Boy or Girl? – Gender Reveal Party

– Three, two, one. (cheers) – Hey guys, so today is finally the day that we’re going to find
out the gender of our child. So welcome to our gender reveal party. (cheers) (upbeat music) (peaceful music) – [Interviewer] Hao, do
you think it’s a boy, or is it a girl? – Well, I had a dream and in my dream, the baby was actually a girl, but then I woke up and then
went back to sleep again, and then had another dream,
and the baby was a boy. I’m really hoping for a girl, though, I don’t know why, but I just really feel that I will connect with my daughter more and I would really love a little girl. I’m thinking it may be a boy,
but I’m hoping for a girl. – So darling, do you think
it’s a boy or a girl? – I think it’s a boy. – What makes you think it’s a boy? – I think it’s a boy
because I also had dreams that we’d get a boy. Some people say that
dreams don’t help you, so I don’t know how I feel about that. – So make a choice, do you
think it’s a boy or a girl? – I think it’s a boy, but we can watch and I really don’t care, I’m just excited. – So you think it’s a boy, right? – Yeah, I think it’s a boy. – Okay. – Okay, do you think it’s
going to be a boy or a girl? – I don’t think, it’s definitely gonna be a boy. – Girl.
– He’s gonna be a boy. – Girl.
– Girl. – Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl. – I don’t think, I know it’s a girl. – It’s going to be a boy, for sure. – Boy.
– Boy. – Boy, definitely a boy. – I think it’s a boy. – I think that it’s a girl. – Girl, woo! – I think the same thing as Amanda. – Definitely a girl. – I think it’s a boy.
– I say it’s a boy. – I think it’s a boy. – It’s a boy, for sure. – I am 75% sure that it’s a
boy, and I want it to be a boy. – [Interviewer] Why? – Because it’s a boy. – ‘Cause I like girls. – Because I want a goddaughter. – Because when I see the
family, I think it’s a boy. – I just think it’s a girl ’cause, I don’t know, I think they want a girl. – No, it’s a boy. – I can feel it’s a baby girl. I’m rooting for the baby girl. – I just have a feeling, like, almost everyone’s vote will be a boy. – What? – It’s a gut feeling, a gut feeling. – I believe in it. – There’s no way, man, there’s no way. I’m gonna be right. – ‘Cause we did a test on Ladies First, where the results showed
that it’s going to be a girl. – I’m gonna buy the girl lots of tutus. – All the signs point to that it’s a girl. – I talked to the baby and
the baby was like, “Girl.” – I don’t know, I’m using
the old wives’ tale, old man tale, I’m going
to use the handsome man, the handsome man tale,
and the handsome man said that it’s a girl. The handsome man is me. – [Interviewer] Why? – Gut feeling. – [Interviewer] You sure?
– Yeah. – [Interviewer] Okay, thank you, Kev. – Because my gut feeling tells me so. – Because my mom says
when the belly is higher, it’s a boy. So Debbie’s belly is a bit higher. – Oh yeah, it’s quite high. – So it’s a boy, it’s a boy!
– Yeah, it’s a boy. – [Interviewer] Why? – I don’t know, you got me so– – [Interviewer] Why? – I don’t know, I just think it’s a boy. – I just, I just feel like,
this sense that it’s a boy. It will be a boy. – You remember for (mumbles),
I’m gonna teach him how to be a ghotki player
so that I don’t have to be a ghotki player anymore. That’s right. (peaceful music) (shutter clicks) – You’re so mean. – Go ahead and try. – All right, yeah. – Okay, good. – No, no, no (beep). – Bye, Cherylene. (upbeat music) – This reveals the baby’s gender. Keep it, and hide. You can open it at home, do the balloon at the baby reveal. (Wind overlapping voices) – I’m very honored to be
the first one who knows. I will try to be a surprised
face and be excited either way. – Don’t give any hints on the gender. – I will not give any hints. – Tomorrow, I want a straight face, whether boy or girl, nobody knows. No matter how they try
to push it out of you. – No, I think I’ll just be excited– – Yeah, exactly. (laughs) – Yeah, I’ll just be excited. (peaceful music) – Do you think it’s a boy or a girl? – I think it’s a boy. – You think it’s a boy? Why? – Because I think it’s a boy. – Because you think it’s a boy. And? (speaking foreign language) – Blue. – Both of you think it’s a boy? Okay. (speaking foreign language) – Okay. (speaking foreign language) – You think it’s a boy or a girl? – Girl.
– Girl. (laughs) – Is it a boy or is it a girl? A girl?
– Girl. – So you think it’s a boy or a girl? Is it a boy? Is it a girl? (screeching) Okay, it’s definitely not a girl. – [Interviewer] Guess,
is it a boy or a girl? – It’s a boy! – [Interviewer] Why do think it’s– – He needs a playmate. I think it would be
better with a baby girl, but I think it’s a boy. – It’s a girl.
– [Interviewer] Why? – Because sixth sense.
– [Interviewer] Sixth sense? – Yes.
– [Interviewer] Okay. – Okay, so do you think
it’s a boy or a girl? – I think it’s a boy, that’s
why I’m dressed up in blue, but I’m saving the pink hair, so I’m neutral, honestly. – So what, a boy or a girl? – Neutral, I’m neutral, I’m being safe. – Neutral, okay. – I think it’s a girl.
– Why? – It’s a gut feeling.
– A gut feeling. – And I predicted the winners
of two world cups perfectly, so I think this prediction
will be right, as well. I think it’s a girl. I thought of a few names for you. – What names? – Hannah and Lisa. – Hannah and Lisa, sounds
like an influencer already. Follow me on Hannah and Lisa vlogs. – [Interviewer] Do you
think it’s a boy or a girl? – It’s a girl. – [Interviewer] Why do
you think it’s a girl? – It’s a girl, because it’s a girl. – Why is she wearing blue? – [Interviewer] So why
are you wearing blue? – I overslept and I wore blue. (laughs) (peaceful music) – Okay, you wanna say something? – I don’t know. – Okay. All right, we’re gonna calm down. Okay, caps off, caps
off, take your caps off. Okay, ready? Shall we begin? Five, four, three, two, one. (cheers) Yes! Yes! (uplifting music) It’s a girl! – It’s a girl, it’s a girl. – I’m so happy! I thought
it was a boy, but– – See, I thought it was a girl. – I knew it, I’m always right. I’m never wrong, who do you think I am? – I’m so happy. I knew if it was a boy,
I’d be disappointed. It’s a baby girl, I felt that. The baby girl, I feel it,
it’s a girl to girl thing. – I was so excited, like two seconds right before the balloon
popped, I told Sherry, “I know it’s a girl, I know it’s a girl.” And now I’m so happy because like, it’s a girl! – I did come for a boy but I’m so happy, and I’m very excited to see the baby, and I’m sure she’s gonna be beautiful, and yeah, congrats, guys. – Yeah, I already knew that
it was gonna be a girl. (laughs) – It was the best because when I was like, when I first read it and
got immediately excited, and I thought that it would be one, but yeah, I couldn’t. It’s like I always believed
it would be a girl, so (mumbles) I’m excited
to see all that you can do, so I can (mumbles). – (mumbles) whether it’s a boy or girl, you know, these days there’s
not much to (mumbles). – Me, I’m very happy about it. – [Interviewer] You’re happy? – Yes. – Their parties are the same. – I knew it, I predicted
that it was a girl, remember, I said it’s
still the name, right, so it better happen. – Yeah, I mean, girls can play games, too. No worries about that. – But anyway, congrats
all, congrats Debbie, I’m really happy for you. And I look forward to growing up together and enjoying all your children. – You guys might be (mumbles). I was shocked, I’m shocked. Congrats. – Yeah, about the thing about
the baby being a ghotki player in the future, yeah. There’s a female ghotki for the (mumbles) so it’s okay if it’s a girl. – I think I’m a girl. – I’m very happy that it’s a girl. – Recognize it? All along,
I knew what it was gonna be. – Same, spoilers to End Game. (voices overlapping) – I really, really did not expect it because I kept having dreams and like (mumbles) it’s a boy, and
I was like envisioning a blue (mumbles) but nah, it’s a girl. We’re on our way, so yay! – [Interviewer] Yay. (cheers) (uplifting music)

