Black Panther Party Ideas | DIY Black Panther Centerpiece

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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
black panther party centerpiece and setup here we go so I decided to take on Black Panther
yeah that little movie that just made 500 million in the box office wish me
luck all right let’s get started so the first
thing I’m going to do is cut these four back scratchers with my saw this is
going to serve as the base for my centerpiece so basically these are going
to be the Panthers leg and they are pretty long and I need I need it to be
shorter so basically these two are gonna be facing this way and the other two are
going to be facing the opposite way but they’re like I said too long so I’m
going to cut these I’m gonna use this as my guide I want them all the way up here
and I want it to meet where this line goes so when I cut the other one they
will meet also right here in the middle so I’m going to cut and measure or
measure and cut and there it is it really wasn’t that bad
you can you know split it apart after a while so it’s all about just you know
getting it as thin as possible all right so I’m gonna go ahead and do the other
three now I’m gonna go ahead and spray paint on black I’m also going to be
painting my phone head black but I’m going to be using our critic paint
instead so you’re going to have some little
white spots here and there because it’s not smooth is fun and don’t worry about
that because that’s the reason I have these stockings for so he can look more
like a mask and so it can be a little more smoother all right all right let’s
move on to the next step while I wait for all my paint to dry I’m going to
work on my mask and I’m going to use this printer of the Black Panthers mask
and I’m going to cut it out and make it my mold or my sensor then I’m going to
place over the felt and I’m going to turn it over and I’m gonna place it on
this side this felt is self-adhesive I mostly got it because I want it to be
able to draw on top of it not like you can draw in here I’m sure you can get a
white marker and do that but yeah but the self-adhesive part is also gonna
help me a little bit anyway I’m going to cut this out I’m going to cut around it
and I’m also going to cut out the eyes and here’s what it should look like and
in case you’re wondering I got this off of Google all you have to do is go go a
black panther’s mask and then you are going to scale to fit the screen and
then you are going to print so now I’m going to place this right on
top because I’m going to add some glitter to the eyes isn’t it a little
hypnotizing oh my gosh love it alright so I’m gonna let this dry and
I’m gonna move on to the next step going to get some glitter on top of your black
part but you know just dust it off it might take a little while so I’ll be
right back okay so I did my best to dust off some of the glitter on the Panthers
face but um yeah it’s not happening he totally played out totally different in
my head I didn’t think that would happen but it’s not bad you know I’m a girl I
love litter yeah now I’m going to make the lines on the Panther and I’m going
to use glitter glue which would have been neater to use on the eyes I didn’t
think of it because I do things on the fly I make it up as I go people most of
the time so yeah yeah so I’m going to make the lines here that you see here on
here with this glitter glue so let’s do it so this is what I have so far the nose
is a little crooked but the good thing about the glitter glue is that you can
move it around that’s kind of neat you can’t like shape it and everything
so if you cuz it wasn’t straight cuz I cannot do anything straight you can just
use your fingernails and just make it straight and you can even take some away
I’ve worked with a little glue before but never on the felt and I like the way
it works with it where you can totally shape it and everything okay
I’ll learn something new today this is bothering me here though but he might
just be as good as it gets maybe give me a bit a little slant there
all right so now I have to do this part that looks crooked still ah you see
these aren’t pretty decent I mean this is not straight either but you know all
right let’s move on because I’m gonna get stuck on that alright guys so this is as good as it
gets I can stand the nose it’s horrible but I am pleased with this top part and
this is not so straight but at the same time I am not surprised that nothing is
straight because I cannot draw a straight line for nothing but I have
additional glitter all over the mass because I added more litter to the eyes
but I will dust it up a little bit later so now I’m going to move on to my next
step ok so this might be a little freaky maybe not not a big deal really I’m
going to be defacing or D nosing as you say the face so I can place a mask on it
flat this is actually coming in my way so I’m just going to cut it out I might
have to take a little bit of the forehead let’s see ok so I took a chunk
of the forehead took the whole nose off the lips and a little bit of the chin
and it should look something like this nice a little freaky or nice this is
going to work perfectly now that my forehead is ready to go I’m going to be
placing black stockings or black pantyhose over the head knee-highs will
be better but this is what Dollar Tree had so I got it and he has to be black
obviously so I’m just going to take it out and I’m just going to use one leg so you are going to make this stocking
or the leg as short as possible and then you are going to bring it up to the
front and you’re just going to glue it down but you’re gonna have to make this
as smooth as possible so I’m just going to bring it towards the edge a little
more now I’m going to cut these as well and I’m going to grab my paper towel
stand and I’m going to push the head right in there you can try to push it
down lower but I’m just going to leave it as it is now you are going to pull
this down and then you are going to glue it and that is perfect I am loving the
way the stocking looks over the head it looks like it will be part of the suit
and it makes everything more polished alright so I’m going to add the legs
next I almost forgot about it alright to the side anyway so I’m going to glue
these two together and then these two together and I’m going to use wood glue
and I’m also going to use hot glue this particular wood adhesive bonds in
about half an hour but I’m going to add some hot glue to secure it and so you
can stay in place where I finish the rest of the project now I’m going to add
the mask on the face and there’s glitter everywhere but I kind of embraced it I
think I like it now I’m just gonna leave it as it is I got tired of dusting it
off and I actually like it with it so so I’m just gonna add hot glue and place it
right on top I’m just going to add a little bit of glue right here give it a
little facelift so now you know that the Black Panther has to have his signature
necklace and I found this piece at Michael’s for 40% off I think it was
$7.99 or $6.99 I think it was $6.99 so I pay 7 I paid $4 for it so yeah I thought
about making it myself but once I saw this baby I was like why bother right so
for 4 bucks I think is great and as you know in the movie the necklace is silver
so I’m gonna go ahead and paint it silver now I’m going to place the
necklace on the Panthers neck and this one has way too many of these things
right here I’m not sure how you call those things but you can either take
some away or leave it as it is I kind of don’t want to mess with it because I
feel like I’m just gonna go through a lot so I’m just gonna leave it as it is
and just glue it onto here now I’m going to use five-inch balloons
to cover up this area it’s almost going to serve prostate body but not really
just kind of like the upper side of it maybe I can make it uh maybe not we’ll
see I’m going to use this grave ribbon to tie three balloons together at a time
but feel free to use whatever you have at home I’m going to make a smaller balloon for
this area right here now I’m going to work on the backside and I’m going to
add a couple of smaller balloons on these two areas and right here in that’s
the back last but not least I’m going to add this push light underneath the
center piece I’m going to apply a little purple pen marker on top of it to make
it or to have a purple tint to it but just a little bit the reason I’m doing
this is because I’m going to add purple accents to the setup and because black
panther’s updated suit and the movie have purple in it okay guys this is my
Black Panther theme centerpiece and I think is the coolest thing ever I love
this centerpiece I want to hug it I’m so proud of it oh my gosh when I first came
up with this idea in my head I thought that the centerpiece will be for a kid’s
party but now I’m looking at it the centerpiece will totally work for an
adult’s party as well so if you’re having a black panther themed party this
is your centerpiece I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please
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subscribe right now and leave your comment let me know what you thought of
my centerpiece and let me comment anyway because I love to
chitchat with you guys all the time until next time

