[BTS 꿀 FM 06.13] 1st BTS birthday ‘BTS FESTA 2014’

April 27th, we had the photo shoot for the album jacket. May 18th, we filmed our music video. June 12th, we had the debut showcase. And finally on June 13th, we made our debut on ‘M Countdown’. Over the past one year, We made a radio broadcast named after us. Starting from ‘Melon Music Award’, we got awarded as ‘the rookie of the year’ for 6 times. Through our promotion in Thailand and the showcase in Japan, we could meet our fans there, too. When we first started our official fan club and gathered together to celebrate it, we spent priceless time with our fans. We cried, we laughed and had fun. It looks like we actually did a lot of things. How about you? Since June 13th last year, how’s your year been? Some of you may have seen us for the first time at our Debut Showcase. Maybe, our songs and performance drew your attention. In some ways the past year felt short, but in other ways it felt long. However, finally, it’s BTS’ first birthday. This is ‘BTS KKUL(means Honey) FM’ for you guys who’ve been sharing every joy since the last year, So, here goes the first song celebrating our 1st birthday. Singing the theme song of the superhero cartoon that 10-year-old kid always dreamed of, JUMP. – JUMP – Hi! This is SUGA of ‘BHC Radio ‘BTS KKUL FM 06.13’ and I’m the DJ! We have our guest Bangtan here. Who are the most…really…the most important today. Hi~ BTS! BTS Bang~tan! Annyonghaseyo! (j-hope) Hi A.R.M.Y! This is hope hope @[email protected])/ (V) Hello! This is V That was very energetic! This is the 3rd episode of ‘KKUL FM.’ But, we are not on air everyday. This is not a normal event. It was our 100-day-anniversary when we were here for the first time. And at the second time, it was Christmas! So, why are we here today? Do you have any idea, Rapmon? What a meaningful day. Today is the very June 13th! Our first year anniversary day! Our birthday! The first birthday! So, we have our birthday cake! (SUGA) Guys! Before we blow it out, we’ll make a wish first. Let’s blow out! One, two, three! (V) You guys blew them out before I came up with one! (SUGA) So, let’s talk about what you wished for. (SUGA) Jimin, what is your wish? (jimin) This year, I definitely want to punch SUGA. (SUGA) umm… yeah. What about you, JHOPE? (j-hope) Me? I want us to do our own concert. (Rap Monster) With no audience? (j-hope) No, I didn’t mean that.. With ARMY and a huge audience.. (SUGA) Jin? (Jin) I want to build my own building this year. You must dream big. (SUGA) What about you, Rapmon? (Rap Monster) I want to buy many clothes. (SUGA) Ugh.. alright. V? (V) I hope I can drive this year. (Jung Kook) I want Bangtan to win the first place. (j-hope) Oh yeah. That’s the best. (SUGA) Yeah, what a bunch of Cliche. (Jin) SUGA, what’s yours? (SUGA) Umm.. I just want everyone around me be happy. (j-hope) That’s very… uh.. (Rap Monster) Well, let’s move one. (SUGA) Yeah, I hope you guys fulfilled all of them. Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Time flew by so fast. Seems like lots of things have changed, don’t you think so? (j-hope) Jimin and V are 20 years old… (jimin) Jungkook goes to high school… (V) Jungkook became as tall as me… (Rap Monster) Jungkook is still at an awkward age… (Jin) So Junkook is the only one who’s underage. That’s the most surprising news! It doesn’t make any sense. (Jung Kook) I’ll grow up soon, too. (SUGA) A lot of changes happened to us with Jungkook as the center. So, now we’ll talk about how it was for the last year together. I know it can be a bit awkward. Let’s have a lovely moment, and give a compliment to the person next to you. (j-hope) Do we really have to do it from the beginning… (SUGA) I’ll show you how to do this. Hold your hands like this and look him in the eyes, (jimin) What are you going to say? (SUGA) “You are ugly.” (Jung Kook) “You are .. ugly.” lol This is the rule! so, let’s start it. (SUGA) We’ll start it now. (V) here! (Rap Monster) Yeah, show us for real. (SUGA) You’re really handsome… (j-hope) Ugh I can’t stand it. (SUGA) “You are ugly.” Yeah… this is not fun…. Ugh. Okay. So we are not doing this. I knew it was going to happen anyway. So, I prepared something else just in case. Those are the words of requests. Something that you wanted to say after spending a year together. (V) You have it now? (SUGA) I brought the messages of love so that I can give it to everyone! Actually, not only from BTS members, also there are messages from the staffs working with us. You guys didn’t know that, huh (Jung Kook) Really?? (SUGA) Yeah, from our managers, stylists, hair and makeup designers, and even the staffs in the office! Also, from our producer Bang. (All) Wow that’s what’s up. Amazing. (Jin) So, you mean.. You are the only one who knows what others actually wrote on those post-its, but you are going to make it public anyway? (SUGA) I got all of them in person. (All) Really? (SUGA) It was really hard. I even wend to Producer Bang and asked him to write one. (Jin) You are with us for 24 hours a day! When did you do that? (Rap Monster) He is devoted to his radio show. (Jin) By the way, what is that? Why are you wearing earphones? (j-hope) What is that! (jimin) You don’t need them! (SUGA) Ugh. It’s just… One side is not working now. (Rap Monster) He doesn’t feel comfortable with it anyway~ (SUGA) Other DJs from some radio shows wear those too. (All) What.. (SUGA) Here’s the post-its that I got person to person. I think we can read two or three of them for each. There you go~ Jungkook~ Rapmon~ Suga~ Jin~ Jimin~ JHope~ Jimin, let’s start from you. You can read two or three of them. You can show them to camera while reading it. (jimin) I’m going to read the one that sticks out the most. This is for me. I don’t know who wrote it though. “Why did our grow plates close too early?” (Jin) I think know who it is! (j-hope) I can just find out who it is with his handwriting. (jimin) You are not, right? This is so sad.. (SUGA) I don’t know. It’s anonymous. This is from someone whose grow plates closed early.. and…. yes