Birthday Presents Shopping Spree! (Family Shops for Gaga Baby’s Gifts Vlog)

– Daddy! – Power Rangers. – [ZZ Dad] Oh Power Rangers. – (upbeat funk music) – [ZZ Dad] Yeah are you gonna
choose the toys for Gaga baby? – Yeah we should get a
lot of Power Rangers toys. – [ZZ Dad] A lot of Power Ranger toys? – Yeah (upbeat funk music) – [ZZ Dad] Yeah do you
see any toys for him? – No. – [ZZ Dad] Some Play-Doh
he likes Play-Doh. – Uh-uh. – [ZZ Dad] He loves a lot of Play-Doh. He loves watching those
Play-Doh videos on YouTube. – Oh yeah. – [ZZ Dad] Oh look at all these toys. – [Goo Goo Gaga] Some of them are new. I got this. – [ZZ Dad] Daniel Tiger? – No. – [ZZ Dad] Oh. – New toy. – [ZZ Dad] Oh Slammin’ Racers? – Yeah. – [ZZ Dad] Oh that’s cool. – Oh I got this when I was little. – [ZZ Dad] Do you think
he might like this toy? – Um no he don’t really
know how to smash it. – [ZZ Dad] But I think he like that toy. How bout we get it? Let’s get it. – Yeah because his other one is broken. – [ZZ Dad] Yeah. Now see that was easy right? – Yeah – [ZZ Dad] Okay. (upbeat funk music) So let’s find the Power Rangers. – Kit-twins. – [G.G Daddy] Let me see. – What’s Kit-twins? – [ZZ Dad] I don’t what that. I think it’s some type
of surprise toy right? – Oh yeah its cool. It’s cool. That’s his. – [ZZ Dad] No he doesn’t like this. Lets put this back. – Oh! – [ZZ Dad] We got Transformers. (funk music) – Oh look at Bumblebee’s head! Look! Bumblebee’s Head. That’s nice right? – That’s creepy. – [ZZ Dad] What’s creepy about it? – your head got sliced off ya know? – [ZZ Dad] Oh I see. We got the Incredibles. – We should like get him this. – [ZZ Dad] Jack-Jack. – We should like get him this. – [ZZ Dad] The monster? – No it’s not a monster. – [ZZ Dad] What is it then? – It’s from a T.V. show
that I always watch. – [ZZ Dad] It’s from a T.V.
show that you always watch? – Yeah! – [ZZ Dad] What’s the name of it? – I don’t know. – [ZZ Dad] I don’t see
any Power Ranger Toys. Do you see any Power Ranger Toys? – We’ll just go. (funk music) – Mind Racers! – [ZZ Dad] Oh Mind Racers. – We should get this right now. – [ZZ Dad] Hot Wheels? – Yeah. – [ZZ Dad] I don’t think
Gaga Baby will play with it. – No? – [ZZ Dad] Oh How to Train your Dragon? – Yeah! He’s gonna love this! – [ZZ Dad] Yeah? Okay lets go this way. Lets see if we can find Power Rangers. Oh its a dinosaur head. – Jurassic Park. – [ZZ Dad] It’s a Velocasaur? – [Goo Goo Gaga] That’s raptor. – [ZZ Dad] Yes raptor. – He got cla– – [ZZ Dad] Huh? – I bumped into it. – [ZZ Dad] Yeah okay come on dude. Here’s Power Rangers. Look here’s Power Rangers. – Oh yeah!
– Here’s the Red Ranger. – He already has this, but he can get this one. – [ZZ Dad] All right is that
a Power Ranger Nerf blaster? – Yeah he already got one though it’s bigger than this one.
