[Music] hey guys welcome back to another one of my videos today’s video is a really exciting video because it is a fall clean and decorate with me and I am just so excited to finally be decorating for fall so what we’re gonna do today is I’m going to be cleaning my entire house I’m going to be cleaning my kitchen my living room closets bathrooms bedrooms refrigerator and so much more and then at the end I’m gonna be decorating and I can’t wait so get ready to get in a cozy fall mood and then get some cleaning motivation [Applause] I know this videos getting posted Italy August but who cares if you guys like decorating for fall and it makes you happy you go for it give me a thumbs up if you’re ready for fall [Applause] [Music] so I know it’s a little early but I was really excited so I just wanted to decorate for a fall even though it’s still August but before I decorate it I wanted to get the house clean I personally find it a little bit easier to decorate when my house is clean so I got up that morning and got started on our upstairs I wanted to get started in our bedroom and then moved to the other rooms upstairs before I got to downstairs and then the last thing I was going to do was decorate and the entire house would be clean then [Music] [Applause] [Music] so for the first time ever I am using a cloth I’ve never used them before and if you guys aren’t familiar with them they are a microfiber cleaning cloth that you just have to use water to clean no cleaner no spray nothing and I’m not quite sure why I’m so late to the game with these a cloth but I’m really enjoying them so far the one I am using right now is to clean up my bedroom is the general purpose cloth so you just get it wet with water you wring it out and it helps pick up and remove bacteria basically these cloths are like a magnet for dirt oil grease bacteria pretty much everything and this video is not sponsored by a cloth or anything so this is truly my own opinion and I kind of feel like these are magical so I’m really enjoying them and I just wanted to use them up stairs first and if you guys are curious I will have them linked down below so you guys can check them out for yourself [Music] the next room I moved on to is the bathroom and to clean up I use the Clorox bathroom cleaner I’ve been using it lately and I think it does a pretty good job I’m not in love with it or anything but I just kind of feel like it does does what it needs to do my husband had picked it up last time he was at the store so I just thought it was something I could try and it does a pretty good job make sure you guys stick around because at the end of the video I’m gonna be decorating my house for the fall and it was very exciting for me I don’t know what it was about this year I think that my house is finally full my heart is full and I’m just so grateful and I know we’re getting into the Thanksgiving season it you reflect a lot on your year and how thankful you are and I’m just so grateful to have my family complete and have my girls here it just made me even more happy to decorate and I recently went shopping at Kirkland Michaels Hobby Lobby Bath & Body Works and the Dollar Tree so I couldn’t wait to share with you some of the things that I bought this year and some of my favorite fall decorations from the years past and oh I also plan on doing a fall home house tour so stay tuned for that that should be up probably early September I’m hoping and I’m gonna give you a tour of not just my fall decorations more in depth but my entire house the next step in my cleaning day was to move on to my girls this bathroom and I just wanted to pick everything up and wipe everything down just a quick cleanup and my husband was home this particular day so it was kind of nice that I could just focus on cleaning and I didn’t really have to worry about taking a lot of breaks to feed the girls and every time you know they needed something and it was actually a really perfect day to be cleaning it kind of felt like fall and you will see this later on in my video when I’m downstairs but it was a dreary cool although super humid super super humid day but the wind was blowing and it just felt like fall a good day to be inside and let me know down below in the comment section when it becomes fall when does it feel like fall for you guys I asked this at one of my recent videos my fall shop with me I don’t know I’m just always so curious about geography and how the weather changes depending on where you live in the country or the world so I know there’s probably more people watching this one so let me know down below when it gets fall or feels like fall for you I live in northern Ohio so it will be late September early October before it starts feeling like fall for us [Applause] [Music] the next step was to clean up Avery’s room and I wanted her to help me clean up her room because it’s her mess so we cleaned up all of her Barbies and all of her other toys and here you can see she got a little distracted and wanted to dance for you guys instead of helping mom clean but I was able to get her back on track