Brian Invites Jess Over For Dinner | Season 17 Ep. 1 | FAMILY GUY

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  1. All right. Well, if you like movie trivia, I got one that'll stump you….
    Of course you're probably not really into tibia-trivia!
    Boy! That global warming, huh? They say we lost a foot of snow last winter….
    Hey, how about another beer? I bet you like the taste of hops-ah….
    You only have one leg, sir.

  2. I love Family Guy and everything, but Brian's family just doesn't care. When can we have same vibe we felt from seeing seasons 1-3?

  3. im still expecting the usual he gets dumped rubbish, or he gets married then the next episode "oh im not with her anymore we divorced"

  4. Catch me if u can sir was the only thing that was semi funny this show really sucks hasn't been any good imo for the last 4yrs but hey at least we still have south park on

  5. I DVRed this but for some reason a huge chunk of Bob’s Burgers took up the beginning of it so the Family Guy episode stopped in the middle. What is up with that?

  6. Oh I get it, after being told not to make fun of her terminal cancer, they’ll do so in front of her face anyway. GROW UP YOU IDIOTS

  7. Stewie: Brian screws up this relationship as well. Just saving you folks the time watching this Brian episode.

  8. chris lois and peter are the wrost making fun of dying person new low i'm glad that meg and stewie didn't get involved

  9. Watched the episode. Kinda of a weak start. Didnt make me laugh as much and the progress of the events were kinda fast and moments that are just skipable. Ill give it a 4/10 for now. Hopefully they push back more than the last season.

  10. Good job guys. i have loved this show for years.

    Update, i just watched the second ep of season 17…the Chris and Stewie kissing part just made me almost puke…Macfarlane had to go there. no i didnt SPOILER ALERT this because you'd rather read it than see it😐😑😐😝

  11. I love family guy but this is literally a copy and paste from the episode Brian's Got a Brand New Bag when they ask Rita her age

  12. How charming! The hilarious Griffin family are making fun of a woman with cancer. The intention of this show is to make us like these characters right? I know it’s supposed to be a joke, but we should still be able to like these people. As terrible as The Simpsons has become, the main characters are is still likable.

  13. The griffins are bad pepole that are making fun of brains girlfriends except stewie he has not make fun of brains girlfriends since seaon 5

  14. So … why, at the beginning of the scene, do you see a ham on the table next to Chris… and then when Lois asks for a leg… it somehow magically turns into a turkey?

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