that’s me.. Why don’t we read one more? (jimin) Yeah. Let’s read one more. Ugh.. this is all about me. I don’t know who they are. “Don’t touch thighs, you perv.” (Rap Monster) Whose thighs????” (j-hope) Whose??? (jimin) Do I touch them???? (Rap Monster) Oh, you mean you are touching yours. (V) (Raising his hand.) (j-hope) You wrote it? (V) Yes. Haha (jimin) Do I!?!?! (j-hope) I knew it! I knew he was dirty from “Rookie king”!! (SUGA) We’ll do it later. For now let’s keep reading them. JHope, would you like to read yours? (j-hope) Um there’s one like.. So, you said that Producer Bang also wrote something. There’s one here looks like from him. His handwriting is very.. boss-ish “To. JHope. Captain Jeong, You always work hard without any complaints. Oh, you got promoted yesterday. So I guess now you are the chief? Because you are doing your best, I believe that’ll bring you a great reward. One day you’ll be the president Jeong.” I’ll be the president! You can count on me, Producer Bang. (SUGA) Do you want to read one more, JHope? (j-hope) What should I read? (jimin) Read this one. (Jin) What.. what is that? (j-hope) Doodles? But.. I don’t even.. (Rap Monster) Well, someone who has drawing skills did it I guess. (j-hope) Yay, it’s me! (Jung Kook) Hope hope. (V) I think that’s Jimin. (jimin) That’s right. Stop teasing me. (SUGA) Well, lots of them are really touching. So.. read them carefully. Jin? (Jin) Well, there’s simple one here. Can you see this? “Jin. It’s too much if you know you are handsome.” (Rap Monster) It’s neither funny nor touching… (SUGA) I think Jin wrote it. (Jin) No it’s not me. (SUGA) Okay.. (Jin) There’s one more. (j-hope) But, why did he pick that one? (Jin) That one sticks out. (Rap Monster) You only can choose two and that’s one of them? (j-hope) Maybe he did it on purpose? (Jung Kook) Yeah. He did. (j-hope) He gained so much confidence about his looks. (Jung Kook) Too much. (Jin) Wait. (Rap Monster) What’s on that one? (Jin) “To Jin. Yes. I repect. You are handsome. You are the number one. Don’t make my thumbs embarrassed. Do your best.” (j-hope) Oh wait, there’s something here. “Sigh…” (Rap Monster) That means he makes everyone sigh. (Jin) Who wrote this? Ah.. Dance teacher.. (jimin) I would say that too.. (Jin) I also feel terrible looking at myself in the mirror while dancing.. (j-hope) Haha that’s funny. (Jin) I’m done. It’s your turn! (SUGA) Rapmon? (Rap Monster) Alright.. hmm “Rapmon. Take a shower.” If it’s JHope, I’m going to kill him. (j-hope) What? That makes my heart flutters!! (Rap Monster) If it’s JHope I’m going to kill him. Oh and.. “To Rapmon. Rapmon, the best. You are the best leader. just want you to be able to control yourself when nature calls. Please go to the toilet before the rehearsal.” (j-hope) Yes! (jimin) That’s right! (Rap Monster) But I get nervous. (j-hope) Because you are dancing? (SUGA) Yeah because he’s dancing, he gets nervous. (jimin) You never get nervous. (Rap Monster) I do all the time. (j-hope) He’s now getting nervous. (V) I’m nervous too? (SUGA) V, you want to read it? (V) “Taehyung. Please put on your shoes. You are not a primitive man. You have nice shoes. Why don’t you wear them? Please wear them.” (j-hope) What a penniless youth. (V) I just.. don’t feel comfortable with shoes. (Rap Monster) He loves the nature. (j-hope) I think it’s from one of our staffs. His handwriting is telling us. (V) Oh and.. yeah. I know who it is. (jin) From the same person I guess. (V) Yes. “Be a human.” I see. And I don’t know who it is, but. “V, what’s your next hair color? I’m curious.” (Rap Monster) I really want to know. (j-hope) Me too. (V) Yeah. I changed my hair a lot for a year. (j-hope) Pink, Purple, and.. (SUGA) Actually I wrote that. I’m really curious about it. (Rap Monster) Me too! (V) What do you guys think? What should I do? (j-hope) Shave ’em all! (Rap Monster) Your skin color? (j-hope) That’s awesome! (Jung Kook) Yeah! Dye it with your skin color! (SUGA) It’s Jungkook’s turn! (Jung Kook) It’s my turn! (j-hope) What’s there? (Jung Kook) I found the same handwriting “You are my manager. Now and forever.” (j-hope) He’s doing all those tedious chores that the dance teacher made him to do… (Jung Kook) Yes. I’m the manager. (Rap Monster) He clearly favors him the most. (Jin) Look at this! “sigh..”! (Rap Monster) It’s about the toilet! (jimin) It’s about the toilet too! (Rap Monster) Am I only enough to get something about toilet?? (jimin) What about me?? Toilet?? (SUGA) I guess it’s because he loves the ones who are good at dance. (jimin) But mine is about the toilet! (j-hope) Captain Jeong! You are my energy. Yeah~ (Jung Kook) “You are my manager. Now and forever.” Yeah~ (Rap Monster) I want to be an intern. Intern! (Jin) Hey.. he wrote me just one syllable. (SUGA) Wow. Too much favoritism. Do you want to read one more? (Jung Kook) I think I know who it is. “Jungkook!” “Please get up when I wake you up in the morning. Sometimes I even feel scared cause you don’t move at all like a stone statue. Also, sleep in your bed.” (from Manager) (j-hope) Get up~ (Rap Monster) Sleep in your bed~ (SUGA) These days, Jungkook doesn’t sleep in his bed. (Rap Monster) He’s going through his phase. (SUGA) He piles up everything on his bed. There’s no space for him. So he sleeps in the room. (Rap Monster) He was sleeping in Jimin’s bed yesterday even. So Jimin had to sleep in the room. (j-hope) Why did you do that? (Jin) I saw it cause I woke up earlier than others. Jimin was sleeping like this in the room. (Rap Monster) Aww. That’s sad. (SUGA) You should apologize. (Jung Kook) I’m really sorry. (SUGA) That’s neat! (jimin) What is neat? (SUGA) Okay, I’ll read mine. What are you doing??? Here’s the same handwriting. “Take care of your health when you are young.” (j-hope) Don’t be sick. (V) I know what he’s talking about. (SUGA) I’m not sick all the time. (Rap Monster) Well, I think you should always take care of yourself. (SUGA) So I’m having lots of good food for my health. (jimin) Can you read this please? (SUGA) Alright. “SUGA, thanks for