Brewster Adoption Anniversary

I’m Joe Goguen, General Manager at Bill Bryan Subaru and today we’re celebrating Brewster’s adoption anniversary and I have
some family members here with us- my mother Arlene and Kristy right beside me
and of course we can’t forget Logan he’s a guest today. He’s having a grand time
today he’s eating everything that is put in front of his mouth because he’s a chow hound. There’s a lot
of great things here to do today. Our visiting veterinarian that’s checking
out the dogs for us and photo booths the little cage with the balls in it they
have the treats. My name is Mark, this is Amy, we have Brenden and Aiden, and this is little Ellie. We were able to adopt Ellie some time last year it’s been a perfect
perfect family addition. We’ve come down today just to check out the event. We’ve
introduced Ellie to Brewster. It’s been really good so far, great event for the
for the dogs and great event for the families to come down. I’m Melody I’m one of the veterinary technicians at Animal League Wellness Center in Leesburg
Florida and we’re coming to you today from Bill Bryan Subaru here in Leesburg. Thanks to Bill Bryan any animals today will receive funds to
provide for their care medical and food and help them along their path to a
forever home. I think it’s important to really bring attention to adoption and
how important it is and what a joy both of these dogs have
been for our family. A big shout-out to Bill Bryan from our clinic and our
shelter to the help they give to the homeless animals and the services that they
provide to people who perhaps can’t afford this cost of standard medical
care. They can come in here and get low cost warmer, low-cost vaccinations. What a better place to come to bring the family than Bill Bryan Subaru?

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