Blade and Sorcery #1 – Most FUN I’ve had in VR!

What’s up gamers! It’s yo boi… PEWDIEPAAAA WAHOO Today we’re playing ….I honestly don’t remember This. is so. fricking. cool guys I cannot tell you guys how excited I- How excited I am to play this game. Create a- oh my god is that me? Is that me? Can I- Can I kiss? Hello there! Let’s not make it awkward, we just got started, Felix I’m a blue eyes, white dragon *INB4 MEDIA CALLS ME RACISM* *BECAUSE I MADE A BLACK CHARACTER* Listen, I gotta play it safe these days WOAH WOAH OOOOOOOOOOOOH SHJIT ITS YOU MAN YOU *Freaking* ROCK MAN you da best you da man that’s right god damn boi this is not about me customizing my medieval characters this is about sexism in vide- *Now thats what this all about.* i can frickin jump super high oh that freaks me out WOAH HOH OAH OH OH MY GOD that FREAKS me out dude I never done that OH woa oh *laughing* woah wooah oh and its slow motion too woah woah I’m in slow motion, guys! waah oh dude I can have like different stances and sh- that’s so- OW How you doin’ baby? You ever fight with a man this handsome before? Oh en garde! EN GARDEE YEAH BOY WHAT CHU WANT Im frickin outta here guys .. woah dude even buckets got nothing on me woah WAAOH WOAH THIS IS SO COOL HAH *explosion* chose destination on the map alright lets go.. ruins I can’t wait to play this.. this is so cool I have not played a VR game like this maybe Gorn if you guys remember that aw jeez it looks like *Shiliiing* it looks like I’m in dark souls OH DUDE there’s like theres like a bunch of stuff over here WOAH aw dude this is what we have in Sweden this is what we call the viking stance *Viking music plays* come at me! from the fyrjyorge! okay.. ah okay so arena lets put it on uhh, the hardest special mode, what does that mean? heh heh heh okay. uhh Kinda hard to point when your arm is- I’m putting it on the “hardest” Dude can you wait for my arm – wait for my arm to spawn. Wait for my arm – GOD DAMMIT. Alright. whatchu got? HUH? HWHUA! AH! HWHA! *murdering noises* HUHAHHHH! I got your pussy ass boyfriend. DON’T EVEN TRY IT! Shield time! AH GOD you’re still alive! S-stop, STOP FIGHTING. AH! Ah! You crazy! You’re crazy You’re crazy You’re crazy! I’m freakin dying over here guys- *coughs* Ahh EH Oh god Erh god I’m gonna die! I DONT WANNA DIE (Voice Crack) woOAHHHH! WOOA WOAAHH WOOOOH You can’t stop the Swedes! AHHH! Oh- Oh- I got ’em! AH! STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP! Anybody STOP! I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING! I can’t see anything- honestly, where am I? Alright, that doesn’t count! Alright, bucket I summon thee ohhh AHHHH! AHHH! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? WOAH! OH MY GOD I’M the emperor from the Star Wars *YEGHHHHH* *EYAAHHH* *EHHHHHGHHHhhhhhhhh!* ahHH! Ah! EHh! Ayh! *AAAAAHHHHHHHH!* HhuH! HA Ha ha ha! *ERHRHHRHRHRH!* REH! PHah! I expect you to die! *Lightning* YEahh! EHhh! Muehh! OH, JESUS CHRIST! JESUS, what’s wrong with you? DON’T shhneak up on a man! With- Alright, back off. I’m getting weapons. back off back off back off You’re making me VERY ANGRY! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MAKE SWEDISH MAN- *talks in Swedish* OKAY *talks in Swedish* SUMMON the- I have the DJAGGER! I have the Dagger of Distance! The Dagger of Distance! Oh, ah, oh YEAH! DAgger of DIStance! [?] Ey! Hey! SIT THE *Demonetize* DOWN *Demonetize*! What are ya doing? Come here! Come here! *talks in Swedish* I SEE YA! OH! don’t EVEN! don’t even! don’t eve- don’t eve- don’t eve- don’t eve- STOP! Stop! Stop it! OH *Demonetize*! It went right throuugghh! Alright, it’s- This is an interesting stance. OH MY GOD! OKAY! THAT’S easier! let’s do, ahh- medium, Wave II. I wanna try the kick, this time. [?] [?] HAH! HAAH! *speaks in Swedish* DHAA! ah- *speaks in Swedish* *more Swedish* AWH *Demonetize*! *Lightning* SIT THE *Demonetize* DOWN *Demonetize*! ‘SQUSE ME!? EXCUSE ME!? aww shoot! WHAT IS HAPPENING! HOP! HOP! HOP! HOP! AWWWWWwwwww! AWW! AWWWWW! AWWWWWW! AWW! RAHH! RAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! *Swedish* GRab the SWORD! WOO! *yelling in Swedish* Aww SHOOT! HOP! HA ha! OH GOD dammit! Aw gawd damn it HOP- fu- lemme catch it! almost… [?] WOOOAAAHHHH! WOAAH! WOAAAH! NOOOoooo! he he ha! *laughing in Swedish* This game is SO fun! We can do, like, a longsword. and he can hold it like THIS! That’s SO COOL, like- you can just hold it however you want! Like a goddamn PSYCHOPATH! Aww, here we go. CHOP! *laughs like a psychopath* [?] *screaming in Swedish* okay, watch this- *more screaming in Swedish* *ah, chi chi chi chi chuuum!* DON’T- don’t- [?] You got something RIGHT there in your nose. There you go, fixed it for ya. *explosion* (Dude, that’s MY move) This is how we do it in SVED! AHHHHH! Does this arena have any
goddamn weapons? See, I don’t even feel weird
about jumping anymore. Oh here we go,
here’s the weapon. Dude, I got freaking err
health potions. Aah.. I’m healed, guys. Maybe I should try
the bow and arrow. Okay, it works. Alright, so you just.. like okay.. and then okay alright this shouldn’t be too hard AYE you’re sp- ah ghod ah god ah we’re doing it different *laughing* *swede* OH GODDAMMIT ay ay ay back off back off okay headshot time OOOOOOH you’re not so tough now are ya little gurl AHOAHHH OH MY im on TOPof HIM oooh that was amazing oh woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah stop stop stop what’d I say What’d I frickin’ say aye aye stop stop stop that stop that stop that *monkey noises* Why wont you die? honestly you’re embarassing yourself *This is a family-friendly Christian channel* HOAH HOAH whew HOAH WOAH THAT WAS AWESOME THAT WAS AWES- HE FRICKIN DIED TOO *there’s nothing going on here, please move along* Any last word? Son of.. Keemstar didn’t think so so.. so.. look guys look at this so I pick one and then.. I do this Wave III, bois lets freakin do this *smashes shield* SWEDISH BOY ANGRY SWEDISH BOY KNEE ATTACK NEVER STOP.. NEVER STOP SWEDISH BOY KNEE ATTACK I got your knees, boy! i gotchur knees KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH KNEE, KNEE, knEE AHHHHHHHHH KNEE GOD DAMN.. KNEE! ahhh, its over… sweet.. release.. at last Anyway guys, hope you enjoyed this episode! Smash like! *wild animal has entered the chat* Swedish boi angry Swedish boy knee attack Never stop never stop swedish boy knee attack i got your knees boi i got your knees knee knee knee knee knee knee knee knee knee KNEES KNEES KNEE KNEE KNEEE Knee KNEE god damn KNEE it’s over sweet.. release..

