. And, I even made some beans. Auntie and uncle are helping Ollie put together this Playmobil pirate ship. Oh my gosh, it’s ginormous. – I had no idea we had
so many little pieces. – [Bryan] Look at all these little pieces. – I’m pretty sure this
thing is thing is winning. Kids break it out. It’s got army men, guns, and
a car, so he’s pretty happy. – [Bryan] Yeah. The simplest things make this kid happy. It’s so cute. Well Ollie, all your army guys can ride on a pirate ship when it’s done, huh? Johnson’s have arrived. Did you see that bike outside? – No. – [Bryan] You didn’t see the bike? – No. – [Bryan] Oh. – [Mrs. Johnson] Ollie,
did you get a new bike? – Did you get a new bike? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Hey Ollie. I think someone’s at the front door with a special delivery for you. – Me? – [Bryan] Yeah, who is it? – I don’t know. – [Kids] Happy birthday, Ollie. – [Bryan] Unicorns! There’s unicorns in our house. Aww. Liv and Pay, you guys look so cute. Go check out their channel. iCard in the corner. Olivia, you look so cute. Look at your unicorn onesie. You even have wings? Wow, is that a sword? Oh my gosh, it’s a Power
Rangers sword, bro. You got Power Rangers stuff? The whole set? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Ollie, what do you say? – Thank you. – [Friend] You’re welcome, dude. You like it? I got you a sword, bro. – That is seriously so cool. We have to put all of
Ollie’s swords in one place and see how many he actually has. He has a collection. – I don’t even think
we could find them all. – He has them hidden? Like in secret places around the house in case danger’s going down. – Or in case one gets taken away. – This is the coolest sword ever, bro. Payton, we have an actual
unicorn you can ride. Do you know how to do it? Here, put your feet up on here. That one on there. Then, lift your butt up,
then push down like that. See? Look at her getting it. Isn’t that so cool? It moves on it’s own. Alright, we are making chocolate cake. – Made for request. – [Bryan] Yes, he requested a
dinosaur chocolate cake today. So we’re gonna do our best. See what we can do. – [Missy] Look at you,
you’re making a dinosaur. – [Bryan] I’m trying. – [Missy] I was like, “There’s
no way I can do this.” – [Bryan] I did like the
outline with a knife, and now I’m putting this green over it. – [Missy] That looks dang good, I think. – What are you doing, dad? – [Missy] He’s making you a dinosaur cake. Mama made the cake, but
he’s doing the dinosaur. You wanna see it? – Is he making a brontosaur? – [Missy] That’s Julius. – Gitty up, gitty up, gitty up, gitty up, gitty up, gitty up, gitty up. We have some unicorn horse races going on. Ollie are you having a
good fourth birthday? Yeah, you like playing
with all your friends? Go, go, go! – [Auntie] Ollie, I challenge you. – [Bryan] Whoa, ninja sword. Pirate sword. Pirate versus ninja. Pirate versus ninja. – Battle mode. – [Bryan] Battle mode. (swords clanking) (happy instrumental music) – Hey Ollie, you playing with legos? I wanna show you your cake, buddy. Daddy worked really hard
on your cake because you requested, specifically,
a chocolate dino cake. Remember? – Yeah. – Okay, wanna go see it? You wanna see it too, Payton? Yeah, come look at it. – Ooh, this is so cool. It’s like a whole candle. – [Bryan] Check it out, dude. What do you think? – Can I have one? – You really want it? It looks yummy, huh? – I love the cake, dada. – Thanks, buddy. You want me to sing happy
birthday to you now? You gonna try and steal a sprinkle? It’s cake time. Alright Ollie, open up your birthday card from mommy, and daddy, and Finn. – And Karma, and Luna, and Clippy, and Viral, and Boop, and all the chickens. – [Bryan] Yes, John, and
all the chickens, yes. Who is that? – Minon. – [Bryan] It’s a minion. Do you wanna know what it says inside? It’s easy to go bananas
