BTS Get Scared by a Fangirl

We’re back with the biggest
boy band in the world, BTS. OK, you guys, I know
it’s very exciting. There’s the close proximity. So it’s good to see you. And you’ve changed now. I have to get you to
introduce yourselves again. Because you used to
have different hair. Right. All right, who’s who? Yeah. Hi, I’m RM. I’m kind of like a spokesperson,
and the leader for this group. All right. Yup. Yeah, Hi, I’m V. [CHEERS] Good to see you again. I’m your hope, you’re my heart. J-Hope. Hi, I’m Suga. [CHEERS] What’s up? [CHEERS] Hello. [CHEERS] My name is Jin. Hello. [CHEERS] I’m [INAUDIBLE]. All right. So you learned English–
last time you were here you were telling me you learned
English by watching Friends. Of course. And then you came on the lot
and you surprised some fans when you went to the set, right? Yes. Was that fun? It was a real set. Yeah. So I was like sitting on
the couch and, Rachel. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, Ross. Wow. So it was so fun. [CHEERS] [INTERPOSING VOICES] Awesome. We were very excited. Yeah, we did that. Surprise! Yeah, we done that. That was so funny. Funny. Yeah, we done that. So you went to the
Billboard Awards again. That’s where you
made your debut. So what was it like
to go back and to have this kind of success and go
back to the Billboard Awards? Well, we always dreamed about
performing at the BBMAs. Yeah. [CHEERS] It was a dream come true. It was really special. It was really fun. Yeah. [CHEERS] Your fans are called the army. Yes. Do you have anything
to say to your fans? [SPEAKING KOREAN] [INAUDIBLE] I love you. [CHEERS] And I have to ask– I’m going to ask this question
for all of the young ladies sitting here. Is anyone– [CHEERS] You don’t even know what
the question is yet. Is anyone here dating? Well– Do you have a girlfriend? Oh. Me. Pick me. Ellen. I want to– I want to tell you– [CHEERS] I bet she has. My thanks to you now like
every Koreans know what the word [INAUDIBLE] means now. Oh, yeah? Yeah, because last time
you asked the question. I see. Yes. Wow, that’s because of me? That’s wonderful. Yes. That is wonderful. It is wonderful. Well, y’all are wonderful. I appreciate you being here. You can go to ellentube. You can watch another song from
BTS if you go to ellentube. And I also want to say– [SCREAMING] Oh, whoa, wow. Wow. [CHEERS] [INTERPOSING VOICES] [LAUGHTER] I want to say– [SCREAMING] Whoa, whoa, wow. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. [SCREAM] [SHOUT] [BLEEP] God [BLEEP]

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  1. 0:38 jungkook said the same think like jimin when bts was for the first time on Ellen "nice to meet you GUY" 😂 but whatever..

  2. THE BIGGEST BOYBAND IN THE WORLD THAT CAME TO ELLEN JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR TALENT AND THEIR WORK HARD not for the promotion by their agency and give ellen money and tryin so hard to enjoy it lol

  3. Am i the only one who notice that their sitting arrangement are the same with their previous Ellen's interview.


  5. Ellen just mentioned they're the biggest boy band in the group and made them introduce themselves just because their hair changed… DO THEY HAVE THE SAME FACE… That's RACIST…
    They obviously have different faces and you could've studied who's who just for 5 minutes…

  6. "Well we always dreamed about performing at the BBMAS, so it was dream come true. It was really special. It was really fun."

    ISTG. If that aint the cutest sentence that has ever been spoken in all English by this boy

  7. 3 things:
    No cheers for RM ☹️
    RM casually changing the subject from dating 😹😹😹. Honestly tho I hope they are dating and are happy with whoever they’re with. And if they wanna be single pringles like me that’s okay too as long as they’re happy

  8. RM at 3:32 : "It was a humor right?" He sounded concerned whether it was planned or not (probably for the safety of the members ig?).

  9. Ok…I opened this because I like when Ellen scare people…but then I got distracted, I paused the video for a while, when I came back I forgot about the scaring part and I actually jumped with them 😂😂

  10. BTs member: a-

  11. I can't believe that BTS actually came on TheEllenShow!
    Btw, who's here in October 2019?
    1 Like= you're a 1× BTS fan💙💚💛💜

  12. yall heard my uwus bust out when taehyung said really special and really fun and how namjoon smiled i almost cried peak baby culture

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