[Collin] All right, NS4L blog,
Ronald couldn’t make the trip. Had too much editing to do. So we’re here for Brad’s bachelor party. [Brad] Yeah, bachelor party.
[Collin] Chilling, chilling. Everybody introduce yourselves. This is gonna be the New
Scooters 4 Less vlog. [Terrell] Hey guys, I’m Terrell. [Sam] Sam.
[Collin] Did I get you, I’m like– [Sam] Yeah, no you’re good, I got the neck up. [Brad] What’s up?
[Collin] Brad’s driving around in circles on the boat. We’re gonna go chill, hang out, some fun. It’s Wednesday night, we’re gonna be here tonight and Thursday night, and then, and then it’s back to
Gainesville for the wedding, bro. [Brad] Woo!
[Collin] Are you pumped? [Brad] So pumped, best day of my life. (upbeat electronic music) [Collin] Garrett, introduce yourself for the blog, Garrett. [Garrett] Hi, my name is Garrett (laughs). [Collin] Guys, we’re about to do Topgolf. Brad and I, Brad and I have
never done Topgolf before. [Brad] It’s pretty awesome. [Collin] But I’m sure I’ll win–
[Brad] Nah. [Collin] ‘Cause I’m a winner.
[Brad] I don’t think so. We’re pretty competitive. – Good, good.
(Collin laughing) [Collin] All right blog, for NS4L
vlog, I’m doing this for NS4L. It’s 8:16 on Friday morning. After Topgolf, we got
back and I kind of crashed ’cause I knew that I was
gonna have to wake up early and get back to Gainesville ’cause we got some work to do this afternoon before the wedding rehearsal
and then the wedding is on. Brad and Hannah getting married. It’s gonna be a good time, so we’re gonna vlog that for you of course ’cause that’s what I like to do. We’ll see you later. This has been Brad’s
Bachelor Get-away, 2018. See ya.

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