Black Gold Dinner bij The White Room Amsterdam

Tonight I feel like we have the real big future for the coming years … … who will hopefully give the Netherlands a lift. Just nice to give the boys that fun. So they just do their own thing. And here they get the truffle or caviar that goes on the dishes tonight. Simply beautiful young talents actually and we just … … cook with young talents, very nice products and a very nice restaurant … … make it a very nice evening. That is the goal. What we are going to make is steak tartare. A bit like the way we do that at De Leuf. So we make the Asian steak tartare. F&^ng nice yes. I hope! Winter cod or the atlantic cod. Atlantic cod with tuber and truffle. Nice big langoustine with beurre blanc and caviar. A little chicken skin. Yes we should also be able to do it with the two of us. And with the hands out there, so you shouldn’t make it too complicated. If people want to eat complicated, they can come and eat with us in the restaurant. And here we just go for a good product with a good sauce. And … push it. This is not work. This is just a lot of fun. And it is also important to make a connection with your colleagues. And that you grow together into something beautiful. And together putting the Netherlands on the map even better. Cooking with colleagues especially. I have been away for a while, but I know the boys a bit. So especially curious about what they will be cooking cooking and … … cooking with caviar and truffle is of course always great fun. We actually pulled the pheasant completely apart. We made a rouleau of the thighs. And all trimmings tightened with hazelnut and truffle. I have rendang and we do brick dough on that. A cream of chicken liver and then the truffle gravy with a little miso. That Asian style must be with it of course. We have not done this type of event yet. And for guests it is great of course. You can’t normally eat at different chefs on one evening. So how cool is it when you have a dinner where several top chefs are cooking. That is amazing. There are a few colleagues with whom I have cooked before. But there are also colleagues with whom I have never cooked. You see each other through a movie, through your channel, or they are cooking somewhere else. So I’m always curious about how that person is. How do they do their mise en place, how they finalize the dishes, how is the atmosphere in the kitchen. And of course both with The White Room we’ve been on TV. And then you are here for yourself … … and then you actually taste and feel everything from A to Z. From start to finish. And I really like that. And that is reason enough. And if you are invited … … let’s say that’s just an honor. It feels very weird for sure. I’ve never been in the kitchen with so many people. Of course they came in one by one. It was getting busier in the kitchen. So who am I going to put where? So now I have added another room. To dress there. Because yes … I want to give everyone the space and the stuff they need.

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