BTS “Congrats on your 5th anniversary!!” [The Return of Superman/2018.11.11]

(In this very moment, we’re so thankful to meet you.) (My parenting ability wasn’t on par) (with the love I had for you.) (But you always rewarded me with pride.) (Ever since becoming your father,) (every day is a miracle.) (The families of The Return of Superman) (have grown together with love.) (The Return of Superman Fifth Anniversary) (Since 2013) (Congratulations on your Fifth Anniversary) (Time sure flies.) (However, someone seems missing.) (You can’t leave us out.) (The triplets have returned.) Are you ready? – Yes. / – Yes. All right. Make your introductions. Hello. We are Daehan, Minguk – and Manse. / – And Manse. The Return of Superman is five now. You mean it’s five years old. (I see.) It is The Return of Superman’s – fifth year anniversary. / – Fifth year anniversary. Dad, my legs are about to run out of energy. I might have to sit down. (Triplet’s TV) (Eventually…) Hello. We are Daehan, Minguk and Manse. No, you can’t do that. Hold on. Hello. We are Daehan, – Minguk and Manse. / – Minguk and Manse. Don’t make a silly voice like that, Minguk. Guys, we have to remember the lines. – I think we have to do it again, Dad. / – Do it again. Hello. We are – Daehan, Minguk and Manse. / – Minguk and Manse. (Winking) Sit down properly. Hello, we are Daehan, Minguk and Manse. It is now The Return of Superman’s fifth year anniversary. The fifth year. Now, let’s all sing “Happy Birthday”. (The triplets used to be like little chicks.) (Now they sing “Happy Birthday” as little gentlemen.) (After making their introduction,) (No. 2 and 3 vacate the scene.) (We can’t just end like this. Encore!) (Oh, this song is…) (They melted viewers’ hearts with this scene.) (It was a therapeutic song for the nation.) (Let’s all forget our hardships) (Just kind and happy moments) (will be the only memories filling my head) Happy birthday, The Return of Superman. – Two, three. Bullet. / – Proof. – Hello. We are BTS. / – Hello. We are BTS. The Return of Superman’s fifth anniversary… The Return of Superman’s fifth anniversary… – Fifth anniversary. / – Fifth anniversary. – Fifth anniversary. / – Fifth anniversary. (Many stars have sent their congratulations.) It’s already… The fifth anniversary. – Was it for the both of us? / – Wasn’t it? – Look there. / – Well, congratulations. Congratulations on your fifth anniversary. I sincerely congratulate your fifth anniversary. Seola, Sua and Sian, are you all well? Stay healthy and listen to your father. Thanks to your concerns and support, our children are growing up very well. I was the narrator since episode one. I’ve met with all our dear viewers for a while. My daughters were briefly featured as well. Time certainly flies. Sion’s birth was broadcast on TV, and look how much he has grown. I hope the show will continue as a long-term national program. We love you. (It’s been a while, folks.) (Juwoon was once a little baby.) (Now he’s already a toddler.) We made a lot of good memories on The Return of Superman. Please keep going until every father becomes Superman. As a father myself, I’ve gained a lot of childcare tips. It’s a show that demonstrates how precious family is. Thank you for showing us the development of such adorable children. – Siha is so adorable. / – Yes. Naeun too. – Gosh. Naeun. / – Seungjae too. If Youngja’s first relationship hadn’t failed, she would have a son like you. – Am I young enough to be her son? / – Yes. – You’re going overboard. / – Sorry. Congratulations on The Return of Superman’s – fifth year anniversary. / – Congratulations! William and Bentley are so cute. Don’t grow up. – What are you saying? / – I’m sorry. – Well, I understand you. / – You do? We always wish that they don’t grow up too. (Please continue to love and support) (The Return of Superman.) For five years, we’ve been touched watching the children grow up. We hope the show will continue on until the 10th and 20th anniversaries. Sian, we really enjoyed your cover of our dance. Let’s meet up soon. (BTS and Sian, coming soon) Sian, Seola, Sua, William, Bentley, Seungjae, Siha, Bonbi, Naeun and Gunhoo. Grow up well as you guys are now. It’s been five years since The Return of Superman first aired. Aside from the strenuous work involved with raising a child, introducing a new being to society is the most noble thing a person can do. To all Korean parents, we all salute you. The Return of Superman. Let’s go, The Return of Superman. – Let’s go. / – Congratulations. (Let’s go, The Return of Superman.) Gosh, this is amazing. (Lee Suji and Jo Yoonhee are joining the show) (starting this week.) Hello. I’m actor Lee Donggun’s wife and 10-month-old Roa’s mother, actress Jo Yoonhee. Hello, I’m soon-to-be-married December bride, Lee Suji. Congratulations on your fifth year anniversary. Congratulations. Yoonhee, if Lee Donggun is to be featured on the show, what would he show us? Well, our child is a daughter, so he absolutely dotes over her. He plays with her well like her friend. – How cute she must be. / – I know. I get jealous. – Really? / – Yes. My daughter is probably the same age as Bentley. – Is that so? / – Yes. I always watch him and predict that my daughter will behave the same way soon – as I watch the show. / – Do you mean like… “I think she’ll get on top of the table soon.” You can figure out what you don’t want her to do. – Right. / – That’s not bad. It’s a very touching moment right now. Now let’s continue our conversation as we watch the episode. Okay. Let’s go. (Shining stars and darkness subside.) Last night’s harsh weather is gone. Today, we expect perfect weather for their journey to Mount Paektu. (The morning of the climb.) The Return of Superman, Fifth Anniversary Special. From Mount Halla to Mount Paektu, the second story begins now. (“From Mount Halla to Mount Paektu”) Everything lives and breathes on Mount Paektu. It is currently 7 a.m. Everyone in the team is currently asleep. I slept well. (Who has awoken first?) – Sian is the first to wake. / – He’s quite diligent. (He looks back on the trip so far.) (After riding a plane,) (he arrived in China.) (I think I rode another plane.) Where are we? (Come to think of it…) (We arrived at the airport at night.) – His memory stopped. / – Right. He was knocked out. He’d been sleeping since he arrived. He doesn’t remember. Gosh. Are we at Mount Paektu? What did everyone do last night? Did they play without me? I slept early to go to Mount Paektu. That’s why I slept. Why isn’t anyone getting up? Oh, right. Paektu swag. Seungjae, Sian and Seoeon. He’s preparing breakfast. Gosh, he’s so nice. He’s preparing for each of them. Here. I’m done. I think they’ll all like it. Is someone awake? It’s Seoeon. He’s awake. Look. (I prepared chocolate milk.) Did you sleep well? Yes. Hurry up and drink this. (He grabs one and begins to drink.) No, that’s Seungjae’s spot. Seoeon drank Seungjae’s. Oh, my. That’s Seungjae’s spot. (That’s his milk too.) – What’s wrong? / – That’s… Your spot is there, Seoeon. That’s your spot. – And this is… / – Okay. (What?) – He’s definitely older. / – He’s cool. (It’s definitely different with a brother.) – He’s dazed. / – It caught him off guard. Are you aching anywhere, Seoeon? No. Your spot is here, Seungjae. (Keeping the spot) Did you sleep well, Seungjae? (His disheveled look is testimony of last night.) (Coughing) (Are you already in poor condition?) Did you catch a cold? Yes. When? (When was it?) I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Mount Paektu is cold. Did you go to Mount Paektu yesterday? No, I didn’t. But I caught a cold. We’re going today. I’m going to go up faster than a car. I’m going to ride a rocket up. Then I’ll ride a plane. Hey, airplanes are slow. (Expressing how slow airplanes are) I’ll ride a jet. (Blazing on) A motorcycle for me. It’s really slow. (This is how slow it is.) And the tire can fall off. Oh, no. It fell off. (I see.) He’s so cute. (I learned something else today.) How old are you again? Goodness. You don’t even know that? You’re five years old. What about me? You’re six. What do you learn when you’re six? Korean and… I learn Korean too. Hey. Five-year-olds can’t learn Korean. (If you say so, then you’re right.) My goodness. – So there are steps. / – Seojun’s still asleep. He’s a sleepyhead. He called him a sleepyhead. Here he comes. Why are you up so late? I didn’t wake up late. (The last member, Seojun is awake.) I think he’s still dazed. Come over here. – You come too. / – Now, it’s time. They’re waking them up. Daughters sure are different from sons. Daughters usually wake you up with a kiss. Boys get boisterous. The bouncy springs wake you up. (Let’s wake up Uncle Minho too.) They have tons of experience doing that. It’s impossible not to wake up. Seriously. You don’t need an alarm. – Okay. / – We’re awake.

