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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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whole holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to
make a black panther themed wedding centerpiece and setup here we go today I have another Black Panther theme
centerpiece the centerpiece from a couple of days ago was targeted more
towards kids or a cash-flow adults party but this centerpiece is a more
sophisticated centerpiece more for a wedding or an elegant event and the
inspiration behind it are the female warriors of Durham a lodge those ladies
the bomb they were sick so sick and I love love love love their outfit and
totally my inspiration all right guys let’s get started so I’m going to start
with my face and my face is going to be a trumpet and it’s very easy to make I’m
going to use two beer cups three cups from Dollar Tree and I’m going to be
using two tea light candle holders and I’m just going to turn them over here
and then I’m going to grab a tea light candle holder and I’m going to apply
he’s six thousand all over for those of you who are new to the channel and don’t
know anything about you know the eyes and glues and stuff like that Yee 6000
is you know the heavy duty or permanent glue and that’s why you want to always
use that but I use hot glue because he bonds immediately and that’s what I need
making this centerpiece for you right now okay
so that’s the reason I combined it okay you know I only want to use hot glue
because it will fall apart on you again I’m going to only apply be 6000 in a
perfect world where you have lots and lots of time to do things and I don’t I
will only have one video a week if I only use e6000 so you are not looking at
this I am NOT doing this okay here it is a perfect trumpet vase
I love it I love everything here’s the deal I am going to be making two of
these because I’m not sure if I’m going to want these to be gold so I’m gonna
have one clear and one gold and I will know for sure one side you know flip the
whole set up together but right now I’m leaning more towards the gold I just
want to make another one just in case plus it gives you a chance to see both
styles I’m going to use my clear base so I can
start on my arrangement and I’m going to glue this round candle holder right on
top of it I’m only going to use hot glue so I’m going to be able to pop it off if
I decide to use the gold one now I’m going to glue the floral foam before I
get started with the floral arrangement and setup I wanted to show you my
inspiration or the inspiration behind it here is the outfit of the dorm Ella’s
warriors female warriors here’s another deny well that Michonne
deny is her real name I forgot her last name but the girl from Walking Dead
she has gold in the orange e red color so she is truly my inspiration here this
right here but I like this design right here so that’s what I’m hoping to let
you see in my setup I’m going to start my own arrangement with this beautiful
bouquet of I have no idea what it is they look like roses and they look like
pew knees at the same time and the tag says pushes so I’m not really sure all I
know is they’re beautiful and I’m going to use them so just take a good look at
them so if you’re gonna find these or try to look for these you know how they
look like these are from michaels and they were 40% of 1299 I’m going to cut
these about five inches long to me that’s inches right there and I’m
going to take out the leaves the extra leaves I’m gonna leave
these if I need extra leaves later I’ll just paddle one by one but myself right
now I’m going to keep them this long yeah this should be about right there by
placing a flower and all four sides as I always do and by the way don’t you love
this flower it’s like an orange II I just a little bit of yellow and like
purple at the ends or a fuchsia at the end I’m really liking these colors now
I’m going to add some on top did you see what I did there so I basically have
four at the bottom and then on top is you know in every other you see that now
I’m going to add blue hydrangeas these are blue hydrangeas from Dollar Tree
this year’s hydrangeas are very very nice they’re thicker and they’re fuller
look this way I’m going to make these about three to four inches long just a
little shorter than the others I’m going to place your hydrangeas in between deep
Unni / roses not sure what it is it’s gonna play something right here I use for individuals to make one flower the orange flowers came with this
clothes flowers and I’m going to place them in between the blue flower and the
orange flower if that makes any sense so right about here now I’m going to add more blue
hydrangeas in between the orange flowers on top these are going to be about five
inches long I’m going to use more blue hydrangeas to the middle of the
arrangement to fill in this space and I’m going to cut them about five inches
long so I ended up adding four individuals
only is the same equivalent as one flower so this is what’s right here and
now I’m going to add more of the orange flowers and I’m going to be placing them
in between the blue hydrangeas to break that up a little bit now I’m going to
add the signature necklace from black panther this is an orange red color same
color as the Dora Melody’s uniform or upfit I love it this is also going to go
well with the runner that I have for the table and it should look something like
this I stopped right now I have a glued on with hot glue but this is not going
to work if you have it for your reception it will fall apart after some
heat but right now I just have it like this so I can see how it looks like
because I’m not sure if I’m going to use the clear one or if I’m going to use the
gold one I’m going to go ahead and show you how it looks with the clear now
let’s see how it looks like with the gold face
okay so here’s the more secure way to hang the necklace on the base I have
some wire this is gold wire I’m not sure where I got it from he’s been sitting on
my junk drawer for a while obviously look at that so I’m just going to grab a
little bit of this wire and I’m going to put it through the holes here and I’m
going to twist and you’re going to put it through on
this side as well but you’re not going to tie it all right and then you are
going to split them right here on top and that should be good okay so just like hug these well you
know push them together so we can you know walk in place there and then you
are going to twist here let me cut it a little bit so this will be a more proper
way to have a hanging in there okay it looks nice look at that
so pretty I think I’m right I think the gold one is gonna be the winner this
looks so good alright so now I’m going to place the arrangement right on top for those of you who are new to my
channel I wanted to quickly tell you how I made my walk on the table sign for
those of you who are subscribers you see me do this all the time
I pretty much make this for all of my setup for my weddings and I’m not going
to go through it step-by-step like I usually do I’m just going to attach a
video at the end of this video so you can see how I do it okay but right now
I’m just gonna quickly tell you so I use metallic gold spray paint to paint my
silver picture frame this is a three by five by five and then I print it out I
wrote and printed out what kind of table on just a regular sheet of paper and
then you’re going to take the whole content out and you are going to place
the glass over it they’re going to Center it and then you are going to grab
your pain marker and you are going to trace the word over the glass and then
you’re going to grab a little piece of your metallic fabric and you are going
to place it at the bottom and then you are going to cut a little piece of the
wrapping paper this area right here and you’re going to place that over the
fabric and then you are going to place the glass right on top and that’s how
you get this okay bear with me on this one so I found this cat at Dollar Tree
and it’s actually a pen look at that is a pen I wanted to incorporate something
black panther ish on the setup and yes I know it’s not a panther is a cat but I
love the shape of it look like you and he should be in the same family right so
I’m going to use it going to add a little blue right here so
you can stay shut and then I’m going to paint it black okay guys this is it this
is my black panther what kinda dorm elegy warrior
centerpiece I wasn’t sure what to call it so I am naming it that I am loving
the way the centerpiece capture the essence of the dorm elegy warriors the
oranjee red color is one of my favorite colors now I love it and by the way the
metallic orange red material that you see in my table number and you are going
to see on this setup was only $2.99 a yard amazing I hope you guys enjoy this
video and if you did give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed yet make
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me know what you thought of my centerpiece and leave me a comment
anyway because I love to chitchat with you guys all the time until next time

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