British Airways – Celebrating our A350

“It’s been about three years in the
planning for our Airbus 350 it’s taken a lot of effort from all parts of the
business whether it’s engineering operations, logistics, training, the safety
teams all have come together to work very hard to get together to make sure
that we can do this today”. “It is a very proud moment for all of us.
It’s moments like this that we tend to be able to celebrate because it is proud
moments that celebrates for our colleagues for all of us who have
actually been waiting for this moment and working very hard to get this
aircraft ready to enter into service”. “I think the customers are going to love
the a350 there’s so much innovation on the aircraft, it’s extremely comfortable.
As well as being customer friendly, it’s very crew friendly. It’s going to be a
great experience for everybody”. “I just had a tour, what a marvellous
airplane! Beautiful Club Suites and every class has gone better than the previous
generation. I think this is a good investment by British Airways and I I
can’t wait to see how excited the passengers will be on this aeroplane!”

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