BOYS vs GIRLS! Super Birthday Bash! Twin Ninja Kidz!

Hi, I’m Paxton And, I’m Payton Today’s our ninth birthday party! We’re meeting our superhero friends at funtotia! Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the main event! It this corner, wearing a Superman suit, Representing the boys Standing in at 4’5″ tall Weighing in at 60 pounds He’s a high red belt in martial arts And a level 5 gymnasts His hobbies include Building legos and playing minecraft Paxton Myler! In this corner Wearing a Supergirl suit And representing the girls Standing at 4′ 2″ tall Weighing in at 46 pounds She’s a high red belt in martial arts And a level 5 gymnasts Her hobbies include Drawing and making slime Payton Myler! Round One! Round 1 goes to Paxton Round 2 I made it down before he touched the top Round 2 goes to Payton Round 3 You tied, you both got 12.1 We tied! The party’s over Stop right there Lex Luthor No, I think it’s time for you to stop We’re not all from Krypton You can’t stop all of us That’s why I brought a friend My good friend Grod Has increased his telepathic powers and has now mind controlled the rest of the superheroes Why, why would you do this? When I was a young boy, I never got invited to any birthday parties. Now, to prove my superior intellect. I’m going to crash your birthday party and destroy you all! All hope is lost Athena save us Sorry, I’m late guys! Sorry I’m late. what did I miss? I give up. I surrender. Do you want to play at our birthday party? We’re filming the Grod scene but there is no eye holes in the ape suit. So he’s completely blind Over here, over here. Even Spiderman likes to be safe Happy birthday to you! Paxton, and Payton.

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