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  1. Yep, they did it once again. 1×03 was great, and now I'm hooked. But unfortunatly, with all the petty haters boycotting it, because they wanted the stupid Nolan spin-off, or another season of Revenge, I don't see it lasting long 🙁
    P.S: Writers, please don't have a love triangle between Nate Archibald, the blonde chick, and the Hart of Dixie douche. This couple already has enough on their plates, not to add a guy like that on their list of problems.

  2. Honestly it is a good show and I know they have to make the storyline gritty but it is starting to feel cheap with basically everyone screwing everyone. Rather than the show being an interesting and exciting drama it is fast turning into Day Of Our Lives with oil. Perhaps that is what people want, but once Happ started screwing the bar owner again who he knew full well was in a relationship with his son it started to turn me off. I'll check out the next few episodes but lets see.

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