Hey, Nisandeh Neta here and Vered from the
Good Life Redefined. It’s our anniversary, well almost. We decided to take a
challenge for our anniversary. He decided. I decided, and it’s good in every
relationship – we’re 26 years together. Every relationship needs to have a
little bit of, you know, juice and spice. So, we’re here in a restaurant on the beach in
Tenerife. A very beautiful place, beautiful restaurant. We don’t
know this restaurant. We chose a restaurant that we’ve never been to.
Although we’ve been to most of the restaurants around. And basically, what’s
going to happen is that we’re going to eat and drink and enjoy ourselves tonight
with a little twist. We want to keep it exciting, right? Exciting and scary, so
we’re going to eat blindfolded. We’re on a blind date.
Can I see you? Are you my blind date? When you’re ready, we’re ready. Cheers, wherever it is. We have something hot here.
Can I see? It’s a worm. Do you want to try? Where did you get that? Open! That’s a finger. It’s a finger but
I gave you something on the finger. It’s on my nose. This is just vegetables. It’s just a peppers. Open your mouth. Where’s your mouth? I know that I have fish but I don’t have
a clue what kind of fish. We chose the right restaurant. Cheers! This was a fantastic challenge. We should do that more! Yes! Kiss! Wow, that’s a lot of light. That was our challenge. It was fun. It
was really fun. Everybody’s looking at us. I hate challenges, I really don’t like
challenges. He loves challenges. I mean, I think I’m his biggest challenge in this relationship. No, you’re the easy one. He’s my toughest one. That’s because he
wants challenges all the time. But this challenge I really liked.
What did you like? it I liked that I could really experience everything
with all my sensations. I mean, I love food anyway. I always enjoyed food,
but when you take away your eyesight, then there is like an explosion of
tastes in your mouth. Everything is sensual, even his kisses. Yeah, it’s true, it was better.
The kisses were good. You don’t have to be in a relationship like us for 26 years in
order to do that. You can do that with somebody new, you can do it with your
kids. Your kids are gonna love it. You can do it with your friends and
just a chance to do something different. The whole point of adventure is getting
out of your comfort zone, doing something a little different. We ate food, we didn’t
tell them what to bring, so we got food that we actually are not allowed to eat.
So that was also interesting. Or not not allowed, but it’s not in our diet
and Vered got flowers which are not edible, but luckily, she didn’t manage to
find them. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you can get more
challenges, more episodes coming up. And let us know in the comment box below
if you liked that, if you enjoyed that, if you would like us to do any other
challenges. Come up with your craziest ideas, we will be happy to try them out.
And if you tried something like that or you took yourself out of your
comfort zone in any relationship that you’re in, please let us know in the comment
box below. Let’s start a conversation and until we meet again,
from Vered and Nisandeh in Tenerife: Live fully, stay awesome from Vered
and Nisandeh…. it’s the wine.

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  1. Mmm.. love your challenges. Yes blindfold eating (i did once in a tantra training) makes you more aware of the food. Just tasting and be that!

  2. I would LOVE to do this one day with my kids!! Not sure what restaurant to do that though (I mean, I could do it at home but that's less fun, if I can't join them) my youngest is sooo picky…. but LOVE the challenge! (and the video too:))

  3. Your title put me on the wrong leg. 😃

    Funny. In the USA you have special restaurants for that: de rooms are completely dark and you are served by blind people.
    (But then you could not film.)

  4. So fun to watch,brings another level ,to spice things up,and also awakening other sences at same time,will def have fun with this one!(more serviette please)😤

  5. Congratulations with your (almost?) weddinganniversary … unfortunatily I couldn't comment under this video yesterday… strange… but today it works again … I've never eaten blindfolded in a restaurant … but I have asked people to blindfold themselves in a training to experience their senses … to tast – to smell – to taste … and it is great…. it was fun, as I can see on this video too… fun and playful…. when you want to experience your senses without eating blindfolded….. eat one meal a day without speaking…

  6. Great challenge. So much joy.
    I once visit a dark restaurant served by blind people. It was quite an experience although we didn’t enjoy the food

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