Bray Wyatt “tears apart” Seth Rollins on “Firefly Fun House”: SmackDown, Oct. 4, 2019

>>Hi, Seth. [LAUGH] Welcome to the Firefly Funhouse.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And since we’re all being introduced to SmackDown’s new home,
I think it’s only fair to introduce everyone to my home,
and all my special friends. [LAUGH]
>>Now keep it down, I need to get my glasses. [SOUND]
>>Aww.>>I’m Mercy the Buzzard. What’s it to you?>>[LAUGH]>>I’m Huskus [SOUND] the Pig Boy. [SOUND] Seth Rollins,
it’s me, Rambling Rabbit! I’m your biggest fan! I wanna be just like you when I grow up. Burn it down! [SOUND]
>>I didn’t know you were such a big fan of my friend Seth.>>Aww.>>But since you are,
you have given me a fantastic idea.>>[LAUGH]
>>Instead of telling Seth what you think is gonna happen at Hell in a Cell,
how about we show him? [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>In this corner, playing the role of Seth Rollins, we have the Squealer,
Rambling Rabbit!>>No, no, no. Let me out! Come on man, I didn’t deserve this. Dude, come on, let me out, no, no.>>And his opponent,
playing the role of him. The seducer, accuser, destroyer. No mercy the bad man!>>No, come one Bray now, no,
come on let me [INAUDIBLE].>>Seth, this could get ugly. [SOUND]
>>No, no, please, argh! [INAUDIBLE]
>>Aah! [LAUGH] [SOUND]
>>[NOISE]>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Don’t! Don’t. [SOUND]
>>[NOISE]>>Yowie-wowie, are you okay? [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Are you okay? [LAUGH]>>You know Seth, history has a horrible
way of repeating itself. We have all hurt for so long, and now it’s your turn. [SOUND] See you in hell! [LAUGH] Goodbye, see you later, Sam! [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

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  1. "come on dude, let me out! i don't deserve this!"

    that's spot on how seth be looking when he round the fiend😂😂😂

  2. Ur passed on family is sick watching u further evil,sun,garbage un thus world to our children. U need help.sold out illuminated puppetry of godless sodomites who propagate Lucifer ways

  3. Bray wyatt shut up roman's gonna save seth and beat you wyatt

    Like if im right
    Edit:thank you for 2 likes

  4. love the firefly funhouse but WWE Can you please stop showing camera angles from the crowd’s view and rollins. just keep the camera in the funhouse.

  5. Ohh guys cmon ! It’s too early for The Fiend to win the title. Seth will retain and maybe Strowman or Taker will interfere the match to attack The Fiend.

  6. Bray Wyatt's performance of this character is very good. I just hope that WWE doesn't wreck his momentum by letting him put on bad in-ring performances. Once the bell rings, The Fiend needs to focus on hurting his opponent, not scaring him with tired taunts and cringey lighting effects.

  7. Ramblin Rabbit keeps this up, he gonna surpass R-Truth dying more times than hes held the 24/7 title!

  8. It's amazing how Bray promo his way to a championship without wrestling one match and people like EC3 can't even get an appearance….smh

  9. I just realized, all the puppets related to all the characters he has tried in wwe, and the claps laughs and stuff related to how the characters were looked at.

  10. Bray will Be in hell soon with majority of the human race everything in our world represents evil now and its all embraced. end of the world is upon us

  11. THE FIEND needs to destroy rollins like 5 minutes ore so !!!!!
    come on wwe make bray DOMINANT !!!!!
    the man is carrying wwe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The moment you realize no one is commenting on the fact that they cut back to Bray just before the Fiend's face morphed to his.

  13. Fiend is good character but just wrestling character. The main event of HIAC should have been wrestling match. Not movie. What are you thinking wwe??

  14. Well, WWE, you did what I thought was impossible. You took an incredibly good, original, and hot gimmick that seemingly not even WWE could screw up. And then you had hell in a cell end in a draw. AEW here I come.

  15. Who is here after DQ at Hell in a Cell?
    Bray shold have won!
    But Bray did everything he said in these segments,he acually beat him in my opinion,he was kicking out at 1 after 3 curb stomps in a row,acually 12 in total!He will beat him soon or whoever is having the title!

  16. youre all not seeing it right
    ramblin rabbit was the fiend
    mercy was rollins

    the fiend unleashed a monster in rollins
    rollins let him in

    it was never about the title, but exposing seth for who he truly is
    the fiend was playing possum: why else does ramblin rabbit always come back

    the signs were always there. bravo wyatt, bravo!

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