Bray Wyatt addresses Hell in a Cell rumors: Raw, Sept. 2, 2019

>>Hi. [LAUGH] Bam! Before the fun starts here today I,
Fin Balor, I think what the fiend did
to you was super duper rude.>>[SOUND] So on behalf of
everyone here at the Fun House, I wanted to officially say, I’m sorry.>>[SOUND]
>>[LAUGH] Bam! Onto bigger news, [MUSIC]>>[SOUND] How dare you
challenge Seth Rollins or Braun Straumann to a match
at Hell in a Cell. Do you have any idea
how valuable they are? As a matter of fact, you’re, you’re.>>No, boss. Look what I’ve been making. [NOISE]. [SOUND]. [LAUGH] Hold on, hold on. I’ve got an idea. Here we go, boss. Yes sir. Yes, sir. [NOISE]
Yay! [SOUND] Whew, that was close. [LAUGH] Besides, as we saw earlier, Seth
and Braun don’t make a very good team. [SOUND] They’re selfish, greedy. [LAUGH] And in another life,
they took something very dear to me. [SOUND] [LAUGH] But I’m like, those bozos. [SOUND] I’ve learned to embrace
the virtue of teamwork.>>Yay.>>See? [SOUND] Yowie wowie! [LAUGH] My team, they help me cope with the pain. [SOUND] But the fiend,
he helps me inflict it. [SOUND]
See you in hell. [LAUGH] Let me in. [SOUND]
>>See you later.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]

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  1. No way. It's too early to give him a title shot. He should have at least two others rivalries before becoming Universal Championship. WWE must give the title to Strowman and let him enjoy it for a while before giving it to Bray Wyatt 🙄……

  2. End the Rollins overhyped train already and let the Fiend destroy him. And Strowman while he's at it.

  3. Nice glad you guys put these up separately from the main show so i dont have to sift through 3 hours of raw for these little gems only thing good going in wwe!

  4. I would actually love to see like a kayfabe movie or documentary showing how the old Bray Wyatt transformed and discovered his Fiend

  5. Vince: I'm getting up there in years Bray and I'm getting the XFL started again, I can trust you with this gimmick right?

    Bray: Yes Vince, of course!

    Also Bray: And then evil demon Vince McMahon starts belittling and degrading his employee like the Machiavellian narcissist he is, only to be swayed by stacks of hundred dollar bills that have to literally be forced down his gaping maw in order to appease his unquenchable hunger for wealth and excess!

  6. I don't like The Fiend going at a title shot so soon, it should had been pushed like a Brock Lesnar. An unstoppable force but without the title. People will get tired of him fast

  7. It's quite clear that in the Clash Of Champions Bray Wyatt would interfere in the main event when Braun will be just about to pin Rollins. So that match will end in a controversial finish and then these 3 will face in the triple threat main event match in Hell in a Cell making Rollins the winner. WWE will never make Braun Strowman the Universal Champion.

  8. Rollins beats Braun at night of champions and then losses the universal belt to whyatt at hell in a cell don’t screw this up creative

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