being so nice me. Haha I’ll beat you one day. I’m gathering the team for it already. Wait for it. You, the most stylish guy in Bangtan. ?Jimin” Well.. I’m going to read this one. “SUGA!” (……) Is this Japanese? (He can’t understand Japanese well) (Rap Monster) What is that? (j-hope) I wrote it! It’s me! Hwaitto (Hwaiting)! Cheers! (SUGA) I cannot read it. (Rap Monster) Use Korean! (SUGA) I cannot understand it! (j-hope) We are studying it these days! (Rap Monster) Even your handwriting is full of hope. (SUGA) Does it mean Hwaitto? I see… Let’s read one more. (j-hope) I’d love to know what Procuder Bang wrote. (SUGA) “To SUGA. Rebel. Old young. Genius?” (jimin) No way. (SUGA) This is from Producer Bang. “Because of you, BTS can be BTS. Thanks for your talent and keep it that way. I wish you could be an awesome artist. When will you write the title song?” Soon.. Very soon.. I will write one and show it to you. (j-hope) This is nice! I will read them one by one when I get home. (SUGA) Let’s read them all at home. (jimin) But, why everything on my board is about my look? (Jin) It is because you are handsome. (Jung Kook) You~ (All) Handsome~ (SUGA) Yes. You are. (Jin) You are good-looking. (SUGA) Yes, Jimin is really handsome. By the way, Jimin has been ranked 7th at “the handsomeness ranking” for twice in a low. Okay then, I’ll give some time for Jimin to rate it again. Cause I’m the Sup-D. (j-hope) Yeah! Do it! The man of Bangtan! The coolest guy from Busan! (jimin) So, I just say it now? (SUGA) Let’s start from the second place. (Rapmon and V got angry at JHope’s Aegyo) (jimin) Sit please. Second? Rapmon! Third! SUGA! (j-hope) This guy knows how to survive in the Jungle. If he puts me in the third place, Game set. (jimin) JHope is in the fourth! (Cheering) V is in the fifth! (jimin) The sixth!
(Jung Kook) Oh, look at his face. Jin! (Jin) You cannot do that to me with your face! (SUGA) So there’s the first and the seventh left. (V) It’s too personal. (jimin) Which one do you want to know first? (All) Seventh! (jimin) Jungkook! (SUGA) So, you are in the first place? That’s conscienceless. (Jung Kook) Our fans wouldn’t think the same way either. (V) You didn’t look at yourself in the mirror recently, did you? (jimin) What? I look into the mirror a lot. (Rap Monster) I support Jimin. He’s hansome. (SUGA) Jimin. You are the handsomest person in the world. (Rap Monster) Let’s make that ranking official for good. (jimin) I was always ranked at the bottom.. I want to be ranked at the top this time. (SUGA) Why don’t we make more rankings? (Rap Monster) I’d love to do it too! Dance Ranking! (j-hope) Um. But it’s too obvious. (Rap Monster) Dancing Ranking of BTS! Second place is… Jungkook! (jimin) Jungkook is the second? Who’s in the third place? (Rap Monster) You. (jimin) Ha! That doesn’t make sense! (Jung Kook) You can’t dance! (SUGA) Fourth? (Rap Monster) Of course, “Why are you shaking up my heart?” it’s V! (All) Fifth? (Rap Monster) It’s actually two. (j-hope) Who are they? (Rap Monster) SUGA and me. (SUGA) So, Jin is in the 7th place. (Jin) Well, I’m cool with it. (SUGA) But. Why. Do I have to be in the same place with Rapmon? (Rap Monster) I think you are overrated because of Jin and me. (SUGA) Honestly, I don’t like dancing. But when I do I’m really good at it. (V) You are? (Rap Monster) Too overrated. (SUGA) Okay. The thing is. I’m in the same place with you. That’s what makes me feel bad. (Rap Monster) SUGA is funny sometimes. People only look at you and me.. and Jimin to see his abs. People cannot really see us dancing because of you. (SUGA) He’s insulting us! Yellow card! We don’t like it! You now yellowcarded once. Red card! (j-hope) You are actually wearing them to do this? (SUGA) If you humiliate the DJ again, you’ll get one more yellow card and that’s when you get red carded. (jimin) Be carefull. I’m very insulted now. (j-hope) Anyway, we really dance hard. (jimin) But that really hurts! (j-hope) I asked the choreographer once. If Rapmon’s better than Jin or not. (V) What did she say? I want to know. (j-hope) She said it’s like choosing between your mom and your dad… (SUGA) Oh, right. Do you like mom or Dad? (j-hope) Me? I love both of them. (Jin) No, you only need to choose one of them. (j-hope) I love both of them. (j-hope) I love Rapmon and Jin. Both of you. (SUGA) No, you can only love one of them. (V) Look at the camera and say it. (Rap Monster) How come you like both? (SUGA) Well, from my perspective, I think Rapmon is a little bit better. (Jin) Wait. Can we turn off the camera for a second? (Rap Monster) You are too overrated. (Jin) Not even overrated!! (Rap Monster) It’s the “traffic control” dance. (SUGA) Well, we’ll fight after the commercials. (j-hope) The commercials? (SUGA) Yes. We now have the commercials. We’ll come back after them! (V) I know everything, everything that you did..! (SUGA) Secretly, and very privately! I got anonymous letters from everyone and it’s about other members, (All) Anonymous!?!?! (Rap Monster) Anonymous from Kwang-ju (SUGA) really got anonymous letters! ‘I can define him like this.’ ‘He is not what you think about him.’ ‘This guy has changed after the debut!” We’ll read them, but I promise that I will never release anyone’s identities. So, let’s read it one by one. Who wants to read the first one? (Jin) I will. Hello. No background music? I’m anonymous and I’m one of the dance leaders from Nonhyun, Seoul. (Rap Monster) There are so many of them! We will never know! This was a year ago, while we were all working on the new choreography for our title song “No more dream.” When we started learning the most important part of our choreography, which can be explained as “The Matrix.” and “The abs- showing- off”. We honestly thought, “What is wrong with our producer? Why does he force us to do that? Why do we have to show off our abs??” Oh, one thing you should know is, at the first version of the choreography, we all had to show off our abs. (Rap Monster) That was awful. And that made us to do so many things. We had to dance, we had to