Bone Broth with Saving Dinner’s Leanne Ely and FlyLady Marla Cilley

Gibberish [laughs] Leanne Ely from I’m sorry I forgot. That I’m here? No, I was going to go right
into the broth thing. Let’s make some bone broth. I’m the FlyLady from, visiting, having a good time, misbehaving. Yeah she
wants a glass of wine. She said,”Let’s get this done, so we can have a glass of wine.” Alright, we said we’re going to make bone broth. Now we’re gonna tell you how to make bone broth, because it’s fabulous. It’s also one the most healing things that you put into your body: it’s loaded with collagen. It’s loaded also
with l-glutamine, which heals your gut. So if you have a gut problem… any of that stuff. Yep, you need this. I think most people do anyway. We all have leaky guts. So we start with the crockpot and we start
with some bones. I’m going to tell you something really interesting about the bones. These are beef bones: I got these at the at the Farmers Market and they’re grass-fed beef bones. Okay? I already used them once. I can use them a
second time, because what we’re doing is we’re trying to pull all minerals, our minerals go to the bones. That’s why calcium is there, it gets sucked out of the bones. when we drink sodas and what-have-you. All of our mineral deposits are in our bones and that’s what happens for all animals. So there’s still plenty of flavor in here. There’s still plenty of minerals in there. So we just put the beef bones in the bottom of a crockpot. We throw in an onion. Whole, with the skin on it. You betcha. Snap a couple of carrots. Right? Some celery, you just throw that down. Then you throw in your water. Again remember what was the tip on the.. Three-quarters of the way full. Tada! How about that! Don’t forget that. Then this is the most important thing. This is apple cider vinegar: I use organic, unfiltered. That means it has the mother and that it has been fermented properly. You put in about a tablespoon and a half, maybe even 2 tablespoons of vinegar and you think,”Oh that’s disgusting.” But that’s what’s going to pull all the minerals out. This goes on low. [laughs] Makes sure you plug it in right. You have to plug it in. It doesn’t work if you don’t. You cook it for 3 days, not 2, but 3 days. If your crockpot does automatically turn off, you need to set it for 8 hours right before you go to bed, so it doesn’t turn off in the night. Because you want this stuff to continually cook on low, because that’s how it pulls out all that. Honestly, any soup that’s made with bone broth has amazing amazing flavor. You’ll never buy those cartons of broth again. if you happen to be at the oriental food store, you can also buy some chicken feet. I’ve made chicken feet too. I have some in the freezer. Chicken feet in here with the beef bones is amazing. Amazing broth. It looks disgusting. Then I like to strain it all out. I’ll put it in a big pot on the stove and I cook it down. I reduce it probably to a quarter of what it was. So it’s really, super, condensed bone broth. Pour it in ice trays and freeze it. Then when she boil some water, puts one of the ice cubes in a cup. put some water in. It’s my afternoon tea. It’s so amazing for you. I think that we could cure a lot of digestive problems if we all really took our bone broth seriously and eat a lot of it. It’s leftovers. It is. It’s really inexpensive. Let me just tell you that the bag of bones that I bought, I got that the farmers market was like a $1.38, all neck bones from what have you. You can’t beat it. It’s fantastic. It’s good for what ails you. That’s right. Bone broth: get some at, she’ll teach you how. Exactly.

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