Boarding Order – Key & Peele

– Good morning ladies and
gentlemen, we are about to begin boarding South Northern Airlines, flight 34 to Grand Rapids. – Okay, excuse me, boarding group one. I’m gonna board in group one, excuse me, I’m in boarding group one. – And we would like to
begin pre-boarding with our first class passengers. First class passengers only, please. Next, our business class
passengers may now board. Okay now we would like
to welcome our Regal Alliance Elite members. Regal Alliance Elite members. Okay now all passengers with children. Anyone with small children,
you may board now. Okay we would like to continue boarding with uniformed military personnel. – What? Why can’t? This is, thank you for your service. Thank you so much for your
service, God bless you. – Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Alright people in wheelchairs. Any priests, nuns, rabis, emoks. – What, why do they get special treatment? – Assalamualalaikum. – I’ve never. That’s typical. – Any old people in
wheelchairs with babies. (baby crying) Any old religious people
with military babies. – What’s a military? – Thank you for your service. Jason Schwartzman. Anyone with a blue
suitcase you may now board. – Finally. – Nope, not you, sir. – Not me? This is a blue suitcase. – That’s a blue computer bag. – So you’re not gonna let me on then. Damn it! Damn it, damn it, damn
it, damn it, damn it! God damn it! – Anyone who doesn’t seem cranky. Drunk people. We will now be boarding any drunk people. Drunk people. – Nope, it’s my bag. Sir. It’s. – Oh. Hello? Oh, hey Christian. Yeah, totally. Well you have your favorites
and I have my favorites. Okay. Call you later, chow, chow. Boarding group one. (dramatic music) – [Man] Jason Schwartzman! – [Man] Jason Schwartzman,
pick up your hand. Trying to find you, Jason. Jason Schwartzman. – [Man] I got him! I got Schwartzman here! Everyone, Jason Schwartzman’s fine. (cheering) We got Jason Schwartzman,
let’s rap it up people. – Boarding group one over here. Boarding group one.

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  2. The first priest was Sikh not Muslim. The diff btw them is mustache, Muslim don't grow mustache and sikh never cut and trim hair, beard and mustache for whole life as they consider them as living part of body like heart, eyes hands. second main difference is, Muslim wear round cotton cap 95% of time "white" just to cover head and sikh wear turban to protect hair and covers the whole head in different color turbans and rarely in white. And the main difference is, the Sikh's gurudura (temple) people of every religion is welcome whether your are sikh or not you will be always welcome no question asked. On the other hard in mosque ( muslims temple ) 99% of time they will not allow you and if allowed they will gonna ask you questions like are you muslim, why you want to come, for how long you will stay, you can only stay for 15 to 20 mins, is anyone in your family is Muslim, etc just like airport security and they will definitely gonna try to convert you into muslim. Hope it will help.

  3. That coffee sip 😭😭😭😆😆😆 thank you for your service to the military baby 🎖️🎖️🎖️👶

  4. 0:47 how this big bitch is carrying that baby

    Also, are we not going to acknowledge the name of the airline is SOUTH NORTHERN AIRLINE 🤣

  5. Keegan's ability to act emotional is the best I have ever seen. The way he loses control and freaks out in his skits are so believable.

  6. A perfect replica of the boarding policy for JetStar, only without the random unexplained two to five hour delay built into the departure time.

  7. If Key‘s character was‘t outraged this would look just like a sequence from Airplane, where all the weirdness is just completely normal.

  8. I know it's just a comedy skit, but why would anyone want to get on that tin can first? I'd want to be the last one on that foul-smelling silver gleaming death machine.

  9. Is that a green screen or did they make a massive set just to film the end of that scene with the busted plane???

  10. Thank you guys all so much for the love and support❤️ It’s been a long journey but the road to recovery is so much easier with all of you guys to support me!

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