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  1. Snälla kan du göra en video där pratar svenska och med engelsk undertext så att alla kan kolla på den också

  2. You must tell the creator of the game to add a boss name t series so you can kick his ass so that he will become shit

  3. The saddest Game Of Thrones Death 1)Sir Pewds of house KNEE (house motto: "Swedish boy angry") sucumed to arrow embedded Hart thoe tookout many of his enemy's before sucuming to the woulnd

  4. Somebody should replace the part of Welcome To The Jungle by Guns & Roses where they say “sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-nees, nees” with Felix screaming “KNEES”

    I will donate a autographed microwaved hamster penis to whoever does that first

  5. I like that he is swearing in swedish so that nobody Will understand but me and all the sweds know what he is saying

  6. I never thought the god of YouTube would play and amazing game that’s not that big but has huge physics, this is really cool to see someone play this

  7. he literally had an arrow in his right arm, which is piercing a guy's skirt and lifting him up with the arrow

  8. "………. And then, after losing to the dark force of tseries, he venture to the land of tamriel, striking all the traveler's knee till he dies."

  9. I actually had to keep pausing the video cause I couldn’t breathe, I kept laughing too damn hard. Pewd’s just started slapping them with the flat side of the Ax though.
    “Stop!” slap “Stop” slap “Stop!”

  10. I actually had to keep pausing the video cause I couldn’t breathe, I kept laughing too damn hard. Pewd’s just started slapping them with the flat side of the Ax though.
    “Stop!” slap “Stop” slap “Stop!”

  11. Okay I watched this when it first came out and died laughing. Just remembered it today and DIED LAUGHING. This is def one of the best Pewdiepie videos of all time 😂

  12. And so began the Order of the Noble Swedish Knights of Ni (Knee), named after their distinctive martial art style.

  13. Here is waht happend in da future

    My grandchild:Grandpa can you tell me a fantasy story

    Me:of course,it is about a knight named Felix Arvid who attack the challenger at the KNEE TILL DEATH!!! But then he died from an arrow and getting kick

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