– Oh he already… – [ZZ Dad] We should
give it to him anyway? – Mm-Hmm. – Okay what’s that here? Oh they got a Power Ranger red sword. – No that’s not. Wait let me see. Do this light up? No. – [ZZ Dad] It doesn’t light up? It doesn’t make any sounds? – It don’t make sounds. It don’t light up. – [ZZ Dad] Blue ranger. – We should get Ben 10 too. – [ZZ Dad] You think he like Ben 10? Well which one do you
think we should get him? – Cannonbolt. – [ZZ Dad] This guy? – Yeah. – [ZZ Dad] Yeah okay. He might like this one. – Yeah. – [ZZ Dad] That’s a good choice. – Yeah I like this. (funk music) Oh! – [ZZ Dad] That he
would like to play with. – Treasure X. – [ZZ Dad] Nah that’s too messy dude. You’re gonna have these Treasure
X toys all over the house. – How bout smashers? – [ZZ Dad] Smashers? – Yeah. – [ZZ Dad] No that’s too small for him. Let me see, what is this? – This is some toy. – [ZZ Dad] Massive Monster Mayhem. Oh so it comes with a helmet
and some gloves some fists. – Yeah. – [ZZ Dad] That’ll be cool. He’ll like that. And what’s this? – This is (mumbles) – [ZZ Dad] That’s a- a blue guy. Look at these nunchucks. You think he’d like these? – Oh you should get one for all us right? – [ZZ Dad] Smashmarines that’s cool right? That’s cool nunchucks. – Get him two. – [ZZ Dad] Okay. Oh look at this. This is called a Slam Dumper baby. – We should get him that? We should get him that. – [ZZ Dad] A Minecraft pickax? – Yeah right there. Look the diamond one. – [ZZ Dad] Oh here it is. – A diamond one. The diamond one because he loves diamonds. – [ZZ Dad] Not the purple one. That’s for girls. But this one. – Yeah. – [ZZ Dad] Yeah? – It can turn to sword
and a diamond pickax. – [ZZ Dad] Oh okay let’s go. So Goo Goo Gaga I think
we have enough toys guy. So let’s go to the house. Eat some cake and surprise
Gaga Baby with his toys. Yeah. – I hope I get the blue
cookies so delicious. – [ZZ Dad] We got blue cookies? – No the cookie the blue
Power Ranger cookie. – [ZZ Dad] Oh yeah from
the Power Ranger cake? Yeah that would be super tasty right? – Yeah. – [ZZ Dad] Okay let’s go. All right Goo Goo Gaga. Are you ready to show Gaga Baby
his gifts for his birthday? – Yeah. – [ZZ Dad] Okay send
it to the living room. Let’s go. – Send it to the living room. – Yeah – Oo. – [ZZ Dad] Okay Gaga Baby, are you ready to open up your first gift? – Yes. – [ZZ Dad] Okay open it up. Let’s see what’s in there. – Power Ranger.
– [ZZ Dad] Oh Power Ranger. – Black ranger we got that for you. – [ZZ Dad] Yeah. – A sword with a (mumbles)
on the end of it. – [Woman] Y’all let him open it up! – And this Minecraft sword. – [ZZ Dad] What else do you have? – (mumbles) – [ZZ Dad] Minecraft? – Yes Minecraft. We buy this for him. – Power Rangers! – [ZZ Dad] Power ranger blue ranger. – And nunchucks! (speaking over each other) – [ZZ Dad] What other gifts do you have? – Here open this one. (bags rustling) – [Woman] Let him pull out his own toys. (speaking over each other) – [ZZ Dad] Oh what is it? – It’s toothless! – [ZZ Dad] How to train your dragon? – Yeah! How to train your dragon. (speaking over each other) – I got that toy for you. (speaking over each other) I got that for you. – [ZZ Dad] What is it? I can’t see it! Oh you got a Stretch Armstrong. And you got a recorder. What is it? You’re out of toys? You got more? – Mine. ♪ Slammin’ racers slammin’ racers. ♪ I’ll help you. – [Girl] That’s all. (excitedly speaking chattering) – [ZZ Dad] Yay. (clapping) – [ZZ Dad] Ben 10 yeah. (laughing and screaming)

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