work out, and we had to control our diet! We were all struggling. However, one day, our dance teacher said “Guys!!” (V) What? Will you tell us after 60 seconds? (Jin) I’m sorry I’ll do it again. “Guys!! Jimin is the only one has to show his abs. That’s the producer’s order!” So, except Jimin, the rest of us were like, “Oh wow that’s nice. What a relief.” I still remember the depression and anxiety on Jimin’s face. “I really don’t know…” Even though Jimin was very worried, our rehearsal for “No more dream” kept going on anyway. From June 12th, when we first did our performance on the stage, people started talking about Jimin a lot. “Who’s that guy with the nice abs???” Even on the Internet, when we googled ourselves, the autocomplete suggested “Abs”, “The guy who shows his abs during the performance.” Yeah, people loved it a lot. As the audience reacted more passionately at his performance, Jimin began to change. I don’t know when that happened exactly but at last it seemed like he wasn’t embarrassed anymore. You know, at first he was like… “Nobody will notice me without my abs… I don’t want to do it…”. And these days he looks flirty while’s he’s showing off his abs, he even does his ‘sexy face’. At first he could only rolled up his shirt with his one hand very carefully cause he was really embarrassed and now he uses his two hands! Compared to the first performance, he’s enjoying it. Oh, and once he showed his abs to me at the rehearsal room with no reason and said “Hey JHope~~~~~ Don’t you think I’m hot????”. Well… ugh… if you listen to that with his strong Busan accent… you’ll definitely be speechless. I don’t know where’s my shy boy Jimin. Jimin..Yeah I always support you… However. No more nude when you are off stage!!!! (SUGA) Who is this? A Dance leader from Nonhyun? Jimin, can you show us that here? (Jung Kook) We want to see it! (j-hope) Haha he’s nervous. Just show your face. (SUGA) Look at the camera. (jimin) I’ll try. (Lalalalala~) (j-hope) What’s your dream? (jimin) What do you think it is? (Rap Monster)Are you upset? (Jin) Perv. (Rap Monster) He doesn’t seem to feel good. (SUGA) I remember he was really embarrassed at first. (Rap Monster) He even wanted to talk about it with me. He said he hated to show his abs. (SUGA) But when I saw him in the rehearsal room lately, he almost took off his shirt like this, as if he was doing a goal celebration. (j-hope) What were you doing? (Jung Kook) Low! (SUGA) Ah~ he’s very improved. (jimin) I didn’t really like it at first, but at some point I could get the better reaction from the audience. (j-hope) Eww. Go away. (SUGA) Yes, we now know Jimin Park is low. We are going to read the second story. (jimin) I’ll read it. (Jung Kook) Jimin, the low will read it. (jimin) Alright, I don’t know who this is.. There’s a guy, who thinks himself very cold, realistic and very smart. He stresses that all the time. When we are talking about the fashion, he always claims that he doesn’t buy anything too expensive, nagging about our fashion. He’s very self- assertive. He says that ‘being natural’ is the most important thing to be stylish wherever we are. Whenever he says that, he never misses nagging us like we are putting too much effort or we’ll feel very uncomfortable on the plane. But we actually laugh a lot in our sleeves when he says those things. BECAUSE! It looks so obvious that he’s the one who’s trying hardest amongst us! (Rap Monster) Man~~ today he’s the “Taeguk Warrior”. (SUGA) I think you guys misunderstood something! (jimin) I didn’t finish it yet! (SUGA) These are my pajamas! (jimin) I didn’t finish it yet! “Whenever he says that, we…” Oops, I read that part already. (j-hope) What are you doing? (SUGA) Why don’t you underline every sentence that you are done with? Here’s what happened when we were coming back to Korea from China. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses. You said you were wearing that cause you were worried of getting messier after the two hour flight… But hey… you started wearing that from when we were at the hotel…, at the restaurant… I thought you had a sty in your eye or something… Everyone was looking at you… And you know… when we were filming our dance practice video for “Just one day”, you were the one who tricked yourself the most. You don’t really wear the jean jacket when we are doing rehearsals… (Rap Monster) Normally people hardly wear the jean jacket when they are in rehearsal. I know you are usually in the sweat suit… Hahaha… I know you care a lot about your fashion. And I know you are very smart, too. SUGA, the Fashionable! I support your fashion. Ohhoho (j-hope) Who wrote it? (SUGA) I think you misunderstood with something. Guys, this is pajamas. (Jin) I’m going to see if you sleep in that tonight. (Rap Monster) So, the jean jacket is your sleepwear too. How many pajamas do you have? (SUGA) I have a lot. I sometimes wear a leather jacket. (V) Then what do you wear when you go out? (SUGA) Ugh.. Pajamas? Simple but also neat. (Jin) What if when you really have to dress up? (SUGA) A Suit? (Rap Monster) He thinks it’s funny too. (V) Ahha. Suits are not pajamas for you. (SUGA) Suits are for the family events. (j-hope) By the way, who wrote this? (jimin) I can guess. V! (j-hope) I think so too. It’s V. (Jimin) He is always envious of SUGA. (V) It’s hard to find someone who’s so stylish like SUGA. (SUGA) I want to tell you that I like clothes with no brand name too. They are comfy. I buy them a lot and use them as pajamas. So, who wants to read the next story? (Jung Kook) I’ll read it. j-hope always thinks that he’s very neat and clean. So he loves to scold Rapmon about it. Even Jin the mother of our house, recognized j-hope as a very clean guy. However, this happened when we were in dance rehearsal for “Boy In Luv”. After 10 hours of the rehearsal, we got home at 5 in the morning and nobody hesitated to take a shower even though we were all wrecked. (All) Everyone had a shower! Everyone! But it seemed like lazy JHope missed his timing to have a shower. Lying down on the bed, he was enjoying