Brooklyn & Bailey’s ACT Test Drama! | Family Fun | Behind the Braids Ep.15

young everybody make it ooze with the unthinkable stop till you come first right so unpredictable take control of watch over pray for us guys that was great hey guys it’s me and Daxton and welcome back to another episode of behind the braids now this episode is about me mainly taking the a CT for the first time we were so nervous and it was so nerve-wracking we had lots of fun stuff happened with that and then we also had a choir performance and it got big cake yeah you know what cake balls and family we are with jenny from showmecute family and because i cake ball so y’all get to see that let’s get to it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] mom [Music] so much for the babies playing way more interesting to play with sticks here we are filming a kalium video today this is what it looks like on a day when we’re filming you can see all the lights we have all the lights up we have the camera angle down you can see what it takes to create the best Lighting’s and the best settings and pretty really easy to see pictures and Rylands about to go have lunch with dad right and the babies while we film what are we doing hey so Camry is filming a video right now and I’m taking the littles out for lunch right where do you want to eat Paisley you mean Culver’s well no it’s covert Cooper we’re going to close it’s a plan all right you guys got your dinner or your lunch here whose is longer and Riley gets an ice cube today why you know hole diggy what she wanted volleyball games we won our volleyball game we went two out of three matches what’s your favorite ice cream chocolate brownie chocolate pumpkin brownie that what’s in yours how are you what’s in yours chocolate brownie yeah Mindy has them all correct they all holy will ever eat chocolate ice cream on our way home we got five different ice cream straight five over the same mother chocolate custard with brownie which is it what everybody eats but me yeah let’s go home yeah guys ready go home what are you doing you’re doing Mama’s hair [Music] I don’t cute thinking like name something with you and my rear end point at ya right always remembering oh yeah what’s it called it’s called the cuteness the cuteness braid can you feel it [Music] give them a love it I’m gonna run it to the statue hello guys it’s Brooklyn belay and we’re about to perform at a concert or get some hydration going we already [Music] and [Music] [Applause] look at the divers on YouTube yo this is nice it’s not sure we know I might on live but we have like a live oh it’s the live cow it’s like probably backwards this is 3 million and 42 but the live count on YouTube only says told million nine hundred ninety nine thousand six hundred ninety three by the end of the night we’re so blessed y’all are so amazing and thank you so much I’m gonna cry this blood is tears see disease they have a moment hey guys Bailey and I just got back from our first a CT test pray for us guys no hard it was okay was it was hard I was seen the science section I there wasn’t a single word I understood so the reading section was totally fine any one ear out the other I’ll figure and and we so online we printed our tickets off last night cuz you have to have like your ticket proof that you like are in that session of the test huh and it said that we had to go to a certain school for the test yeah so we drive to that school and we’re like oh we’re early we’re perfect on time like you’ve got ten minutes till the test drives were perfect no yeah we’re not on the list epic we’re not the right word not on the right school or registered for to a CTS one was in this month and ones in like two months and we would write it all for the next month test not this one so if any people are taking HD I would suggest printing your tickets off and making sure on a logical order and making so the problem was we were at the wrong school we had ten minutes till the test was supposed to start and the school that we were supposed to be at was a 20-minute drive guess what your girls did we drove like a maniac shooting stars we got there like five minutes late and were like please let us take the test and then it turns out that it’s like this huge odd time I don’t worry we didn’t break any speed limits I literally I don’t know how we didn’t break the speed limit and get there early like we got there like minutes I I was it was totally minute and we took it and I it was hard yeah so what a stressful morning be honest that that was our a scene that was barians yeah first desi cheeks really great you like everybody I hope you guys enjoyed that video is one grab pic here and if you guys want to see some of our Halloween pictorials and DIY costumes is like 40 of them click the box appear and if you want to see more of our behind the braids click the box right here thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you next week bye Oh

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  1. Yeah, ACT reading and LA was really easy. Science was written in some different language, it was so hard!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one!!!

  2. Did u realise that if u look at people from a distance their eyes just look like black holes. It's scary. Love you cute girls hairstyles!!!

  3. before I did the think that Rylan looked like Brooklyn bailey and kamri but this time I realised that she had those same eyes!

  4. Did anyone else notice the parts she said it was a 20min drive we were 5 mins late we got there in 10mins how were you late please reply and tell me (i love this channel so much i am not a hater like those other haters)

  5. Is it just me or is Kamri look a girl on one of the seven super girls and the other one I can't remember which chnl it is

  6. Culver's was actually founded 2o minutes from my hometown! Love their custard, this made me want some so bad!

  7. They should have seen my family's version of kickball. Everybody was screaming at each other, it was so funny.

  8. I'm going into the 11th grade and I took the act test for the first time today! I seriously don't think I understood one thing on the science part but the rest was ok!

  9. I loved the video and I have already subscribed to Brooklyn and Bailey's channel I have also not the like button😁

  10. I love playing games with family, I didn't Rilyn played volleyball I do too.  Theres a lot of people in that Choir I am in Choir too.

  11. 3:37 and 3:39 and 3:48 Captions say Kamri is talking!! This has happened before but instead of Kamri, they put Camrie or Sean or Bailie! Rilan too! That is not how you spell their names captioner!! And it is only a voiceover if it is separate recording, not a person talking behind the camera!

  12. I miss Bailey’s brown hair….don’t get me wrong pink hair is great and all except hers just looks pretty red to me anyway

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