Birthday Race: Part 1 – gifts ideas

welcome to the birthday race a very new show inviting people who it is their birthday to go on an amazing race and win a birthday present hi here you go happy birthday welcome to the birthday race you have 45 minutes to make it to the finish
line to win your birthday present first make your way to the place where the Van Eylen Mtz family lives to collect your next clue your time starts now good luck so Ali and Arianna have to make their way
to the building put on a new diaper to your partner when the diaper specialist says everything
looks good you will receive your next clue the Van Eylen Mtz´s just got a new baby so changing diapers is something that happens
to them frequently of course the time is ticking it was so exhausting because I didn´t know
it will be poopy on it I just changed it before and I was like: oh my God! this is going to be so easy because I just
changed it but when I opened it, is full of poopy and it is stick to the butt it is stick to the butt it is stick to the butt there is poopy this is taking longer than I thought seems like Arianna is not liking this challenge
so far diaper goes on right now it was though but, ok! we did it! diaper expert!!!! diaper expert now check the diaper well done! good memory good memory in this game of memory there is a total of
22 cards on the table Ali and Arianna can only flip one card at
a time when they find 2 matching cards they can leave
them like that on the table otherwise they have to flip them back over once they have flipped over all the cards they can try to put them in chronological
order to find their next clue I want to do this as soon as possible yay!!!!! you don´t really have to remember the chronological
order, you just have to do a phrase so, it was kind of good how are you feeling Arianna? do you think we are gonna win? I am not liking this one bit where is the other one of this? what happened first? your next clue is in the glove compartment of the car what is this???? put on this watch and start walking once the watch reach 1000 steps you will receive
your next clue noooo waaaay! how are you guys doing? good, but I think Arianna is cold I was like trying to cover her but at the
same time trying to walk as fast as possible and I was looking at the watch and it was
like not really going up it was really though come one Ali and Arianna!!!!! come on Filip!!!! keep walking there is still a long way to go!

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