his web surfing time. (Rap Monster) Internet! With his laptop! So, everyone finished taking a shower, it was j-hope’s turn finally. So SUGA asked j-hope. (SUGA)”Hey, Don’t you want to take a shower?” He was just asking, you know. But j-hope looked as if he got insulted or something. (Rap Monster)”SUGA! You know I always take a shower! I’ll do it in five minutes! I can’t sleep without a shower!” (SUGA)”Ugh…. Alright… I see….” Well, after the small talk SUGA went to bed. And exactly after five minutes! We could find j-hope fell asleep with his laptop in his bed. I pointed at j-hope and told SUGA about it. Everyone was cracking up. “j-hope! You should wash yourself!” We tried really hard to wake him up but he was completely passed out. People. j-hope is the guy who falls asleep with no shower even though he’s sweaty after the dance rehearsal. He is just pretending to be neat and clean! (SUGA) I’ll tell you how it was. Everyone had a shower and was all ready to go to bed. I asked him if he’s not going to take a hower. He got upset because I asked him that. “Don’t you know me? I’m going to take a shower, definitely.” (Jung Kook) He says he gets sick if he doesn’t have a shower. (Rap Monster) “I’m going to take a shower in 5 minutes. 5minutes.” (SUGA) I dried my hair and came back to the room and found out that he’s asleep. (Jung Kook) Yeah, like this… (jimin) “If you ask me once more, I’m going to kill you.” (j-hope) I normally wash myself often. But on that day.. (Jin) Of course you have to wash yourself often. Don’t you?????? (j-hope) I really do! I’m clean. But.. on that day.. I was surprised too. (SUGA) I said “JHope, you said you cannot sleep if you don’t have a shower.” And he was like “I was shocked too!” (j-hope) I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning and took a shower at then. Ew. Why did I do that? I could remember what happened in the late night and washed myself perfectly. (SUGA) Now it’s our evening greetings. Don’t you take a shower? (jimin) The thing is, that happened again. (All) Really? (Rap Monster) Tell us. (jimin) Neh.. I’m just saying that happened. (SUGA) Oh okay. So you are saying that happened again? (jimin) Yes. (j-hope) Don’t make things up. (Rap Monster) Yeah. I think so too. That happened again. (jimin) Yup. For sure. (Rap Monster) He is just showing off. Hope? Psh. (j-hope) No! I’m clean! (Rap Monster) Oh. You wish. (Jung Kook) I’m the cleaneast guy here. (SUGA) We could find out that JHope was pretending to be clean at neat. What’s the next story? (Rap Monster) This is very.. about.. JHope. It’s from a 173cm anonymous guy. JHope, JHope, JHope, JHope has changed a lot. He’s bright and has become hopeful like his name. I think it’s because he is more loved than he was before the debut. He’s bright, he laughs a lot. Though it’s too much sometimes, he has good energy that affects everyone in a good way and I think he is awesome. So you might think he’s always nice and innocent. But… inside his smiley face, there’s an evil living there. (Jung Kook) Yeah I’ve seen it a lot. He winds me up all the time but never stop smiling even when he does that. But you can never punch someone who looks so happy like that. One day, I, who is 173cm was sleeping and all of a sudden he poked me and shook me saying (Jimin)”Jiminnnnnnn wake up and play with meeee!!!!!!” So I woke up. But right after I opened my eyes, he just grinned at me and went back to sleep like nothing happened. Ughhh!!! I can never say anything to him cause he’s older than me!! Once he told me he would give me a massage and started squeezing the back of my neck, and that got tighter and tighter!! He was smiling at then too!! At the end I was getting upset but he didn’t stop it. He was doing it even harder and said “This will relax your muscles.” When I was sitting down at the rehearsal room during the break, he head locked me. He hit me once and left the room so I looked at him with a serious face for a second. JHope, the timid, came to the room only after three seconds and gave me some mischievous hugs.. saying “Jimin! Are you upset at me? Are you??? You are not!!!! Aren’t you???” Chuckling hard, he left the room after 10 seconds. What should I do with him? (SUGA) JHope! I need your explanation! (Jung Kook) Whattttt? (jimin) Yeah he always talks about hope in front of you. (SUGA) Who do you think this is? (j-hope) Someone who is 173cm. There’s a guy in a bright shirt next to me. (Rap Monster) Yellow card. (SUGA) Give a yellow card to you. (Rap Monster) That’s so cute. (SUGA) Jimin, why did you write this? (jin) not to want him to tease me anymore..? (SUGA) You don’t want him to tease you anymore? That’s why? (jimin) I just want to tell everyone that I’m having a hard time. (SUGA) Actually it’s too much sometimes. (j-hope) SO CUTE! (SUGA) Yeah. He really teases him too much. (Rap Monster) I think he really hates JHope. In the letter he never calls him Hyeong (형: Older brother). (j-hope) Did you do it on purpose? (jimin) What? No. I think someone changed it. I wrote Hyeong before. (j-hope) It’s okay. It’s because you are so cute! AWW! (SUGA) Red Card. (Jin) I’m wondering what you would do if SUGA or I say “AWW!! SO CUTE!!! ” to you. (SUGA) Red Card. We’ll move on to the next story. (j-hope) I’ll read it. You might think… Rapmon is very awesome and a highly competent team leader. Of course he is. But as you might know, sometimes he’s very clumsy. He forgets and breaks. It’s actually more than he says about them on the shows or the interviews. Hahaha. He said that he just didn’t clean or accidentally broke things around him but it was because he was saying it on the show… actually he takes other people’s stuff! He loses his things! He eats other people’s food without telling them.. He doesn’t look so but he does so. One day I was looking for my iPad charger but couldn’t find it. So I had to look around everywhere. Finally, I went to Rapmon’s desk and of course I found it. So I brought it back to my place and put my name on it. On the next day, it was gone again! Yes. It was at Rapmon’s