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  1. Oh man!  I almost put off watching this until this afternoon, but "something" moved me to watch it this morning.  When you all started singing Tis So Sweet,  I started crying because that song is like my prayer.  In my every prayer, I tell God that I love him but I want to love and trust Him more.  Thank you so much!  I love God's timing!  Love to you all.

  2. Great conversation! Great insight! Entertaining! This show is done so well I think it should be marketed as a national Sunday morning show for one of the networks. Love and inspiration without condemnation, that is what is for dinner! Thank You!

  3. Well in my own experience of coming from a divorced home, I came to fear that I will be left. The fear of being left or rather the fear of my husband leaving and all the insecurities that go along with that. It took me a divorce myself to realize that I am enough. My strength came to me when I realized that and loved myself, faults and all…Love this show. I know you all will help heal people by getting them to know we are all human and love is the strongest thing we can give.

  4. I love me some Sandi Patty! I grew up wanting to sing those super high notes she's so known for. She's someone I've always looked up to. I love her insight and transparency in this session. Thanks for putting this together, boys! This is just like a good novel you don't want to put down!

  5. This is excellent on all counts. It allowed a taboo to be seen in the light of God Thank you for the forum, sensitivity and vulnerability one and all.

  6. The older I get the more I realize that we all have had heartbreak and the way we deal with it forms who we become. I am dealing with loss right now and heartbreak is real! But it helps a lot when others share what they are going through. None of us are perfect, and God has others to support and encourage when necessary. Thank you Jesus for caring that much about us! Also thank you, Mark and Andrew for being faithful in hosting this program.

  7. My parents divorced when I was 31 and it was the hardest thing I've ever been through. It's been 7 years, and I'm still processing through the hurt and heartbreak. This video was quite helpful, thank you.

  8. I pray for the people that gave this a thumbs down. If you have experienced any of this , it is painful. If you have done, any of this, you may feel convicted. But, this is truth. It pains me, because of the past. But, the past is the past. But, out of our scars, people can be healed.

  9. Wow! I’ve loved Sandi Patty since I first heard her sing when I was 19. Now being 39 I’m still forced grateful for Sandi. Thank you for posting.

  10. The hardest thing ever was my divorce. I prayed on it and waited years hoping he would go to counseling. He refused so for the sake of my children and for me I do what I know was best. I lost so called Christian friends who never walked in my steps..but I gained a much closer relationship with my heavenly father. I pray one day I will find love again.

  11. This is an amazing message! I watched it alone and then my husband and I watched it together. We both said we wish this had been out there 20+ years ago. Thank you so much for sharing. I am sending the link to this video to some of my friends and family to watch. ❤️🙏 God bless y’all

  12. Love, love, loved this. Just powerful and so insightful. Having been a child of ment divorces, foster care, abuse, a parent and grandparent now this opened more avenues of communications for me and my daughter, mother and most especially with the Lord.

  13. Thanks for having Sandi. I have loved her singing and grew up hearing her and with the Gathers. Love you all

  14. Heck, I lived through Sandi’s trauma and was heartbroken for her and her kids…. I was upset and even a little angry, so I can’t begin to imagine what they went through as the security of their family was torn apart.

    The first time I heard her sing, “We Shall Behold Him” I found myself standing during the final chorus with tears streaming down my face and not realizing I had gotten out of my seat. I thought, I must look like a complete idiot standing up here crying while everyone else is still sitting when I realized it. Then I looked around and saw everyone was standing and weeping….. I’ve never before or since experienced such a thing unless I was the one singing. It was beautiful.

    I went to her concerts every time she was in town and it was always amazing. Always! Then, shortly before the news broke, I went to a concert with Sandi and some other artists (but I was there for Sandi) and as soon as she sang the first few notes I knew something had changed and began to pray through the rest of the concert that God would help her to deal with whatever “it” was that I sensed. I’m glad to see that she is doing well.

