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There’s a reason why something called the
devils threesome exists, OK? Alright, you guys got quiet. You don’t know what the devils threesome is. OK. It’s OK! I’ll tell ya. Regular threesome. Two women, one man. Gift from God. Devils threesome. Two guys. One girl. Alright, couple whores in the audience. Awesome. That’s awesome. You guys are down. Perfect. See, that’s the thing and I’m not judging
you. I’m just saying like, most women, they, they
say that. They’re like, Oh yeah, my man. He wanted to do that. He wanted to be in the devils threesome. No,
he did not! He did not want that! No man wants that. No man is having sex with a gorgeous woman like, You know what would make this better? More dicks! No! We do it because we just want to make you
happy, ladies, and I know this because I’ve been in a devils threesome before, OK? Yeah. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you the story. I was at a bar one night with my friend. Just hangin’ out. We look over. We see a gorgeous woman sitting all by herself
and guys, back me up, you never see gorgeous women just by themselves. We’re like oh my God. We have to go talk to her. One of us has gotta get her. So, we both go up. We start talking to this woman. After about 30 minutes, she goes, Oh my God,
I am taking both of you home. And we both looked at her and went, Why? She said, Because it’s
always been my fantasy, I want two men to turn me into the London Bridge. My friend is
5’10. This is gonna be a Leaning Tower of Pisa,
bitch, OK? She’s like, I don’t care. Let’s go. So, I looked at my friend and said,
Listen. She’s hot. We’re gonna do this.We’re gonna do this one
time. Then, we’ll never speak of it again. Not to each other. Not to anyone. So, we go back to her place to have the two
and a halfsome. I’ll wait. And then, now, guys, you have to understand,
there are rules. There are rules to a devils threesome, which
you must follow. Rule number one guys, is you look down and
that’s the only place you ever look. Down. That is it. You look at your stuff, her stuff. That’s it. You never wanna look up and be like, I’m having
orgasm making eye contact with my best friend.No, we do not want that. Rule number two, pick which way you’re gonna
rotate. OK? At some point, you’ll have to switch positions. You’re gonna have to rotate. Pick which way. Clockwise. Counter-clockwise. What are you gonna do? Me and my friend did not pick the direction
we were gonna rotate and all of a sudden, we start switching positions, going around
the same way. Now, he’s 5’10. I’m 4’4. Certain things are lining up with certain
other things. I’m not paying attention. All of a sudden, I’m in the middle of an Indiana
Jones movie, running away from the boulder. What the shit! Now, the woman is on all fours. I run this way, hit her, bounce back, my buddy’s
not paying attention and just, ahhh! Shit! He paint brushed me. But, did I quit? No. I didn’t quit. I don’t care ladies. I don’t care. I have one rule. One rule in bed. I don’t cum til you do. OK? That is my rule. I don’t care that I have to do it lookin’
like I’m in a battle scene from the movie, Braveheart. No. I don’t care. And I tell that to some of my guy friends. They’re like, I don’t know Brad, Sounds pretty
gay to me.Listen. We are all at least a little gay. Alright? We’re all just a little gay. Some are more gay than others and if you are,
that’s fine. But don’t try to be there like, No Brad. I’m not gay at all. Really? You’ve never once looked at a V-neck shirt
and thought well, I think that looks good. Pretty fn gay. OK? Pretty fn gay! And I don’t care. You could be the straightest man on the planet. You see a rock hard dick go inches from your
face, there’s a voice in the back of your head that goes, Suck it? I didn’t do it! Alright, I didn’t actually do it. But, as it was passing by, I thought to myself, I know what to do with that thing. We’re learning people. We’re learning. You learned stuff from a comedian tonight. You can learn stuff from the internet, video
games, you can learn stuff. Alright? Ladies, I want your man to be better for you. In order for him to be better, you have to
understand how men learn, how men get better. We don’t learn through nagging. No. You nag, in one ear [pfft], out the other. Doesn’t work. Understand this, ladies. Your man is an incentive-driven creature. Reward driven creature. We like knowing that if we do a little something,
we get something in return. That’s how we function. You think about things like college football. They can’t pay the players. So, what they do on a lot of teams, player
does something right, goes to the sideline, coach puts a little sticker on that fuckers
helmet that tells the world he did something right. Perfect. Ladies, you wanna have some great sex? You should keep a stack of stickers on your
night stand, ready to go. A stack! And have em in different colors, based on
how good the guy does. Have a gold one, a silver one, a bronze one. A blue one that says participant. Coach em up! Coach em up, alright? Men respond to those half-time speeches. There’s a reason why coaches give em. They fire up guys. So, ladies, you wanna have amazing sex, look
at your man, be like, Hey baby, we’re fn’ tonight, but, before we do, team meeting right
now.Team meeting, OK? Huddle up right now. I need you to know something. You
gotta know something right here. You gotta know this right here, this is what we play
for right here.This is your p-sy, baby. This is your p-sy. And it’s in your house. You have to understand something. Just because
I say it’s your p-sy doesn’t automatically always make it your p-sy. No. ‘Cause there are other men out there. Big men. Strong men. Handsome men. They wanna take this p-sy from
you. They wanna take your p. Right now ladies, start pacing. Are you gonna let another man do that to you? Are
you gonna let another man come into your house and take what is rightfully yours? What you
have rightfully earned? No. You’re not gonna do that. You’re the man I know. You’re the man I love. You’re
going to stand up for this p-sy. You are going to defend this pussy because when you’re in this house, you must protect this p-sy! holy shit! Guys, if we hear that, we’ll act like we’re in the locker room before the game, like this is what we do! This is what we do! And we will attack like never before. And when we hit that right spot, just woo! (Pop!) Sticker right on the head. That’s what you do, right there. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Brad Williams. Thank you guys so much for coming out. Thank you guys! Thank you! No, no, no. No, we are not done. Sit down. We’re not done, OK? This is my first hour special. I still wanna have fun. Do you guys still wanna have fun? Yes. You wanna have fun. You look like you wanna have fun. You wanna have fun? Alright! F-kin’ come on up here. Come up here. Let’s have some fun. OK. Help her out. There it is. Here. Here, there’s a chair right here. I want you to sit down right here. Now, here’s the deal. This is my special. This is a pinnacle for comedians. We dream about this. We gotta do something crazy for my special. We gotta do something that helps you guys
remember who I am. How are we gonna do that? I think I know what we’re gonna do ’cause
you guys are never gonna forget the night you saw Brad Williams perform and then, at
the end of the night, you saw this hot woman get a lap dance from a midget. That’s what you guys are gonna say. DJ! Ladies and gentlemen! Did you guys have a good time tonight? I’m about to go have a good time myself. We’ll see you guys next time. Goodnight everybody!

