Bread rolls or dinner rolls (Roll-ppang: 롤빵)

(upbeat music) – Hello everybody! You see this my butter and egg. Today I’m going to make bread rolls. I used to make this for
my children as a snack. They loved this long time ago when I lived in Korea, I used to call this just
Roll-ppang. (laughs) Ppang. Ppang is bread. So bread rolls but you
can call dinner rolls. You can use dinner rolls, you can use as sandwich, you can use also hamburger. I used to make hugely like a huge batch. But today for you guys, I make them developed
a really small portion. Each roll will be big enough. Good size. You don’t need any electric mixer but you need oven, right? So oven, I’m using oven but use all your hand from
scratch you make this. And also you be so
surprised how simple it is. So let’s start. Turn on the heat. This is a thick-bottomed pot. The reason I like to
use this one is the lid. I use this lid, you’ll see. One, two, three. Three tablespoons. This is unsalted butter. And put it just here. So see, all melted and let’s turn off. This is whole milk. Half a cup milk. Sugar, let’s use two tablespoons. Salt, quarter teaspoon. One large egg. So what do you think
this temperature will be? At this point, it’s already lukewarm. It’s a kind of good temperature for yeast. There are two types of yeast. This the package, or in this jar. And I’m using this jar. Measure two teaspoons. So let it sit one minute so that this yeast is going to be active. I forgot to tell you, you have been following
my recipe and video probably oh this is a different house. Yes, I moved. This is a new house. I moved just a couple of days ago. So my first video in new house is going to be my bread. This bread is, I have so much good
memories about this bread because I used to make it for my children when they were young. When they came back from school, I used to bake this. And then filled this bread in like the plastic container a lot and then they were so happy. And then I used to serve this as a milk and strawberry
jam and then they love this. They still remember this. I’m going to use one and
half cup all-purpose flour. One cup. Half a cup. See, it doesn’t take long. So only it took one minute. Very sticky, look at that. And then I’ll put on the lid. One hour passed. Let’s see inside. It should be doubled. Yes, see? Just deflate. This gas we are going to knead this. OK. So around one minute I knead this, right? And let it sit. 30 minutes more. Softer. (laughs) Yay! Yay! (laughs) There’s nothing left over in this pot. So all gas inside has to be all removed. Really pretty, isn’t it? So cute! So cute! OK then we’re going to divide this, in half first. Scissor hands. Here each ball, let’s divide three. And make this way. So make a thin rope. OK and then just coil like this. And this guy go bottom like this. Isn’t he pretty? (laughs) And then roll roll roll. Making shape, children love that. When you cook together, when they grow up, they always remember. The other day I called my daughter, “Hey, you remember the bread “you know, I used to make?” Of course she remember. (laughs) So actually this recipe
is not my invention. One of my friends, she and I we went to the
same elementary school. She has three boys, so she all the time make a huge huge huge batch of food. So she and I and another friend, we three of us used to
all the time got together and then she showed me how to do this. We used to make all
different kinds of buns. So fun. So six buns we made this. Let it rise for one hour. You know, around 30 minutes later, you’ll see oh it looks
really like already expand, I can bake. But I have been making for a long time, so be patient. One hour, let it rise. And it will be like cotton candy. (ticking) (alarm rings) One hour! So let’s bake! I’m going to preheat my
oven, 350 Fahrenheit. Oh my! Good good good. To make it shiny and also not dry, brush this with egg white. We have one egg yolk. Another like my recipe I
said “Oh egg yolk you can do massage.” Actually a lot of people emailed me, “Maangchi, how can you massage? “Can you tell me the direction? “Or can you make video?” I have only this one. Look like face, right? (laughs) It’s cotton. Wash face first. Really nicely wash and clean. And then, just the, you
don’t need the brush, use your finger, I use my finger. Just brush all over the face. And then second time, third time, you know, whole face. And then still leftover
and the one like this and it’s going to be
really stick to my face. And then again, this is
all leftover this egg yolk and then all over face this. And then make sure that everything is just as should be tightly
stick to your face. And then, watch TV and
just you know, don’t speak. Whenever I do this, suddenly I, I like to talk more, I like to call, you know? (laughs) But, so be quiet. 20 minutes after a little dried and then your face feel
really really tightened. And then peel it off, like this. Steamy towel and cover this your face, and couple of times until
all this egg yolk is gone. And then, last touch is cold water. So really cold water and wash clean again one more time. That’s it! And then next day, you feel really, your skin is really
softer and more elastic. My house is really full of good aroma. You know when you bake something, smells so good. Even though this is only
six buns I make this, really really smells so good. Excited. I’m so hungry now. (laughs) One minute more. OK, done. Cold milk. OK. Wow, look at this, our bread. Oh my! See? Wow. Look at this bread. It looks like chicken breast. Mmm. Homemade strawberry jam. So lots of strawberry jam. We made bread rolls. The Korean name is roll-ppang. (laughs) Ppang, ppang is bread in Korean. You guys want to learn how to make my strawberry jam? In the next video, I’m going to show you how to make my homemade strawberry jam. Super super easy recipe. Let me know how your rolls turn out. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye! (upbeat whimsical music)

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  1. I was super sad today, but whenever I watch your videos I can't help but smile big! I can tell the love and care you put into your cooking <3 I will try my best to cook this for my child. Thank you so very much for everything Maangchi I am grateful to you!

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    I love your recipes. You are so enthusiastic and funny. So enjoyable to watch you cook with a lot of passion. Keep showing us that cooking can be fun too.

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  8. Ingredients
    3 tablespoons butter
    ½ cup cold milk
    2 tablespoons sugar
    ¼ teaspoon salt
    1 large egg
    2 teaspoons dry yeast
    1 ½ cups plus ¼ cup all purpose flour
    1 egg white

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