BOYS vs GIRLS! Twins Birthday Party Challenge! Kids Fun TV

Dang it, it snowed again. I wanted to go to the
beach for my birthday. [Both] Provo Beach! [Upbeat music] [Kids shouting happily] We’re here for our birthday
party at Provo Beach! Woooooo! It’s boys versus girls
on all activities today. The winning team gets
to open this big prize. Wooooo! Booooo! Wooooo! Boooo! Wooooo! You might recognize Paxton. And you might recognize Payton. From Ninja Kids TV! Let’s hit Laser Tag! [Upbeat music] Text: Round One
Laser Tag Laser Tag was first,
and it was amazing! When you got players
from the opposite team, you get points. [Laser blaster sounds] The team with the most
points won the round. [Adventure Music] [Computer Voice]
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. [Adventure music] [Kids playing] [Computer Voice]
Game over in 3, 2, 1. [Buzzer] In the end, girls
got 16,000 points. And boys got 54,401 points. [Cheering] [Upbeat music] Text:
Boys 1, Girls 0 Text: Round Two
Flowrider Round two was the flow rider. Wooo! Team Pink and Team Blue
faced off one at a time. The team that had the most
tallies won the round. This is gonna be awesome! [Playful music] [Buzzer] [Ding] [Buzzer] [Ding] [Buzzer] [Ding] [Buzzer] [Ding] [Playful music] [Buzzer] [Ding] [Buzzer] [Ding] [Buzzer] [Ding] [Playful music] [Buzzer] [Ding] [Girls] Woooooo! [Buzzer] [Ding] [Buzzer] [Ding] Now it’s time for us. [Fun surf music] [Buzzer] [Ding] Go Payton! Go Paxton! Go Payton! Go Paxton! Go Payton! Go Paxton! Go Payton! Go Paxton! Go Payton! Go Payton! Go Payton! [Buzzer] [Ding] [Buzzer] [Ding] [Boys] Woooooo! [Upbeat music] Text:
Boys 2, Girls 0 Text: Round Three
Ropes Course We have to put on safety gear to go the obstacle course. It was super high off
the ground and you had to walk on these beams and stuff. There were pink and
blue balloons around the obstacle course. The team that collected
their balloons first won the round. [Fun guitar music] Look how much they won. And the girls win! Wooooo! Woohoo! Girls rule! [Upbeat music] Text:
Boys 2, Girls 1 Text: Round Four
Croquet Golf Croquet! Croquet is round four. The girls and boys
lined up by team. The point was to race each
other around the course. The first team that crosses
the line wins the round. [Upbeat music] [Kids cheering] [Upbeat music] In the end it came down
to Stella and Aiden. Go Stella! Go Aiden! You can do this! Do it! [Upbeat music] [Girls] Wooooo! [Upbeat music] Text
Boys 2, Girls 2 Text: Round 5
Arcade Games [Video game music] Different games give you a
different number of tickets. If you won the game,
it automatically loaded the number of tickets
you won a card. [Video game music] Hurray! No way! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yes! Nice job, guys! How many? 100! 100! [Mechanical sound] When we were done, the
guy counted up the tickets for each team. Are you ready to see who won? [Fun music] [Upbeat music] Text:
Boys 2, Girls 3 [Girls cheer] [Fun music] [Happy screams] ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear
Payton/Paxton ♪ ♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪ ♪ Ooh, la, la ♪ ♪ Stick your toes in hot guava ♪ ♪ Pizza! ♪ Best birthday ever. Victory is so sweet,
not for the boys. Just so you know, my mom got
gumballs for the boy too, even though we didn’t win. Yeah, but the girls
got the medals. Good job, sis. Subscribe to our channel! Make sure you like and
subscribe and give a big thumbs up If ya like it! Comment down below what
video you want us to do next! Thanks to Provo Beach for
sponsoring our birthday party! Provo Beach rocks! Happy birthday, big bro. I’m older because I was born
five minutes before her. Happy birthday, little sis. Thanks for watching! Bye! [Fun music]

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