again and I’ve talked about this before on my channel but I keep all of her stuffed animals in a mesh laundry basket it’s perfect because she can see all of the stuffed animals inside so if she needs a particular one and it’s you know at the bottom she knows where to get it but it also contains them and it’s super cheap so if you guys need something to corral all of your kids’s stuffed animals that’s a good option [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] sometimes when I’m thinking about us before we got lost and we parted back-to-back we will carry on and we do anything for study and then I moved right next door to Addison in emery’s room and they didn’t really need the room to be cleaned up or anything and I just wanted to vacuum and my Dyson cordless did run out of power by this point but you can see everything that I vacuumed up from vacuuming my upstairs so it to finish the job I had to pull out my old trusty Dyson with a cord to finish up vacuuming which is almost cruel when you go from a light cordless vacuum to a big heavy vacuum with a cord sometimes we just took a break from cleaning do you want to say hi can you ask them if they’re enjoying mommy’s cleaning can you ask them hey give my mom a thumbs up time outs for playing with babies is fun huh what a good little cleaning break mommy to play with the babes huh [Music] and then I was one step closer to decorating and I moved on downstairs and as always I started out by cleaning everything up taking care of dishes etc and something else I also wanted to do was wipe out my refrigerator it had been a couple of weeks since I had less done that and I thought it would be a good day to tackle that job and if you guys are curious while I was doing this my husband Mike was on dad duty taking care of the three girls and it’s nice because now that our little girls are in a really good NAP routine nap schedule their more scheduled now at almost five months the Mike and Avery can kind of play outside a little bit and why they NAB and she loves being outside Mike was also cleaning up the garage today so we were getting so much done [Music] [Music] to wipe everything down in the kitchen I use my trusty mrs. meyer’s multi-surface spray this stuff does a pretty good job I wouldn’t say it’s the absolute best cleaner that I’ve used on my counter tops but it does a really good job in general and I love the way it smells I haven’t ordered any of the fall sense yet for mrs. Myers but you better believe I’m going to I’m just using the mint scent scented one which I’ve been using for a while I just love how fresh it smells and now that I’m thinking about it I’m gonna add that to my to-do list to do today I’m gonna go and order some new sprays from Grove collaborative [Music] [Music] if you guys are enjoying it this video will you please go ahead and give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit the red subscribe button and the notification bell so you get notified every time I post a video I post cleaning videos like this every single week on my channel and I have a lot of fun fall videos planned like fall cleaning videos and nighttime cosy cleaning videos routines fun vlogs and so much much more so make sure you’re subscribed I then moved on to my refrigerator and it honestly wasn’t a deep clean or even a major clean I just wanted to wipe out my top shelves and then so I could move on to many of the other tests that I had to do in the kitchen and so I just used a mixture of vinegar and water to wipe everything down which I’ve been doing for years to clean my refrigerator vinegar is a wonderful powerful cleaner and it’s something that you can consume so I just like using it in my refrigerator also these organization bins you see in their aisle that have all of my food it helps keep the fridge cleaner longer and those will be linked down below if you’re curious and they’re from Amazon [Music] [Applause] earlier in the day I realized that there was a lot of fingerprints and dirt on the pantry door and the other door that is the door to our garage that we use all of the time so I just wanted to do to do a quick wipe down of that using the multi-surface spray and I also wanted to wipe down the chairs in our kitchen and this is why I like using a multi-service spray for cleaning tasks like this because I can quickly move from one job to another and I’ve used them a variety of multi-surface sprays and I really like this one and I’ve even made my own as well so if you guys want to clean fast use a multi surface spray and then to clean my slider door I used another ich loth it was the glass and polishing cloth again you guys you just need water to clean with this and I really like what it did for my windows and I can’t wait to continue to use these I’m one of my recent videos you guys said you liked seeing the before and the after of my vacuum so there is the before before I vacuumed our downstairs area I will show you what it looked like after so you can see the before and the after we do have a dog and I cat so I do feel like it picks up a lot and it it I find it