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It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV! Yeah! Happy birthday to you. Yeah! Happy birthday to you. Hi-hi-hi. Happy birthday dear Maggie. Yeah! Happy birthday you! Yeah! Ha-ha-ha. Happy birthday Maggie! Thank you! Hey! Oh-oh. Hello boys and girls. Hi! It’s Maggie’s birthday! Yeah! And look. She’s got some birthday presents. How many? Count with me. Come on. One. Oh-oh! Two. Yeah! Three. Ha-ha-ha. Four! Yeah! She’s got four birthday presents! Wow! Hey, Maggie. Let’s look at the first birthday present. Yeah! Hey, what is it? Wow! What is it? Ha-ha! Hi-hi-hi. Oh, yeah. Look! It’s a teddy bear. Wow! Hey, let’s be teddy bears. Ooh… And say with me. Say: It’s a teddy bear. Come on. It’s a teddy bear. That’s right. It’s a teddy bear. Last time. It’s a teddy bear. Yeah! Well done! Wow! I like teddy bears. Yeah! Hey, Maggie. What’s in the next present? Let’s look. Oh! Ha-ha-ha. What is it? What is it? Hey! Look! It’s a doll! Wow! That’s nice. So say it with me, like a doll up here…
we say: It’s a doll. It’s a doll. Come on. It’s a doll. And again. It’s a doll. Yeah. Well done. Wow! That’s a nice doll. Yeah! What’s in the next one? Let’s look. Oh, what is it Maggie? Yeah! Hey, what is it? Oh-oh, look. What is it? Yeah! It’s a ball! Wow! Let’s say it’s a ball down here and up
here. So what is it? Are you ready? You say: It’s a ball. Now I’m here. It’s a ball. Down here. It’s a ball. Up here. It’s a ball. One more. It’s a ball. It’s a ball. Yeah, well done. A ball! Wow! Let’s have a look at the last present. So, Maggie, what is it? Ha, do you know? Oh-oh, look! Wow! It’s a puppet that looks like you! Yeah! It’s a Maggie puppet. Oh, wow! But say it with me. Say: It’s a puppet. Are you ready? We’ll say it down here and up here. So here we go. What is it? It’s a puppet. Up here. It’s a puppet. Down here. It’s a puppet. It’s a puppet. One more. It’s a puppet. It’s a puppet. Yeah! Wow! Happy birthday Maggie! Look at all your presents. Look. There’a teddy bear. Yeah! A doll. Yeah! A ball. Yeah! And a puppet that looks like Maggie. Wow. Happy birthday Maggie! Thank you, who-ho-ho. Bye-bye for now. See you soon. Bye-bye! Bye! Yay! Hey, did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it. If you love it, you can subscribe! Just touch here. Go on. If you want to watch another Steve and Maggie
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