  15. I’ve been a fan of Sandi since I first heard her sing I’ve Just Seen Jesus. So glad she is doing well and getting to retire

  16. Mark I love to watch you listen-you are all in. I aim to be that kind of listener. Andrew-I also LOVE Brene Brown but I so appreciate your perspective since you are close to my kid’s age. I love these conversations and how you flesh out what so many experience in the context of how a loving Heavenly Father cherishes His broken ones.

  17. I saw Sandi Patty in concert and she brought her children and husband on stage. It was right after that, we heard she was having an affair with her back up singer. I was so disappointed. Of course, she is forgiven, but at the same time she was singing that night of the Holy God we all serve, all while she was committing adultery. I celebrate her blended family, but I wonder how her first husband feels. We are all sinners saved by grace, but I have a hard time taking advice from someone who has played a part in destroying TWO marriages.

  18. I realize this was from a year ago, but I only just found this video, and it's a great one for families to listen to. The one thing that touched me was this: Around 13:20 Sandi began speaking about their 'name' and the need for one that took everyone into consideration. Some friends of ours have a blended family and their solution to this, I felt was genius, and that was that they became 'both' families. For example, lets take random last names like…. Smith and Jones, they all became, the Smith Family AND the Jones Family. Of course each had their own names, but when they referred to each other, it could be either, "Come on Smith Family, or Come on Jones Family, lets get ready to go". Sandi made a great point earlier when she said that blended families are born out of loss, that is the exact truth, so in owning that, and recognizing that fact, keep in mind for that very same reason, there could be bitterness, rage, rebellion, and anger as well. There will be some people who don't want to be recognized as part of the " Jones" family, so in that case, it's best to try another technique that works for everyone. You need to convey love and healing, rather than division, so whatever the solution, it MUST work for everyone.

  19. I understand how that being on the road is a drag. I would love to be home 🏡 with my wonderful wife and my puppy dog 🐶 but here I am sitting at a shipper waiting for my load to be released.

  20. As a Christian I do not agree with divorce. The Bible clearly speaks against it. And remarriage is adultery. So unless you follow the instructions of the Bible you can't call yourself a Christian.

  21. So forthcoming and pure in Patti's openness and her daughter…pure truth. I like her even more. You guys all uncovered magic. It is definitely well with their soul and now a Wellspring springing forth with new life nurturing new things to grow.

  22. Hi,I know maybe is not possible,but love to see my very best favorite singers talking to you and maybe sing a bit,Sandi Patty and Karla Worley,they been my best role model in my life,her life and good spirit,please,try to make them be in the tallk.thanks JOEL

  23. I think sandi first song I heard was More than wonderful 1983 in the radio,and Karla worley the first son was "then he comes" was a musical,got it in christian book store,WoW,it was amazing to hear this 2 amazing woman sing? God bless then and you guys to do this.Love it! God bless

  24. I'm really appreciative of the content in this video. I wasn't heard as a child growing up so this was a reminder to me of the importance of being sure that my daughter is heard. Also a reminder to make a deliberate effort in not dismissing her opinions, thoughts, feelings.
    Thanks so much for sharing this.
    And Sandy, you've been my idol since the late 80s and you still are!!

  25. God heals the brokenhearted. He calls us all to repentance. New buzz words in the church: conversation, celebrate, story, invite…anything but sin, rebellion, wrong choices, humility, contrite. I loved Sandi back in the day. But her anointing seems gone now even with the same voice and Songs . Glad she's made her new life work. But I'm not impressed with her "work arounds". The kids always pay the price the most. That never goes away no matter how much counseling. Better to stay married – commitment through good and bad times teaches children more than post divorce counseling.

  26. What a wonderful conversation!! Is it just my imagination …or… does Mark look like he was not well… distracted?

  27. It would have been good to hear how she worked through her own choice to walk away from her first marriage and how God worked on her own heart and how her children have had to deal with that. I totally believe in redemption and restoration. Hearing that would have been more helpful.

  28. Sandi,
    I remember when your family traveled to various churches singing together and ours was one of those. Atwater Church of God in CA. You were 17 years old and sang a Karen Carpenter song with a few of the words changed. Your mama played the piano so ☆Magnificently. Your Dad's voice so amazing. Then the fall of 79, it attended Anderson College. Tim Mooney is a family friend.

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