pretty satisfying to see what I’m all done to know what I’ve picked up it helps motivate me to vacuum more frequently [Music] [Music] then I moved on to mopping which I’ve been finding very relaxing lately and I used my o-cedar spin mop which is one of my cleaning must-haves you guys need this in your cleaning arsenal and to clean I use the bona wood floor cleaner which is the cleaner that I’ve recently repurchased I’ve used this before like if you go way back in my channel I used it a lot more and I’ve always loved it I just kind of hop around and try different cleaners from time to time so it’s been a while since I’ve used this but I thought I’d put it back in my rotation to use on my wood floors it doesn’t really have a scent or anything which is totally fine obviously don’t need a scent but it does a really good job of cleaning now at this time I was starting to get a little tired it was getting later in the day but obviously I had taken many breaks throughout the day to play with the girls and hang out with them but I was excited to get it all done and I knew that when I was done cleaning up for the living room I would get to decorate so that is what kept me going kept me motivated and honestly that may be a little cleaning tip for you guys if you need motivation put something at the end of your cleaning session and it will keep you motivated to keep going and if you guys noticed you probably looked at my little doggie well she’s not really little my dog Reese she you will see that she looks a little I don’t really know how to say it but she doesn’t look the best right now she did have surgery about two weeks ago and has had some issues with it it was nothing serious she just had some tumors removed and she’s just been really stressed out from the surgery she ended up pulling out one of her stitches needless to say it’s been kind of stressful for everyone over here but she is on the mend she’s doing better we’ve taken to the vet multiple times we have a really good vet but yeah she’s doing better but it’s just sad when your doggy isn’t feeling the best so I hadn’t even planned on cleaning up a closet down here but as I was cleaning I just remembered that I wanted to just get in there kind of clean it out before the fall started so I just got in there I wiped everything down it’s the closet right instead of our house right when we walk into the garage and that closet sometimes can become a catch-all for everything and I don’t like it when it gets cluttered so I just wanted to pop in there take some shoes back upstairs where a majority of our shoes are and just kind of keep things organized [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and then it was finally time to decorate and I just had Mike bring all of my fall decorations out and Avery also wanted to help me too which was really exciting for me to have her join me and so you guys will see me decorating here and I will show you clips of my decorations and then if you guys stay tuned when I give you my full house tour here in a couple of weeks I will go into more detail and tell you where I got things and whether I purchased it purchased it this year or previous years so if it’s something you like you can go and get it too and honestly guys decorating is something that is not very easy for me I’m not you know one of those girls who it just comes natural to and I love it decorating is something that just doesn’t come easy and it’s it’s stressful for me I just over think I am a classic over-thinker so when it comes to decorating I need to see it I need to visualize it so I end up buying things taking it home to see if it works I just don’t have an eye or a knack for decorating and I’m not the best at it but I try my best and when I’m excited for holidays like fall or Christmas I am a lot more motivated to decorate and so when I do decorate and it turns out how I like it and I really enjoy it it’s a huge accomplishment for me because I know it’s something that’s not easy for me I think those things tend to be a little bit more you know something that you’re you’re proud of yourself for so let me know down below if you guys like decorating if you think it comes easy to you or if it if you’re more like me and it’s kind of overwhelming [Music] don’t forget to follow me on instagram for more day-to-day updates my Instagram is jamie-lynns journey that will also be linked down below [Music] we play our favorite game we ran until we die and we gotta jam I shall play with fire in the sky we would not be beating oh yeah there you guys have it I felt my house was clean and decorated for a fall so it already felt cozy despite the hot humid weather that was outside but make sure you guys are subscribed for more fall videos coming up this season as well as that home tour and don’t forget to follow me on instagram that link is below give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and if you’re ready for fall and as always thank you guys so much but before we end you know I’m going to show you what my vacuum looked like after I vacuumed everything downstairs [Music]