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  1. OOOH DUUUUUDE I was having the most CRAPPIEST night……clicked on thumbnail and THANG GAWD I DID…….stomach hurting, cheecks hurting ALL from laughing so hard and I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT………YOU ROCK BRAD!!!!!! I DEFINITELY wanna see MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!! THANK YOU for sharing your HILARIOUS CRAZY SELF to ALL of US!!!!!!!

  2. Talks about sex, pauses, gets away with a lap dance, then ends the show walking the girl off the stage like a player, and I’m like how 😱

  3. I died on my Livestream game, and now I had to tell my viewers it was because I got distracted watching a comedian midget lap dance lap a boss on a chick he does not know.. priceless

  4. Dude Brad THANK YOU… your Exactly what comedy education and sexy from a sexy guy …. WHAT WE NEEDED ALL THESE YEARS! 🙋

  5. YouTube recommendations brought me here 😂 just watched the rest of the clips! Brad Williams is a funny, funny guy!!

  6. Queen: you must protect this pussyyyyyy!!!!!!
    Response: This is what we do!!!! This is what we do!!!!!

    Reward: Pow!!! Sticker on dat ass 😎😎

  7. AHAHAHAAAAAAAA, that fucking lapdance, that's a keeper… holy cow that was hilarious. great ending. Fuckin funniest guy, Brad and Jimmy Carr might be one of the best damn duo kinda bucket list kinda idea…. shit, those two…… together,…… perfect. But not in a devil's triangle kinda thing, that would be pay per view…..

  8. Dude I just watched all 6 parts and that shit has my stomach hurting so bad from laughing. I remember waiting years for a Brad Williams special and he didn't disappoint at all when it came out in 2015 I think it was. Well done brad, well done.👏👍

  9. I love how the girl at the end is like "ok, i'm gonna f**k him tonight" and goes off the stage with him holding hands, than he returns to the stage and she is like what are you doing, I thought we're going to have some "fun" lol

  10. The last one you ever thought would make it out from the bam/jackass era.he was the butt of allot of jokes and now he's coming up.good on him.

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