over a cool kid like you, especially on your birthday. Look at that minion. He’s hugging bananas. – Can I sing too? – [Bryan] You can sing too, buddy. ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday dear Ollie ♫ Happy birthday to you – Alright, you have to blow them all out. (guests cheering) – [Bryan] Nice! Oh! Mama, got ya! Happy birthday buddy, I love you. Alright Finn’s turn. Finn wants his face smashed in it too. – [Missy] Blow out the candles. – [Bryan] Whoa! (guests cheering) Alright, that’s how we
do cake in this house. – Yeah, that’s your piece Ollie. (happy instrumental music) – [Ollie] Is that a big one? – [Missy] Oh yeah, that’s a massive … – [Bryan] Is that a big
enough piece, buddy? Ollie requested a big piece
of chocolate birthday cake. Look at that. – [Missy] That good? Alright. (happy instrumental music) – [Bryan] Finn is so excited about cake. There you go, dude. (happy instrumental music) – Alright, we have been
having so much fun, and we’ve had an awesome
birthday party, huh? It was so much fun. We’ll we’re still actually partying. But I did want to let you
guys know, that on my channel we did a video together, didn’t we? Yeah, so you guys should
definitely go check it out. I’ll have it linked in the iCard as well. I did a little interview with him as well. I asked him some pretty tough questions, like does he want a sibling? If you guys wanna find
out the answer to that, make sure you guys click that link. – [Bryan] I guess auntie
got you one more present. You wanna see what it is? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Me too. – [Missy] What? – [Bryan] What is that? – I don’t know. What? A wild things smart drive. Whoa! Whoa! Okay Ollie, so each handle
controls this wheel. So if you push this one forward, it’s only gonna move that wheel forward. Or if you push it back, it moves it back. Okay? Hold it, hold it. Whoa. Whoa, you can go backwards. – [Auntie] Ready, one, two, three. – [Bryan] Go. There you go. What? That is so cool. Whoa! That stole the show. That is the coolest thing ever. – Good job. – [Bryan] That is so cute. It’s the Power Wheels Wild Thing. – [Auntie] That’s pretty cool. – [Bryan] Oh, look at Finn. Ollie’s like, I wanna make it go faster. Hey Finn, what do you think
you’re doing there, buddy? What do you think you’re doing there? He already figured it out. (happy instrumental music) Ollie, are you gonna take Finn for a ride? There you go. Go race ’em, race ’em. Look at him go. Cassie, you’re losing. Here comes Cassie on the wild thing. The car definitely seems
like it’s a little easier. Ollie, or Finn, sit down. Cool toy, Cassie. (happy instrumental music) This kid is so funny. He’s never ridden in that car like that. He’s finally getting the hang of it. – I’m the winner. – [Bryan] Yes, Ollie’s the winner. Ollie’s going crazy. He finally mastered the
wild thing, you guys. (happy instrumental music) – Oh my gosh, how Finn is going crazy on the wild thing, and it is hilarious. (happy instrumental music) – Did you have the best birthday ever? It was pretty awesome, huh? We have a really big announcement. Ollie, do you wanna say the announcement? – We’re doing a giveaway! – Yes, we’re gonna do
a giveaway, you guys, and we’re so excited. This is just a big thank you to you guys for being such awesome viewers. You guys are just so cool. We wanted to be able to give
back to you guys in some way and so we thought it would
be really fun to give away a Pony Cycle! We know we have a lot of
kids that like to watch. We know we have a lot of
parents that have kids that like to watch, so
we thought this would be a really fun thing to give away. So if you guys would like
to learn how to enter, I’ll have it linked down below. Make sure you check that
out, so you can enter this awesome giveaway for a Pony Cycle. Do you love your Pony Cycle? – Mmm hmm. – What did you end up naming him? – Chocolate. – Chocolate, that’s right. You guys, make sure you check that out. For now, Ollie had an awesome,
awesome birthday party, huh? Or birthday. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Make sure you give it a
big thumbs up if you did. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. What do you say? – Bye. Boop. – [Missy] Boop, boop, boop, boop. (This Is Home instrumental,
by Bryan Lanning)

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