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Olá, amigos do youtube. Today my family visited Brazilian restaurant, which is hard to find in Korea. It is a restaurant run by a chef from Brazil. My family is eating Brazilian food for the first time today. Even though I am only in my eyes now, my mouth watering I am sorry to fail to deliver this smell to you. So I will start the challenge from now on. bon appetite, thank you for today’s food After the greetings are over, children are holding bread in their hands. I ate a little, but I almost fainted. really? this bread contains cheese the name of this is Pao De Queijo I do not know the exact pronunciation of this now. let’s try Is pizza also Brazilian dish? Pizza is originally Italian food. But this is a Brazilian pizza. so yummy this bread is really delicious The pizza is a bit smaller than what we originally eaten. More pieces, smaller size. It is all 8 pieces. How was the taste of bread? yummy Second, let ‘s have a pork dish. sure It is a food with pineapple sauce on top after frying pork belly. let’s try the name of that is panceta panceta hey, captian yoon It is a fried and fried dish after aging pork. let’s try Perhaps, it is more delicious to have plenty of pineapple sauce on top of this meat. Here are all the pineapples. I will give you more of this. What about me? here, try it It is like a cookie. It looks very crispy. so crispy pineapple wait, i will cut it for you be careful It is a bit hard. My teeth are sore. so delicious so crispy This must be accompanied by a pineapple sauce. i will help cutting thanks I thought this was not a pineapple but a radish. right, so similar good have you ever eat this? try this so sweet pineapple If you feel greasy during your meal, eat Jalapeno Why do you eat it with beans? what? beans this is net beans, i ate it with pineapple I’m sorry, I thought it was too small for beans. pyori, try this did you eat pineapple? i ate all this mom, this is really yummy is this olive? yes, right this is delicious pyori, eat brazilian food so well Could I have another cheese bread? you can try it i will try one more her is for mom all disappear This became a bag. water please here What do you want to eat next? i want this fried potato?? let’s try once Let’s eat this with tomato ketchup. this is chili sauce, not tomato ketchup So this is spicy. Now that we’ve had pork, let ‘s have some beef. the name of this is Parmegiana Itu This is a deep-fried dish of beef tenderloin. On top of this is cheese and various seasoning It is said to be a famous food in Sao Paulo region of Brazil. Let’s taste it from now on. i will cut thisand give you the meat is so thick wow, Fried contains meat. It’s like a pork cutlet made of pizza and beef. wait, mom is first thanks wow, it looks like pork cutlet right i am queen smell is so good please, give me right, You are a queen. The queen is the third to eat. she si always third because i am a queen right how is it? so delicious really? it contains tomato sauce let’s eat It is delicious to eat only the sauce before eating this. It is said that this is delicious to eat with rice. mom, this rice is so soft soft soft soft i wnat to eat rice only wow, rice is so delicious please, one more meat Parmegiana Itu?? yes wow, Did you eat it already? please, give me, too wow, this is so popular I still have a little left, but give me one more. ok The food is selling hot. let’s remove flag Can not be done. It is the Brazilian flag. why? It should be maintained to commemorate Brazil. so yummy yes it is here is cheese a lot so yummy I thought it was onion, but it was cheese. The part that dad gave you is a very delicious part. This is beef meat cutlet. It is very luxurious taste. really yummy this is the best

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  1. why shirts in Korea are not all on his shoulder arms … I bought a shirt in Korea as well … big hands….
    what is the t-shirt design???

  2. 우와 대장님, 요블리님, 우리 아가들까지
    맛있게 욤얌..~ 한국 음식말고 이렇게 다른 나라 음식
    해주셔서 좋아요!


  3. Nice! I subscribed because your family is so cute and of course the food looks amazing. 🌸👌 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good job guys, food looks great😋💚❤👍I wish uguys would get all your subscriber back uguys were so close to reaching 500k was it just changing the name that uguys had to start all over again ?

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