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  1. Hey Tayra,
    Heard a lot about the movie, but i've never seen it ,Seen a lot of advertising and you was right on the
    money with your imagination and talent you did a great job. As always keep it moving and continue to keep reaching for the stars,⭐🌟🌠🙏

  2. I LOVE it!!! I need some ideas for my son’s upcoming party so thank you for giving me some insight. For the plates, you stated you used google image…what type of paper did you use and is it glued to the plate or just placed there. Also where did you get the head? Thanks again for your creativity.

  3. Omg!!!!!! Girl you have out done yourself!!!!! I am in love with this!!! I am going to try this for my son's birthday!!!! HE IS GOING TO LOVE IT!!!!! This is why your my fav!!!! Love you SIS!!!!!! WOW!!!!

  4. Yaaasssss!!!!! Wakanda forever! I love this Tayra! I love to see themes for boys too. This one was a special treat! Thank you for sharing. Where'd you find the necklace?

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed an idea for my daughter's birthday. She love Black Panther, seen the movie 4 times. I will also make T-shirts using the mask template. You did a wonderful job.

  6. Job well done love it keep using ur created mind God blessed u with. U g 💝💝🎈🎈🎈 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  7. I want to do a super hero babyshower theme for my baby boy but I'm so confused and which way to go for center pieces. My baby shower is May 6th. Do you think you can give me inspiration?

  8. This is right on time for my grandson's birthday party….I've been trying to come up with ideas for his birthday…..Yay thanks!!🎊


  10. Looking at the fact, you thought outside the box. I think you did an excellent job! Honey, we're ladies….glitter it girl😉! Blessings💜…BTW…the mannequin face part was a little funny😂…LoL. I really enjoyed this one.

  11. This is perfect for my Son's graduation party because his school mascot is a black panther. Love it . Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

  12. OMG I can't believe I threw away a head because I didn't have a wig anymore and didn't know what to do with it… love your amazing art… I have to say you are one of the best DIY I watch all the time and you do go outside the box with so many ideas.. thank you and keep up the good job and more DIY to come. I have to say working with glitter or even glue glitter its not easy….

  13. Hello. You are now my favorite DIY you-tuber. So creative, simple and without breaking my bank. I am going to try to re-create this

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  15. Amazing.!!
    Can you please do a Shimmer and shine elegant centerpiece. There’s not many Arabian Night ideas for parties.
    Thank u 💜😆

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  17. Hi Tayra hope you are having a lovely day. I love this centrepiece.
    Just wondered of the female head would work as it's not sò easy to do male heads.
    Thanks xxx

  18. I always always love your work. You're so inspiring. Thank you. May God bless you and your channel.

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