Breakfast at Tiffany’s (2/9) Movie CLIP – Hot Party (1961) HD

[mrreow] Mmm, thanks. Mike, darling, I tried reaching you
all day long. Your answering service
doesn’t answer. That’s the trouble
with answering services. Well,
I guess that’s… And after all that,
she said… Holly! Ohh! Time, darling. What? Time? You have a watch? No. Oh, let me see.
6:45. Thank you. Aah! Really,
was that necessary? This is some party. Who are all these
people, anyhow? Who knows?
The word gets out. You don’t mind,
do you, darling? Mmm.
Reinforcements. Right in there.

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  1. alcohol definitely does not put out fires, but i will continue pretending this makes sense because this scene is hilarious.

  2. Audrey is the prettiest woman in the world! and Natalie portman is second cuz she looks just like her…anyways thats only my opinion ahaha dont judge! XDD

  3. they all saw my diry photos while drinking shirley temple's and anna massey's mother kissed the staute also and so did her mother who was the daughter to Hedda Hopper who all adored me thank you Mer I mean Mariah …

  4. Anyone else feel like this dreamy and light, lovely atmosphere is kind of like the Great Gatsby book? Slash the 1920s itself? Call me crazy but everything just seems so carefree and nonsensical, kinda like the 20s ^^

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