Bray Wyatt warns of “stranger danger” on “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, Sept. 9, 2019

>>[FOREIGN] Today we have a very special lesson planned for you.>>Stranger danger, stranger danger,
stranger danger, stranger!>>Rambling Rabbit,
what’s got your tail all tied in a knot?>>Dude, I saw a stranger with
our friends Seth and Braun.>>A stranger you say,
you mean Stone Cold Steve Austin? [MUSIC]>>Yes, and
what are you going to do about it? [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Strangers are bad people. You always stop them.>>Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Finn Balor.>>Hey, the Fiend hurt those-
>>My clock has been stuck at 3:16 ever since Stone Cold stopped by.>>Stranger danger.>>Stranger danger. Stranger danger. Stranger danger.>>Okay guys, please.>>Stranger danger.>>Please, [CROSSTALK]
quiet! [MUSIC] Yowie wowie, [LAUGH] guys, we take turns talking
here in the Fun House. Abby, [SOUND] let me fix your clock.>>Not again, dude. [SOUND]
>>See Abby, now your clock is right as rain.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>In another life those bozos took
something very dear to me. They practically invoked The Fiend, but
Steve, he’s just an old rattlesnake [SOUND] and you can’t blame a rattlesnake
for doing rattlesnake things. [LAUGH] Guys, remember, strangers are just friends
you haven’t made yet. I mean, look at what Seth and
Braun did tonight. Cedric and those Viking guys
were three strangers, and now Seth and
Braun have a trio of new friends. Unfortunately, Friends won’t
help where you’re going. You see, friends forgive, but The Fiend never forgets. See you in hell. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Bye! See ya! See ya! Bye! [MUSIC]

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  1. They canceled him attacking Austin because Steve didn't want to put him over on a random Raw. Just like when Brock first came in

  2. See you in hell!!!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😐😑😶😈😈👿👿😠😠😠😠😠👿👿👿👿😠😠😠😠😈😈👿👿😈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. I think it's a Bible verse, and the debut of Taker, which will come to full head in October, when they switch to Fox Sports.

  4. So… the fun house is really inside his mind. The clock and all the character voices in his head were too focused on Stone Cold, gotta “reset” the clock back to Undertaker at Survivor Series (11/19).


  5. People talking about feeling in 👁👈🏻 stranger danger
    stranger danger
    stranger danger
    stranger danger
    Gonna have to wear a mask

  6. I have a feel we are missing another angle, 11.19 can also mean Nov'19. Maybe thats where the major push happens for the fiend

  7. Next year they should bring a Mordecai like character. A fighter of the light! Then hype it up against the Fiend! Now that's a good idea for another mainevent.

  8. What if the fiend shows up Sunday to attack the winner of the seth and braun match at coc ends with the fiend in the dark where he's standing by his hiac opponent

  9. 11:19 is the debut of the Undertaker and it's 5 more days after will they have a match???
    Undertaker (Dead Man) vs Bray Wyatt (Finne) a dream match

  10. Now I get it. He attacks Hall of Famers because they retired and aren't supposed to be in WWE anymore. He attacked Finn Balor because he's now on Smackdown. And he was tress passing by being on Raw

  11. He's going to attack Seth Rollins. Seth also debuted on 11 – 19 – 12 The Fiend is going after the Universal championship

  12. Thanks bray for making wwe must see tv again your the best thing since Brock. Wwe don't let Seth beat bray that would kill everything.

  13. @WWE, I hate sounding like a total mark, but you have got to let Waylon Mercy make an appearance as a mailman at the FFH… know what I mean?

  14. So….why didn't he attack Stone Cold? We had the tweets leading up to it, and the Firefly Funhouse, then….nothing. Kind of weird

  15. अबे इस कुत्ते को तो कुत्ते की जिम्मेदारी छोड़ो इंसानों में क्या कर रहा है यह साला बड़वा

  16. Either let Wyatt retire the undertaker or keep him away. Because if Taker defeats him again history will just repeat itself. I like this version of Wyatt. But if you’re hinting at a match between The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt again, you cannot let Taker win. Either give it to Bray or keep them apart.

  17. Alguien expliqueme ¿que es toda esta mierda y de quw se trata? Esto es una completa payasada, al igual que las actuaciones de Bray Wyatt.

  18. The Wyatt family should re group and team up to fight aop, boby rude and Dolph Ziggler , Braun and Seth , the authority ( Randy Orton, Kane , so on) u know like a dream match 🤡🤡🤐🤫

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