place again. I brought it back again and sneaked a look at it pretending that I was sleeping. Rapmon came into my room and used my charger for his phone with no hesitation. I didn’t know what to do. Rapmon, you can give my stuff back after using it… (SUGA) My opinion is, this happened to more than one person. (V) Actually, that happened to me too. He used my charger too. But there’s one more. (jimin) You wrote this? (SUGA) You mean, there’s one more incident happened but you couldn’t write it in the letter? Tell us. (V) Yes! It wasn’t in the lines. Lines? I mean, script. One day Rapmon lost his earphones. So he asked me if he could borrow mine for a day. I had only one pair of them but lent it to him, for a day. I said “Yes that’s fine. I don’t use it now.” (jimin) On the next day.. (V) Actually it was two months later. (Rap Monster) It’s less than two months. (V) Actually I asked him about my earphones before then. It was a week after he borrowed my earphones. (Rap Monster) I think it was after one month and a half. (SUGA) Let’s set it as fifty days. (V) Yes. After a week later I asked him. “Rapmon. Where are my earphones?” Then he said, “Where are they? Ah! Maybe it’s at the recording studio.” (SUGA) You know, he’s just faking it, acting like he doesn’t know anything. “Oh? Where is it?” (Rap Monster) I’m not! I’m terrible at acting anyway. (Jin) That’s why everyone knows. (SUGA) You are not good at acting. (Rap Monster) But.. (SUGA) We are listening to V now. (V) He told me that he was going to look it up. So I said “Okay. If you find them give it back to me.” But after a month, after ONE MONTH, when I asked him again he said, “Ugh. I couldn’t find it. I’ll buy you one. I’m sorry.” So I said, “It’s okay. I have another pair.” However, two months later I found out Rapmon was using my earphones that I lent him before. (Rap Monster) He forgot. (V) He forgot? (j-hope) FORGOT?? (SUGA) Well, that means you stole it, Rapmon. “It’s time to explain” (V) Look at the camera. (Rap Monster) I used Jungkook’s charger~ but I didn’t bring it to anywhere. I just picked it up from the bed next to me and used it for a second. In the morning I put them back. (Jung Kook) You didn’t (Rap Monster) Sometimes.. (V) Sometimes? (SUGA) Tell us the truth! (Rap Monster) I once lost Jungkook’s charer but I bought him a new one. I showed my good faith. I tried to do my best! and I really bought new thing for him. (V) Theen what about my earphones? (Rap Monster) About the earphones, it was the brown one, I honestly didn’t know. I really lost it for a while and found it under my bed. I think it’s two days before V was looking for it. It was there, so I was just.. What is this? Maybe I hid them here to use it in the future. What a great timing. V saw me picking that up. “Huh? That’s mine!” So I gave it back to him. (SUGA) Oh well. Guys. (Rap Monster) Write your name on it. I think you should do it on your earphones too. Okay? (SUGA) Well, we are going to talk about that after we listen to one song. (j-hope) If I lose you, miss, right? – Miss Right – (SUGA) We read the letters! You might think it’s weird that some of us didn’t get any letters. Nothing for Jin and V. But, actually, for your social reputation and image, I left it out. There’s none for Jungkook too. You know he’s underage. (Jung Kook) Yeah there was nothing for me. (SUGA) Well, he is consistent. Always going through his awkward phase as a teen.
(Rap Monster) I don’t know how long it will last. But seems like Jungkook’s trying something these days. (jimin) He’s working out hard. Because he’s a pig (SUGA) Yeah. He’s working out, and also trying hard on guitar. (Jung Kook) I stopped working out these days.. (jimin) I see I see. (SUGA) Jungkook’s graduation was not long ago. (Jin) Speaking of which. There’s something we should talk about. (Jung Kook) Sweet and sour pork! (Jin) He knows something! (j-hope) Jungkook paid for us after a long time! (V) Oh, Wait! (All) What is it? (V) We’ll be back after the commercials. -BTS KKUL FM 06.13- Logo song #Hookgayo (SUGA) High-quality-self-produced radiobroadcast, KKUL FM. This is DJ SUP-D. (j-hope) Now we have our own logo song. (Jung Kook) That’s amazing. We’ve come a long way! (SUGA) Oh wait. I think we owe the listners an apology. When we were talking about sweet and sour pork, We said it was Jungkook’s graduation. (Jung Kook) But it was actually the entrance ceremony. (V) Who did that? (j-hope) Somebody doesn’t care~ (SUGA) We cannot blame it on anybody. It’s the script. (Rap Monster) Scriptwriter! (SUGA) As you can see, it says “Jungkook’s graduation.” We are very sorry. (Jung Kook) We do apologize for the scriptwriter. (SUGA) High-quality-self-produced radiobroadcast, KKUL FM. This is DJ SUGA SUGA SUP-D. It is the time for ‘Dare you tell me the truth’. (SUGA) There was our logo song before the new segment. What do you think? (jimin) It’s so nice. Who’s doing MMMHWA~ at the end? (V) No~ it was MMHHWAA~ (j-hope) Hey! You’d better stop it. (Rap Monster) BTS 🙂 (SUGA) We gathered questions from everyone. Five from each. While some of them look like they actually come up with the pure curiosity,others makes me wonder why. These questions are well… I can say they are out there. But you should answer them honestly. For the person who is not honest or didn’t answer, there will be a penalty. (V) What is it? (SUGA) Something you guys would really hate. You can count on it. So who should get the questions first? (Jung Kook) V! (SUGA) Okay, we’ll start it from V. Anyone have a question for V? (jimin) I have! So I brought this toy hammer. (SUGA) Alright, You have to answer back in three seconds. Jimin will do it. Remember. If you don’t respond fast enough, you’ll be hit by the toy hammer. You can start it when I say Si~Jak (Start)! Si~Jak! 1.Are you not going to learn standard language? 1.Are you not going to learn standard language? No 2. How long is your ear? 2. How long is your ear? No 3. Are you a fool or not? 3. Are you a fool or not? No 4.Of all the hair colors that you did, which one do you like the best?