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  2. I get you guys were excited to see BTS, but remember… the babies and fathers are the main characters of the show. It’d be disrespectful if you watched the video just to see BTS 🙁

  3. Jimin-ssi why you greet them like your voice small,and also congrats to return of the Superman and also bangtan you guys have win so many awards this year, stay healthy all also the army the fan Of the return of the superman

  4. Ahhhhh!!!!!! They also proud of sian beside sian already dance cover their song awwwwwww,you have many fans sian also bts fanboying you..

  5. Yo solo veia el programa por los gemelos, los trillizos y Sarang.
    Pero ya no estan mas en el programa💔😭
    Asi que ya no lo veo


  7. OMO im watching dis for d 100th time but i still cant believe it dat BTS reacted 2 sians bst im literally crying i hope BTS will meet all d lil cute guyz especially naeun nd gunhoo btw any1 in 2019??

  8. I want BTS, Twice, Somi, IU, Park Hyung Sik, Go Ara, Park Seo Joon, Choi Minho, BlackPink etc. to meet SianxSeolaxSua, Naeun, SoeulxDaeul, HeeYul/JamJam, WilliamxBentley etc. in an upcoming episode!!! EEEEE😍

  9. Omg BTS r on hiatus for 2 months, hopefully one of those days they come visit Sian before he leaves😭😭

  10. BTS AND SIAN MEET PERFECT MATCH Seola Sua and Sian loves BTS and they dance to it too even Sian took a pair of glasses to look like a BTS member

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