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  1. omg you guys are so sweet! At this rate, the nursery is going to be flooded with gifts before the baby even arrives

  2. Jianhao is that debbie your wife our denise i think is debbie is
    That correct jianhao because . I like your vids and . I think your
    Baby is a girl and im exited to your baby girl.

  3. This is soo sweet and cute. And am soo happy because its a girl 😂♥️♥️♥️and pls when she will grow up tell her about BTS ♥️♥️♥️PLSSSS
    SHE WILL LOVE BTS A LOT♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Ridwhan: All of them uses the old wives tale, the old man tale. I'm gonna use the HANDSOME MAN TALE and the handsome says its a girl and the handsome man is me

    Me: …😑

  5. Jain hao l am new to your channel and when l saw those school vds l thought u all are so young l am shocked that u r married

  6. "Some of them are using the Old Wives Tale & the Old Men Tale but I'm using the Handsome Man Tale and the Handsome Male Tale says thatit's gonna be a girl….I am the handsome man."
    Imao I can't even-

  7. So many ppl want a boy
    I want a girl and I can’t wait to see the gender and the baby

    Edit one:congratulations guys I am so happy for you
    Edit two:I saw the gender

  8. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy!! But will you still make videos? Btw girls are better than boys so yea! And another girl is in the world now! She will be a beautiful women just like her mother! ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Ridwan: I think I'm a girl

    Me: =_= your weird(jk)

    XD Btw congratulations JIAN HAO AND DEBBIE

  10. Hello JianHao! Congratulations. Girl Power! I really wanted you guys to get two twin boys so you guys could get blue and green things. Praying that y'all get another two kids that are boys because I really want you guys to get boys!

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