(Jin) Why are you hitting him? Um…ugh. Purple one. 5.People say that you are from the ‘fourth dimension’. Have you ever acted weirder than usual because of that? Or not? Yes (SUGA) You didn’t follow the rule! Give yourself a yellowcard. You’ll get hit once. Q. What is your underwear color you wear now? (V) How dare you!! (SUGA) Next one!! (j-hope) I want to do it! I’m THOR! I’M J-HOPR! (Rap Monster) What? Not funny (j-hope) It was not? I’m going to ask Jimin. (jimin) Are you guys hitting me again? (SUGA) I’ll count three after the each question. Start! 1. What’s in your eyehole? 1. What’s in your eyehole? Fat 2. You said that you don’t do Aegyo , but you’ve done it before because people say that you are cute. Or not? Yes 3.Where did the muscle come from? 3.Where did the muscle come from? Hope..? (JHope) (Rap Monster) Hit him~ 4. If you have to choose either JHope who’s winding you up all the time these days or Junkook who never listens to you and ranked on 7th place at ‘handsomeness ranking’. Who would it be? Jungkook!! 5.Who’s the less favorite member to go to a desert island with? JHope!! (Jin) What? I couldn’t understand what you were saying. (SUGA) Okay. We’ll talk about it later. Who want to do it next? (Rap Monster) Me! I’ll ask JHope. (j-hope) Are you going to kill me with that? (SUGA) Start! 1. What’s your phone wallpaper? Alsdkfjalf?!? 2. Sometimes you want to stop hoping, don’t you? No! 3. You really care about Jimin. Would you get forehead flick on behalf of him? Nope! 4. When did you get upset the most in 2014? Ummm… 5. As a dance chief, there’s Park. V and Kook are the managers. Who can be an intern for Dance? Ugh…Jin. (SUGA) Hmm.. About your phone wallpaper.. we’ll skip it. Sometime you want to stop hoping? (j-hope) Nope! (SUGA) Why not? Why not? (j-hope) You should take a positive view of life. As long as “AMRY” is with us, I’ll be hoping for all my life. (SUGA) I see. You really care about Jimin. Would you get forehead flick on behalf of him? (j-hope) No, never. (SUGA) As a dance chief, there’s Park. V and Kook are the managers. Who can be an intern for Dance? Why did you say Jin? Why? (j-hope) I couldn’t come up with anything.. (SUGA) Who wants to go for it? (Jung Kook) I want to do it. Hey Rapmon! (V) Rapmon? Really? (SUGA) Here we go. Ready, Start! 1. Are you not going to get a tan anymore? 1. Are you not going to get a tan anymore? No, I won’t (Rap Monster) I said I won’t!! I won’t!! (SUGA) He said “I won’t”! Why did you hit him? (V) You know he answered but you just want to hit him automatically, right? (Rap Monster) Man, think. (SUGA) Here’s the question number two. (Jung Kook) I cannot help it. 2. Why do you yell while you are yawning? 2. Why do you yell while you are yawning? I don’t know either. 3. Who do you feel the hardest to deal with as the leader of the team? Kook (Jungkook) 4. Of all the things that you’ve lost, which one do you want to find the most? My mobile (j-hope) Hit him! 5. Of all of us, who’s life would you want to live for a day? 5. Of all of us, who’s life would you want to live for a day? SUGA! (SUGA) You won’t get yourself a tan anymore? (Rap Monster) I’ve done it enough. (SUGA) Why did you choose Jungkook? (Rap Monster) It’s the hammer. (SUGA) You said you wanted to live as SUGA for a day. (j-hope) Why? (jimin) Yeah, why? (Rap Monster) I’m very curious about his mental world. (jimin) You being SUGA can’t help you with understanding his mental world. (SUGA) Jimin Park. Please stop talking. (Rap Monster) Yellow Card. (SUGA) I’m not just SUGA. This is SUP-D. Let’s move on to the next questions. (Jin) I want to do it. (SUGA) Who do you want to ask? (Jin) Jungkook. (SUGA) Ready, Start! 1. You actually love to be flat and rebel, don’t you? No 2. When you practice girl-group dance, how many times do you watch their videos? 100 times? Twice 3. Why do you sing at someone’s ear? No reason why 4. What was the best webtoon that you read recently? Adlak;lsf Ugh.. What was it? 5. Who do you like the most amongst us? (Jin..Jimin..) (SUGA) The worst thing about this is, (j-hope) It hurts my ears. (SUGA) You actually love to be flat and rebel. You said you don’t? (Jung Kook) It’s my personality. So I cannot say that I love to be like that or not. (SUGA) Oh, so you are originally like that. You said you only watch girl-group dance video twice when you practice it.. (Jung Kook) Neh. In fact I watch it more than 10 times. 20times? (SUGA) Next questions~ I will ask Jin. Start! 1. What is the length of your shoulders? How do I know??? 2. The hardest choreography and the easiest one are? N.O/ Boy In Luv 3. To be honest, if Rapmon was not the team leader, he’s under your feet? Yes. 4. You are the ‘dance machine’ of the team. You can make any dance performance for “Army”, don’t you? No 5. Who is the one you can wake up easily in the morning? SUGA (Rap Monster) It’s about the person you can wake up easily. (Jin) SUGA is the only one that I don’t have to wake up. (SUGA) But it’s about “easily to wake up”. (j-hope) Ughhh. That’s what’s up. (SUGA) It’s time for an explanation. What is the length of your shoulders? (Jin) How.. Who actually measure them? What is the length of your shoulders?? (SUGA) I think they are 52 cm. (Jin) Oh I measured it once. 60cm? (Rap Monster) Taehwan Park’s shoulders are 48cm. (SUGA) In fact, I always fold them. I can spread them out if I want. Entering the house, my shoulders get twice wider than usual. (Jin) I haven’t seen it (SUGA) Only well-behaved people can see it. (j-hope) I can see them. (SUGA) He can’t see it. (j-hope) He’s not a good person. (SUGA) The next one was, to be honest, if Rapmon was not the team leader, he’s under your feet? (Jin) Well, that’s actually.. (SUGA) We are going to talk about that after we finish this. You are the dance machine of Bangtan. But why can’t you make a dance performance for “ARMY”? (j-hope) Why not? That’s for “ARMY”! (Rap Monster) Why not? I can do that. (Jin) Can you? Well.. I’m not a good dancer. (SUGA) What? Rapmon will make one? Wow!! (j-hope) We caught you Rapmon!! (SUGA) Who’s next? (jimin) I’ll do it. (V) Um. It’s my turn but if he’s not doing well, you can hit him. That’s what you want, right? (SUGA) Ready~~ Start! 