Booze on a Budget – The $40 Jungle Juice – Tipsy Bartender

– Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Stay in a circle. Stay in the circle. Stay in the circle. Guys I’m re bottling this jungle
juice to give to my friends because I don’t want it to go to waste. But look how much it is
and you getting all of this for 40 bucks. This a ton of booze. (upbeat music) Okay why you scratching my neck. Okay boys. Okay ima show you how to make
a jungle juice for 40 dollars. Okay? – 40 dollars? – 40 dollars. That’s eight friends at five dollars each or four friends at ten dollars each okay Or or 20 friends at two dollars each. You work it out. I’m good man, mathematics
is one of my strengths. Let’s make this drink. For starters we can grab
some vodka so let’s grab the cheapest one. That’s for 9.99. – [Blonde Lady] Oh my god. – Get three. – I thought it was glass. – [Blonde Lady] It’s plastic. Plastic handles. – [Male] Excellent. (rock music) Now we need some soda. – Soda. (rock music) – 42.80. Cecilia I got yourself
a nice bottle of vodka. Brittany okay got yourself a
nice little bottle of vodka. Sky I got one too, okay. Yall ready? – [Both Ladies] Yes. – Ladies and gentleman pour! – [Brittany] Three bottles of vodka. – [Sky] Get it nice and stream. Got a good stream boys and girls. – Woo, that’s is a lot of vodka. – [Sky] Get a nice stream. – [Brittany] Damn. – [Sky] Look at Brittany, look at Brittany she go above and beyond. Look at that. – Three bottles of vodka. (snorting) – Woo! (snorting) Woo! Good stuff homeboy. So good, okay. That’s the Pablo Escobar test. (laughing) Blondie pink, – Blackie. – I was not going to call you that. – Sure you weren’t. – No I was not. – Okay. – Okay. – What were you going to call me then? – Weavy let’s go. (laughing) – I want it edited out. (laughing) – Girls you ready? – Yes. – Brittany take that off
today please before we die of old age. Okay? (laughing) Oh, that yeah that’s good, that’s good! Bite it off! My lord. – That was easier though. – Okay are yall ready? I want a nice beautiful pour. Pour! Come up, come up. Control your stream. Don’t let it go everywhere. Nice smooth stream. – It’s beautiful. – He always misses the toilet. – I was splashing myself. Dun, dun, dun, dun. What. – It’s the splash limit,
you’re covered in lemon, – You said to make it stream
like how you stream at the toilet. – [Sky] How you know I
stream in the toilet? Brittany, – You broke your glasses. – I didn’t break my glasses. Pour. Nice controlled, – [Brittany] Lug, lug, lug, lug, lug. – [Sky] Mhm, mhm, nice! Look at that now, now keep
that same steadiness up. Rise, rise. – [Cecilia] Rise. – [Sky] Rise to the occasion girl. – [Cecilia] Rise. – [Sky] All the way up! Keep it steady. Keep it steady! – I can’t get any taller. – Keep it steady! That should be able to go through this o. – Oh my god. – Come on. Oh you see that, control. Okay Hawaiian punch time alright. – Alrighty. – Make it happen, make it happen, okay. – Beautiful. – Remember stay inside, pour, go. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Stay in the circle, stay in the circle. Stay in the circle. Right there. (laughing) – Didn’t that feel good to hit him though? – Yeah. Put this in first. – [Sky] Get another little piece. Okay. Yes I know that’s pretty
ratchet I can see the comments, oh my god she used her hands. But you’re not at this
party so shut the hell up. – [Cecilia] We are all very close. – [Brittany] We washed our hands. – [Cecilia] I don’t
mind getting your germs. – On the count of three, one, two. Three, action. – [Ladies Together] And there you have it! The 40 dollar jungle juice. – I like the little twerk at
the end, very good Cecilia. They couldn’t see it okay but
it was shaking in the back, trust me there’s a lot of stuff going on. Alright, yall ready? Grab a glass. Get a glass. Sample. I don’t drink remember? I’m fat. Watch a vlog channel and see what I mean. – Why don’t you stop
eating so you can drink? – Okay thank you. Thank you, my nutritionist. – It’s fun. – It’s strong right? – Very strong. – Okay, that’s enough. – It’s pretty potent. – That’s all you need to
know right there, this is frickn strong. Check me out on the vlog
channel, we vloggn everyday okay? (Mumbles) where’d you find this? Now? – We just opened the door and
he just popped out of nowhere. – [Sky] Oh shit okay hold
on let’s call security. – This literally was up by
the roof thing hiding on his leash and they had a
shoelace wrapped around. – Stay tipsy! – Are you in love? Are you in love? – Stay tipsy? – Are you in love little Sky? – Stay tipsy. (mumbles) – Stay tipsy alright? (laughing) Alright good. – [Cecelia] I could totally sip on this.

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  1. In Nebraska jungle juice is : 1gallon of each ; vodka , everclear , Orange juice , grapefruit. Add Orange and lemon slice optional. Drink warm or cold. Either way you'll get fucked up with 4 friends. PS and a doobie , not optional. Yeaaa baby !!!!

  2. Yeah that's not real jungle juice…..real jungle juice is throwing a massive party and using all the left over liquor from that party and juices and making a super drink out of a bucket/punch bowl/aquarium what have you, and using it for the next party…..and 85 percent of the time it tasted awful

  3. 1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”
    13. 2 Corinthians 2:11 “in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.”

  4. Everyone talkin About how expensive vodka abroad is and Im sitting Here in germany and being able to buy 0.7l vodka for 4.99 € at the age of 18😂😂

  5. just to give some perspective, the vodkas alone would cost at least $100 in australia. i wanna move to USA

  6. In Australia if you want a to make a jungle juice you've gotta spend at least $150/$200 to make a decent one even the cheap stuff is still $30

  7. One bottle of vodka in Germanyb 5€ (about 5$) soda 1,5€ orange juice 80ct. You have to pay in Germany round about 20€ for this

  8. In Germany this would actually be alot cheaper:
    3 bottles of vodka (the recipe here is just 2,5 of our bottles, so even more vodka) are 15€.
    1,5 L of soda are 0,40€. So 1,60€, total 16,60€.
    The punch is more difficult because we don't have it like in America and we don't have gallons but even with "brand" juices it would total at around 5€ for all the punches.
    So 21,60 play maybe a euro for a kg of oranges.
    22€ for more juice 😄

  9. As a former frat lord, I will give you my recipe that is better and cheaper than this shit.

    -1 smaller package of sugar
    -2 bottles of the instant koolaid powder
    -2 handles of vodka
    -1 750ml of everclear

    Sugar takes all the bite out. Bitches will flock. Only problem is when you have to clean vomit off every wall and crevice in the house. Ur welcome.

  10. u waste 10 dollars …. u can have a vodka bottle more instead of all that sugar sodas … keep the alcohol pure

  11. what store they in? normally in my area you can’t buy vodka or hard liquor in a regular needs to be a liquor store

  12. That is the worst vodka I have "EVER" had in my life. I tried to even use it in white russians and the alcohol flavor would not go away.

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