Broly Comes To Dinner #DragonballSuper

Care to explain why the person who tried to kill you and Goku several times is coming over for dinner? Look… We did a movie together, and Toriyama kept saying we “NEED to spend TIME together” *breaks tv* Also, do you think Trunks will be ok? (TV: Vegeta, I don’t feel so good) I already said Kakarot is watching him with his wife. Not the younger one. The one that… You know… Became Cell’s bottom bitch for two years? You were supposed to couch it nicely! He’ll be fiiiiine. Right, boy? (Definitely not) I’m ready. See? I don’t know. I feel like something could go wron- *Door bell rings* Great! Let’s get this done and over with. Broly! Welcome to my home! (Get rekt) OUT OF THE WAY! BROLY’S HUNGRY! You hear that, dear!? He’s hungry! (KAKAROT) (KAKAROT) (KAKAROT) I hope you like it, it’s lobster with broccoli! *Smacks food away* (Get that sh!t out of my face) What the hell, man!? BROLY HATES BROCCOLI! EVEN THOUGH HIS FATHER NAMES HIM AFTER ONE! Are you fucking with me? ANYWAY, LET BROLY TELL YOU THE TIME HE NAILED KAKAROT’S WIFE. Excuse you! Chichi is a family friend! I will not tolerate you slandering her! Come on, woman! Everyone did her! Including me-! Mel! Mel from the bank. FINE! BROLY WOULD CHANGE THE SUBJECT. 🙁 (Princess Trunks chuckles) Broly’s so sugoi! VEGETA, YOUR DAUGHTER IS HOT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Daughter!? Oh yeah, we’re really proud to have such a beautiful girl. MIND IF I TAKE HER BACK TO PLACE, AFTER DINNER? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sure! Dad! Don’t do this to me, man! Shut up, boy–! Girl! *Door bell rings* Hey Bulma, I was wondering if you had Trunks->:( :/>:( So, who wants to go to Buffalo Wild Wings? (I do) THIS IS BROLY, IF YOU ENJOYED THE VIDEO, SUBSCRIBE TO DAITOMODACHI AND FOLLOW HIM ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR ELSE… I’LL DESTROY ALL THE BROCCOLI ON THIS ENTIRE PLANET! *EVIL LAUGH*

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  1. Hey, guys! Thanks for watching the video! As I mentioned in my community post, I will be shifting away from my weekly animation schedule to spend more time on these animations. The next animation I plan to release is my Nekopara animation which I plan to release Feb 8th.

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  2. This is why nobody hangs out with 90s Broly unironically after Good Boi Broly came along.

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