1. To be honest, you think you can do better if you were the team leader? No 2. If you were a girl, who would you go on a date with? (Jin) Me 3. What’s the name of the drama that SUGA has watched these days? My love from another star. 4. You always pull someone’s leg, do you know you are always childish? I know I know. (V) You know? (Rap Monster) You are not good at this at all. 5. What is the longest time you’ve lied down doing nothing? 24 hours (V) Really? (Jin) No, it must be 48 hours. (SUGA) No, I said 24hours. I think you heard something wrong. Let’s look at the questions carefully. To be honest, if I were a team leader.. Hmm Rapmon can do it better anyway. “If you were a girl, who would you go on a date with?” I actually thought that was a pretty odd sentence. If it was “If you were a girl, who would you choose one of us to go on a date with?” I could’ve answered it back immediately. Who would I go on a date with if I were a girl? (Jin) Man. (SUGA) Yeah, I would date a man. Hmm..the longest time I’ve ever lied down doing nothing.. I didn’t really care enough to think about it. (SUGA) That was the Q&A time. Now we are going to point the one person who didn’t reply well! (Jin) But I don’t remember anything. (j-hope) Just point at anyone you want. (one two three) (SUGA) Yay! So it’s Jimin. So there are 5 penalties available. (jimin) But as I heard there’s one like “Get kiss from Jimin” (SUGA) You know you cannot do it to yourself. There are five of them. So you can choose one. (jimin) I love number 3. (SUGA) That’s.. “Get kiss from Jimin.” (jimin) Oh..not that one. I’ll choose one again. I’m a man. So. I’ll go with number one. (SUGA) “Make a late night meal and deliver it to our room.” Let’s keep a log when Jimin comes to Bangtan room with a night meal. (Rap Monster) But I don’t think I want to eat that. (V) Jimin’s good at cooking. (SUGA) Well, we are done with the weird questions. Which one should be the last song? (Jung Kook) I want to be your OPPA~ (SUGA) We’ll come back after “The man”! ~Boy In Luv~ (SUGA) Now it’s time to finish up. Before, we only did this on national holidays or on special days but it was Bangtan’s birthday today! I think that makes it more special. So, we wanted to show you guys more about us, and tried to prepare more carefully. How was it? (j-hope) Let’s talk about it. (V) How about starting it from Jimin? (SUGA) What do you think of our first birthday? (jimin) A year. Our first anniversary. I feel kind of weird now. However, there are more things you’ll see from us. You can count on us. You know I’ve changed a lot! (j-hope) You didn’t think of anything. (SUGA) No! he didn’t~ What about you, JHope? (j-hope) You know, the first anniversary is. (jimin) Let’s see how much he prepared for this. (j-hope) You know, if you spend the first anniversary day with your lover, you feel really happy. I’m spending this special day with Bangtan and “ARMY”. (jimin) Oh, you’ve got something to say? (j-hope) I’m really really happy now. The first year anniversary? There will be the second year, third year, fifth year, and the centenary year. Maybe we’ll be able to celebrate our 600th birthday. (j-hope) I want it to be forever. (SUGA) I see I see (j-hope) Let’s go together!! (SUGA) Okay.. (Rap Monster) You go. (SUGA) How about you Jin? (Jin) One year is pretty long. I’m very grateful that I could spend a year together with my friends here and I’m very happy to spend more time with you guys. Thank you so much. (SUGA) Rapmon? (Rap Monster) I like “Maple story” (Jin) Me too. (Rap Monster) There are events that they hold every year for their birthday. You get more exp hack and you get more chances to fight with mobs. (Rap Monster) Like one of those events, we prepared lots of things. I hope you guys are having fun as if you are with us. I wish you could enjoy this meaningful day. (j-hope) If I kill a monster, do I get an item? YAP! (Jung Kook) Rap Monster (Got him) (j-hope) The love from “ARMY”? Item obtained. (SUGA) V, do you want to talk about it? (V) It’s been a year. But I think this is the beginning. (j-hope) This is the beginning? (V) I think it feels more than yesterday.. (SUGA) I’m going to translate it for you. “It feels like it’s only been a day that we made our debut.” (Jimin) what..? (SUGA) It feels like it’s only been a week or something that we made our debut. But we’ll try harder and show our best. (j-hope) That’s neat! (SUGA) It’s a language V speaks. (V) We’ll do our best. Please be with us forever. (SUGA) Yeaa, forever. Jungkook? (Jung Kook) Thanks for your love for a year. I really appreciate it. We’ll do our best. (j-hope) Yes we will. (SUGA) It’s our first year anniversary. It’s neither a long time nor a short time. So to speak, one year’s in gray zone. However, it’s going to be two years, three years, 10 years and 20 years. I think we are going to be together for a long time. Until we hit those big numbers, I wish all of Bangtan members and “ARMY” could be together. We’ll be enormously big at the end. I’ll pray for that. (jimin) I want to say one more thing. For a year, even though we were not with you all the time, you were always there supporting us.I know it’s not easy. I really appreciate it. I sometimes feel really sorry that we cannot be with you all the time. But I hope we can share much more love. (SUGA) I heard Rapmon is going to spread a super special amazing news to “ARMY”.What is it?? (Rap Monster) What a lovely day!! We cannot just skip it like this! So, tonight, 8 o’clock on June 13th! Not in the morning!! 8PM! Our new song will be released! It’s about celebrating our first birthday. 8 o’clock. 8 o’clock. (j-hope) We put a lot and a lot of effort into it. So just wait for it and listen to it!! The name of the song is? (Rap Monster) so 4 more! (jimin) You can count on it~ (SUGA) Now it’s time to finish. (V) Why? (j-hope) Already? (Jung Kook) I thought we just started it. (Jin) It was fun. (Rap Monster) It’s the beginning~ (SUGA) Yes. It’s time to say goodbye. The special radio show for our first birthday is almost finished. It’s sad. But! We’ll be back. You’ll see some good changes. This was SUGASUGASUGASUGA SUP-D and BTS. The new song will be realsed on our blog. (Rap Monster) Oh, and I was a bit childish there, I’m really happy that we can spend the first year anniversary together. We prepared lots of things for celebrating it. I wish you could have enjoyed your time with us. Please do keep supporting us. This was SUP-D and BTS. (All) Thank you!

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