BLACKPINK: OUR PRIDE [Debut Anniversary Video 2019] #ThreeYearsWithBlackpink

it’s music I don’t like learn how to dance and stuff like that so I told my mom mom instead of going to a new school why don’t I just come home and do something that I would enjoy for the rest of my life and she was supported only in Thailand I always listened to kpop songs like I love kpop singer and I told mom that I be part of them artists you know we might even go to high school I think you mean like like screaming at the top of my lungs on my piano every night like salvation and I think my die was I fancy she wants to do music you asked me you want to meet an audition like I don’t even know if I was qualified I was like that even a question like can I I cannot go if like all the way back to Australia without making this work I felt like it was a fight against myself [Music] [Music] one of the hottest grooves in music today kpop sensations a wildly popular kpop beat please welcome black paint first Korean artist people as Coachella livers that’s charting female Korean blue club’s fall time they made hit out of the square up and they broke the record lift together – you almost own years think we’re closer than like out like cuz family there were basically resistance to each other [Music]

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