B&M Halloween 2019 Vlog – My New Costume, Decorations & Spooky Ideas

hey guys mio supersorrell that you are
doing and so today I’m taking you to be an M where we’re gonna go take a look at
all the Halloween goodies that are currently on offer I want to pick up a
new costume for this year and I’ve heard that they’ve got all the costume sizes
in right now because they just put them out on the shelves obviously so they’ve
not been picked through yet and I’ve got adult sizes in the costumes this year
and they’re only like 10 to 15 pounds so and the costume quality the people have
been sending me on Instagram I’ve been like the stuff that you’d buy from white
pop party masquerade websites uh stuff like that the look like that could be
like 40 quid costumes but then just not so I want to go pick them up and see
what they look like so I’m going to choose a new costume gonna take a look
at the olivine decorations see what else we might pick up for this year Halloween
and just to give yourself some ideas as to what’s currently in store for
Halloween so join me on this bnm trip let’s go and do the vlog alright guys so we’re back from our vlog
II blog things I did get a new costume which I’ll show you in just a moment but
one thing I did pick up early I wasn’t gonna buy anything today but I
picked up two packs of these because they were so cheap to 69 and it there’s
25 pumpkin lights battery-operated it only takes two to blazed and you can put
them on your window or things like that and the light up I’m gonna use them on
my die oh so I’m gonna lace them around because my dials in that sort of shape
so I can lease them around the side the back of the front so when I’m reviewing
Halloween stuff this year there should be a nice glow from these little orange
things I’m going to use the you know this one this diorama
I can’t point wise that diorama on there that what that would okay reverse when I
look in the camera that one little hour I’m so stupid
and so I’m gonna sort of lace them around there so they look kind of glow
in the dark so I’m going to test that before Halloween four just to give you a
look at them means to 69 you can’t go wrong with a couple of batteries in them
they’re gonna be grey or valuating so these are them little pumpkins so I
thought it looked cool especially when I’m reviewing things like Sam from trick
a tree and stuff like that I think they’ll look awesome or when I’ve got
Michael Myers on there I’m also still planning on doing my little stuck on a
nation with penny wise I’m gonna use the old penny wise versus the new penny wise
on who can scare the most people in for Halloween you know do like a little a
little thing there to celebrate the release of it too so yeah I did pick up
those but it’s time to show you the costume guys cuz that’s what you came
here to see you want to see me in the costume right so I’m gonna go get my
costume on missus oops I was gonna film it for me let’s go and check out my new
costume so guys hope you enjoyed this vlog today
look at all the Halloween goodies and check it out my new costume I’m really
excited about my new cluster you Pennywise inspired obviously I’m very
excited by the heat it to it the cinemas right now so I thought what better time
to go to Halloween and dress was clown than now not sure if I’m using the clown
mask though and I think I’m gonna do my own face paint I have got a red nose on
order that I can wear and I’ve got some white gloves on harder as well to be a
bit more clown inspired and I don’t think I’m going for a wig or anything I
think I’m gonna go from with my usual spiked hair dye my kits much stuff to
spray your hair with to spray it red or give it in your red I might do that and
I could wash it out the next day and so that’s what I’m tempted to do for my
version of Pennywise and yeah paint my own face and stuff so what I’ll do is
close it to Halloween during my 31 days of Halloween on the channel I will do a
tutorial where I do my entire face paint and I’ll put the costume back on once
it’s completed and I’ll do a bit more of an update vlog on my costume if you like
if you’d like to see that let me know in the comments is a little bit something
different I don’t really do the the cosplay still very often on the channel
so it’s nice for a bit of a bit of change do a bit of cosplay stuff so let
us know if you’re interested in seeing that down below but guys thank you very
much working as always I’m your host supersorrell and I’ll see you guys in
the next video may the force be with you bye you

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