Bought a Viola for Brett’s Birthday!

Today is a very special day. It’s actually Brett’s birthday, 3rd of March, and… being such a good friend that I am, such a team ensemble player, I thought, “What not a better gift to buy Brett for his birthday, than a viola?” I just drove to the uh, instrument shop I’m about to go buy a viola Now, I don’t wanna be seen buying a viola, so, (I’m) gonna have to disguise myself to hide my identity from the… the shame. All these violas I think I like the one before, how much is that? The other one? Four and a half thousand I think I’ll get this one. Time to give it to Brett! Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Bretty Bang! *laughs* Nah. I don’t know who you are You’re upgraded… to violist rank! How did you get this viola? I bought it. For you, bro, it’s your birthday present. After twenty- twenty-one years of violin, you’re finally upgraded So bad… Did you actually? Yeah, I bought it – Is it?
– It’s for you, It’s yours Hip, hip, viola! Hip, hip, viola! That is so bad I’m like, happy but not. I’m actually a little disappointed Hey Brett, do you wanna play something for us? On your new viola! *ZOOM INTENSIFIES* OH! – Brett, hurry up and play some viola
– Oh, God damn For- for the fans – So this is my birthday gift?
– Yeah I thought you just borrowed it Nah, nah. Well That’s how bad the case is It’s fitting for viola. Ugh! Oh… What are you doing? *laughs* Hello that’s uh- my son His name is Kachikawawa Little Yang Yin Yang (You saw me, yeah you did) (I know that shit) Who is he? Doesn’t matter. Anyway Alright Dude, this case is… Are you sure this is new? Yeah Dude, I got the budget version, man Dude, this is budget as fu- If you don’t like it, just burn it Would that make us more money on YouTube?- Oh, that majestic… C string Spend ten racks on a C string might be love… Dude What? Rosin There’s no ro- oh there IS rosin So much it’s pre-rosined for you Four fine tuners! ’cause violists need that shi- Yeah, I got the cheapest one Dude Sounds pretty um… original Listen to the sound Can you get a refund? No, but you can… I kept the receipt for tax claiming purposes It’s like it’s like a… Nah, I can’t say it It’s like an unwanted… unwanted uh… Just watch our video The vio- the birth of the viola *laughs* Yeah Which actually just happened, just came out of this thing *Viola giving birth* What does it say? Student Plus Dude, that’s… It’s quality Happy birthday, man Thanks, man To myself – Still sounds better than my violin
– What? Nah, just kidding *laughs* I was like, what? “Viola gang” x8 “Spend ten racks on a C string”

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  1. Soooooo is it bad that my violin sounds as scratchy as that viola? You know what, actually, be grateful for that viola at least you don't have a perpetually out of breath flute

  2. This was one of the first TwoSet videos I watched and I had no idea what the fuss about violas was and now that I have more context, this is hilarious 😂

  3. I play viola and I love it so idk what’s wrong with you but viola is by far the prettiest and most underrated instrument.

  4. Brett’s birthday is the same as mine! TOMORROW! But I swear if someone pulls up on me with a viola I’ll—

  5. Holy violins! It's the first time I've seen this video and it's exactly 2 years old!

    Happy Birthday Brett! 2020

  6. This was uploaded on 3rdMarch 2018 and I am watching it in 3rd March 2020!!
    Happy birthday Brett!!!

  7. I actually stumbled upon this video by accident in my recommendations, today is March 3rd, what a coincidence

  8. im literally watching this on the 3rd of march 2020 i literally just clicked on this just in interest C:

  9. Me:How come Brett can just play a song when he just got the viola?
    Also me:Maybe because that I’m too bad!
    Like if u agree

  10. what the heck is the difference of violin and viola?? cause…..I don't know if my instrument is viola or violin….

  11. Eddy: Gives a viola on brett's birthday

    Brett: Gives a naruto costume and dares eddy to naruto run in public on his birthday

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