Bridge Marriage Tracks

At Bridge, what we do is we’re taking a straight forward approach to the culture of marriage by loving God first and we like talk to couples
who love God First with all that you are and than to love your spouse just as much as you
love yourself is a key element that we teach. We really believe that couples can chose to
set the culture of their marriage. Life doesn’t just have to happen, and in this
its like creating an ecosystem of nurture and safety A place of thriving where unity and communication
are a high value. Yeah to thrive not just survive. Yeah exactly. And so you know a lot of times we just say
we talk to people, “Are you ready to change the culture of your marriage?” We love to have you at the next set of Bridge
Marriage Tracks. It’s not just for troubled marriages, it’s
for hurting to healthy and everyone in between. Also for singles, dating and engaged couples;
who just want to learn about marriage from a biblical perspective. We would love to see you guys there.

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