Blue’s Clues & You! Birthday Edition (PT 1) 🥳Pinkie Pals Adventures #6 | Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. Pinkie Pals presents
Blue’s Clues and You. Blue’s Birthday Bash Part One. Oh, hi. Guests, ha! Our first guests for
Blue’s birthday party. I am so glad you’re here. I love birthdays. [barking] Look who it is. It’s the birthday girl! [barking] ♪ Happy Birthday Blue ♪ [barking] ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Ha! So, we still need to do a lot of stuff
to get ready for the party. [barking] Oh, Blue. Did you ever tell me what
present you want for your birthday? [barking] Oh, I know what that means! It means we need to play
a birthday game of Blue’s Clues to figure it out. Yes! ♪ It’s a birthday game of Blue’s Clues ♪ [sniffing] Mm, smells like cupcakes. Birthday cupcakes! Let’s go! Oh, look. Yummy birthday cupcakes for the party. Oh, wonderful! The party table is all set. [barking] OK, let’s keep looking for clues. ‘Cause we still need
to get Blue a present. Psst, Mrs. Pepper. Could you keep an eye on
Blue for me for a bit? Certainly. Great, thanks. A clue! Oh, a clue. Wait, where’s the clue? There! Oh, a clue! A clue to what Blue wants
for her birthday. You know, it kind of
looks like the color… Green! Green. Yeah, OK. The color green. So what could Blue want
for her birthday present that is the color green? Hm, we should find two more clues. Let’s skidoo into the present store
and get a present for Blue. ♪ Let’s skidoo, don’t tell Blue ♪ Whoa! We’re in the present store! Hey, do you want to find
a present for Blue from you? You do? Great! Come on. Look at these adorable little stuffies. Which one do you think
Blue will like? What about the rainbow puppy? Blue loves rainbows. OK, the rainbow puppy will be from you. Now we just need a present
from me to give to Blue. [gasping] Look over here! – Cute fishies!
– A clue! Oh, a clue fish? [laughing] Now that would be silly. It’s a clue! Oh, OK.
So now what clue is this? A tank! Hm, a tank! So now, we need our handy dandy… – Notebook!
– Notebook! So what was Blue’s first clue? Right, green. And now Blue’s second clue is a tank. So what could Blue want for her birthday
that is the color green, and could maybe fit in this tank? I think we need to keep our
eyes open for the last clue. ♪ Let’s skidoo
Present for Blue ♪ Whoa! OK, let’s go
to the birthday party. Coming soon, help Josh find more clues
and celebrate with Blue in Part Two. You can ask your parents to subscribe to
the Blue’s Clues and You YouTube channel for new videos every week.

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