Bob and carl 1- Troubles in marriage

So Bob, whats up! Why did you call me? Well, I need your help! I’m in trouble in my family Let me guess, It’s something with your teen daughter, al right? No no my daughter is fine She’s just a litle sad because she’s no longer a virgin What? I knew it I knew it I told you I told you before She was a little bitch I told you she’s a bich I told you I She’s no longer a virgin Mary at school play I was just kidding I’m in trouble with my wife Why? why? What’s happening? How can I to say that listen We are not having sex But Bob We never had sex not yet I mean my wife and I Oh sure! Why not? I can’t ok I can’t. I can’t fuck my wife why not? That’s so easy Everybody do it I don’t know what happening Sex for me has always been a cinch Tha’s your problem, cinch a lot Why don’t you look for a clinic? An expert? no no no no man no I am a man This the expert will define Bob I don’t wanna to go a clinic anyway I’d reather try other things What? Boys? I mean other treatments Before it’s to late Why? What are you talking about? Listen, pay atention I found a motel’s soap in my wife’s purse Oh no! She also stole now? Oh my gosh! I think she’s having sex Someone have to do I think she has a lover Another man? No me off course is another man, dumb ok ok don’t be angry! Take it easy I get but I don’t understand why do you need my help, why did you call me I need your help to figure out who this guy is But, why me? Because you was called the Dick in high school like the Dic Trace the dectetive, was not you? No No? so why they called you Dick in high school? it was not Dick it was little Dick Sorry! my bad whatever, but Bob I can’t help you anyway because why not? Because it’s not my busines It’s your marriage, you know Oh Carl please! you are my best friend Do you remember? friends Forever Oh Bob This is so gay ~That’s why your kite does not go up higher

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