Birthday Surprise For My Boyfriend! — Vitalii’s Birthday

PLEASE STAND BY Jakub: Today is the day! Vitalii turned twenty-seven. Vitalii: Actually, twenty-eight. Natsumi: No, I mean the size! Vitalii: Yes. Twenty-eight. PLEASE STAND BY Jakub: Now, that little **** has been crying for a proper cheesecake for over a week now. Jakub: Which is why I shall get for him the most fabulous cheesecake he can ever imagine. THE GIFT SEEKING – WITH MY MOM Jakub: Hey there! Jakub: May I Introduce: YouTube – Mom, Mom – YouTube Jakub: I just realised this shopping centre featured Vitalii’s favourite store: “TOPMAN” Jakub: Because “TOPS” wear only things from “TOPMAN”. PLEASE STAND BY Jakub: We got some clothes. Now we have to hurry and get the cheesecake. Jakub: Hey, I am here! Jakub: We got the cheesecake, we got the clothes, now it’s time to go back home and prepare everything. Jakub: The best news is that we still have one hour left. That means we can decorate the cheesecake with all sorts of berries, just as I wanted. THE BAKING – WITH NATSUMI Natsumi: We are baking cookies for Vitalii’s birthday! Natsumi: Last time when we baked cookies it was a disaster. But this time it is going super well. We learned a lot! Natsumi: No! Natsumi: She is dead! The cat is dead! PLEASE STAND BY THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Jakub: I have a problem. It’s almost 2PM. He will be home in about ten minutes. Jakub: As always, I am running late! I need a good excuse… (TEXT) Vitalii: “Where is Puppy?”
He just texted me… (TEXT) Jakub: “Uhm…”(
(TEXT) Jakub: “Busy?” Jakub: I just arrived at home. Of course, I am late. I sent Vitalii to our bedroom so not to spoil the surprise. Natsumi: Look at this! It’s so beautiful! Natsumi: Wow! That’s so amazing! Jakub: This looks terrible… Natsumi: It looks so yummy! Jakub: Bring the cookies that we baked! Jakub: We will light the candles any moment. I am very excited about the cheesecakes. They look amazing! Jakub: Perfect! So cute. Jakub: Let’s light the candles? Vitalii: My mom forgot all her online passwords. Vitalii: Why so many cakes? Jakub: One is from me and another from my mom. Natsumi: Yay! Vitalii: Thank you very much. Jakub: This is from Natsumi. Natsumi: Yeah, from me! Vitalii: Cookies! Natsumi: Yay! Vitalii: It’s the same sort of cookies that you baked for christmas? Natsumi: Yes! Jakub: They baked them only yesterday. Vitalii: Really?! Natsumi: Yeah! Natsumi: How to zoom in? With this button here? Jakub: Yeah, but it’s very slow. I’d rather not use it. Natsumi: Okay. Natsumi: Wow! Jakub: This shirt is very special. I don’t even know if you like it. Vitalii: You decided to buy everything they had at “TOPMAN”? Jakub: Is thirty the right size? Natsumi: You are only thirty? Really? Vitalii: I am actually twenty-eight. Natsumi: No, I mean the size! Vitalii: Yes, twenty-eight. Natsumi: Really? Vitalii: Yes, I have very slim legs. Vitalii: Thank you very much. Vitalii: Okay, enough filming! Vitalii: It looks so nice on camera! Jakub: Only on camera!? Fuck you! That was the last time I bought for you cake. Jakub: I am afraid we are going to eat this piece the whole day. It’s so big… Vitalii: Now we have to make a party to get rid of the big cake! Jakub: We will just feast on the small one today, and eat the big one the throughout entire week. OUTTAKES Jakub: Stop it! Vitalii: *hisses and meows like a cat* Jakub: My kitty! Jakub: Cat! Jakub: Such a cat! My sweet kitty. Jakub: We look terrible in this angle. Jakub: Really? Jakub: The fuck? Jakub: The camera is focusing on your ear! It thinks that your ear is third face. Jakub: Let’s photograph the screen! Oh… too late. It’s gone already… Jakub: Can you turn your head again? Vitalii: *swears in Russian* PLEASE STAND BY Vitalii: *swears in Russian*

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  1. Ля, я не знаю почему, но я сильно угораю. Видео на английском, а все комментарии которые я успел прочитать на русском. Мне это нравится 😂.

  2. Я очень рада что твоя мама положительно относится к твоеи ориентации

  3. omg…27!? you're kidding, right !?
    I can't believe😦 He is very handome❤️
    More importantly, happy birthday to Vitalii ! 💐

  4. Один похож на Билла Скадзгарда (пенивайз) а второй на мирби и ивангая (когда волосы подлинее) какого собственно черта тут творится блэд?

  5. То чувство когда Витали похож на чела из ТХТ (КОРЕЙСКАЯ К ПОП ГРУППА)

  6. WoW incredible,,when i see your video for the first Time, i tought that you had 20, it’’sur reassure me, i near with my 30 😅

  7. Так символично, что они используют бутылки из под вина вместо скалок)

  8. Блин, какие вы смешные, такие класные, и очень милые🤗☺️🌞🌞обожаю вас, и спасибо вашы видео, будьте всегда такими, весёлые, и энергийные❤️❤️❤️ молодцы☺️🤗🔥👍

  9. O kukurrrcze. Jakie to słodkie😍😍. 7.18 – ''mój kotek''❤❤. Zróbcie kilka nagrań dla youtube po polsku i po rosyjsku😉. Nie mogę doczekać się, kiedy usłyszę was po j. rosyjskim. P.S. Przepraszam, jeżeli są błędy. Jeszcze nie idealnie znam język polski, ale takich komentarzy jest mało😞💕

  10. 28 February is my birthday … OMG what a coincidence …. I can celebrate my birthday a day before … at 27 soo I'll celebrate it with him ❤❤❤❤😭

  11. Me encanta vuestras interacciones, hoy los acabo de conocer y se ganaron otra suscriptora más❤ espero ver más videos de ustedes 😊

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