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  1. Nice video! I just came across your channel, just curious, how long have you had it?

    Also, glass cleaner is really good for cleaning granite countertops.

  2. You did a great job – your home looks beautiful! I am the same as you – decorating is very hard for me. I know what I like when I see it, but it’s hard for me to create it. Everyone just tells me to go with what feels right, but I am not a big shopper so I find browsing & trying things out very frustrating! But, I try! 😊

  3. Hi, Jamie. Love your cleaning videos. The little girls are so adorable and Avery is the sweetest. You said Mrs. Meyer's all-purpose wasn't the best on your countertops. I was wondering what cleaners you do like. Maybe you can do a video of the best cleaning products and tools? I would definitely be interested.

  4. My favorite time of year!!! Can’t wait to clean & decorate myself! 🍁 It has been like Fall weather here in Pennsylvania this weekend. Really gets me motivated! I know it will get hot here again, it usually does in September.

  5. Still first trimester, trying to move, but beautiful work this almost makes me want to clean my house darn exhaustion.

  6. Those fall candles you use look amazing as part of your decor. Looks like I need to start buying my fall candles to get in the fall mood. Lol

  7. I agree with you as well when it comes to decorating. I stress myself out and overthink. I wish I could just do it instead of overthink every single thing I buy lol.. I live about 45 mins north of NYC and we had fall like temps this weekend which gave me major inspo to decorate (and of course your video)! Your home always looks great! Good job decorating, I am excited for future videos 🙂

  8. Fall is my favorite season and it cannot get here fast enough. It's still pretty hot where I live, but when you get that first cool wind and honestly the smell of fall, I know it's time to bring out the sweaters and boots!!

  9. I live in pa n I haven't used my central ac in two days and just had windows open n it's so nice but generally mid or end of September and I'm not sure about e cloths yet I definitely like my regular cleaning cloths and cleaner in my bathrooms tho especially have 4 kids under 5!!!!

  10. Hello
    I enjoy videos from mum like you but barely not the haul mode and furthermore the season decoration. If only it was a few real nuts, trees, naturel things but no, only manufactured things. Sorry but, nowadays, especially one year after the environmental issues report, I'm disgusted by the fact that our generation stay blind. What world will we let to our children? This world is a gift, we need to protect it Now. I understand the need for deco, etc, I also have it but this comfort has a price, so I prefer to get rid of it. The less is the more. I will join you the report

  11. Tired of all the cleaners I’ve used my whole life. Looking for recommendations for a basic budget friendly cleaning supplies kit list lol diy cleaners would be awesome recommendations!

  12. New subscriber here! Here in TX, you just never know when fall will begin, but I've been in the mood for fall decor since school started. Btw, I chuckled when I saw the Hershey bars because they are my guilty pleasure lol

  13. Amazing video ! I like to play around with decor till it feels right . It starts feeling like fall in September ❤️

  14. Jamie! Where is that long wooden tray on your dining room table from? I’ve been looking for something like that! Great video ❤️

  15. It'll "feel" like fall when it's not 100 plus in Arizona. Pretty much have to wait until mid October when the weather is actually nice but even then it can be in the 90's 😂

  16. Decorating doesn’t come naturally to me 😩 I also have to buy stuff and take it home and back to the store if it doesn’t work out. It’s starting to feel like fall for us here; chilly in the mornings and evenings but still warm midday. Perfect weather, enjoying it while it lasts❣️Enjoyed your video💖

  17. I am not a natural decorator either! It stresses me out as well. It doesn't help that I'm super cheap so I want all the pretty decorations but don't want to spend the money on them. 😒 I don't have a lot of surfaces in my house either so I struggle with where to put things and them not look cluttered. My mother was/is a…. corny decorator… and cluttered so I think my lack of no how comes from her. 😂 Bless her. She tries and our house was always creative and festive but not magazine or pinterest worthy. It was always a hodge podge of stuff.

  18. I’m in Orlando Florida and we don’t feel fall weather until late November but I’m definitely ready for the cool weather!!! I love to decorating its one of my passions

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