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  1. Nice video! I just came across your channel, just curious, how long have you had it?

    Also, glass cleaner is really good for cleaning granite countertops.

  2. You did a great job – your home looks beautiful! I am the same as you – decorating is very hard for me. I know what I like when I see it, but it’s hard for me to create it. Everyone just tells me to go with what feels right, but I am not a big shopper so I find browsing & trying things out very frustrating! But, I try! 😊

  3. Hi, Jamie. Love your cleaning videos. The little girls are so adorable and Avery is the sweetest. You said Mrs. Meyer's all-purpose wasn't the best on your countertops. I was wondering what cleaners you do like. Maybe you can do a video of the best cleaning products and tools? I would definitely be interested.

  4. My favorite time of year!!! Can’t wait to clean & decorate myself! 🍁 It has been like Fall weather here in Pennsylvania this weekend. Really gets me motivated! I know it will get hot here again, it usually does in September.

  5. Still first trimester, trying to move, but beautiful work this almost makes me want to clean my house darn exhaustion.

  6. Those fall candles you use look amazing as part of your decor. Looks like I need to start buying my fall candles to get in the fall mood. Lol

  7. I agree with you as well when it comes to decorating. I stress myself out and overthink. I wish I could just do it instead of overthink every single thing I buy lol.. I live about 45 mins north of NYC and we had fall like temps this weekend which gave me major inspo to decorate (and of course your video)! Your home always looks great! Good job decorating, I am excited for future videos 🙂

  8. Fall is my favorite season and it cannot get here fast enough. It's still pretty hot where I live, but when you get that first cool wind and honestly the smell of fall, I know it's time to bring out the sweaters and boots!!

  9. I live in pa n I haven't used my central ac in two days and just had windows open n it's so nice but generally mid or end of September and I'm not sure about e cloths yet I definitely like my regular cleaning cloths and cleaner in my bathrooms tho especially have 4 kids under 5!!!!

  10. Hello
    I enjoy videos from mum like you but barely not the haul mode and furthermore the season decoration. If only it was a few real nuts, trees, naturel things but no, only manufactured things. Sorry but, nowadays, especially one year after the environmental issues report, I'm disgusted by the fact that our generation stay blind. What world will we let to our children? This world is a gift, we need to protect it Now. I understand the need for deco, etc, I also have it but this comfort has a price, so I prefer to get rid of it. The less is the more. I will join you the report

  11. Tired of all the cleaners I’ve used my whole life. Looking for recommendations for a basic budget friendly cleaning supplies kit list lol diy cleaners would be awesome recommendations!

  12. New subscriber here! Here in TX, you just never know when fall will begin, but I've been in the mood for fall decor since school started. Btw, I chuckled when I saw the Hershey bars because they are my guilty pleasure lol

  13. Amazing video ! I like to play around with decor till it feels right . It starts feeling like fall in September ❤️

  14. Jamie! Where is that long wooden tray on your dining room table from? I’ve been looking for something like that! Great video ❤️

  15. It'll "feel" like fall when it's not 100 plus in Arizona. Pretty much have to wait until mid October when the weather is actually nice but even then it can be in the 90's 😂

  16. Decorating doesn’t come naturally to me 😩 I also have to buy stuff and take it home and back to the store if it doesn’t work out. It’s starting to feel like fall for us here; chilly in the mornings and evenings but still warm midday. Perfect weather, enjoying it while it lasts❣️Enjoyed your video💖

  17. I am not a natural decorator either! It stresses me out as well. It doesn't help that I'm super cheap so I want all the pretty decorations but don't want to spend the money on them. 😒 I don't have a lot of surfaces in my house either so I struggle with where to put things and them not look cluttered. My mother was/is a…. corny decorator… and cluttered so I think my lack of no how comes from her. 😂 Bless her. She tries and our house was always creative and festive but not magazine or pinterest worthy. It was always a hodge podge of stuff.

  18. I’m in Orlando Florida and we don’t feel fall weather until late November but I’m definitely ready for the cool weather!!! I love to decorating its one of my passions

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