BTS: Invitation To the Set w/ Peter Dinklage | My Dinner with Herve | HBO

I have a real story for you,
Junior. And this story could be the one
that make your name. ♪ (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS) ♪My Dinner with Hervéis a story
of Hervé Villachaize,who is a painter, poet, actor,really grabbed life
by the throat. Hervé was one of the biggest
TV’s stars of the 1980’sinFantasy Islandin the role
of Tattoo.
De plane! De plane! It’s inspired by something
that happened to me in the early 90’s.
I was sent on assignment by a British newspaper
to interview Hervé Villachaize. What is this incredible story
of yours, then? Ask me a question. PETER DINKLANGE:
Jamie Dornan, incredible actor,
plays Danny Tate.
We meet Danny
at a very desperate time,sort of finally
gets this one chance
to prove himself
and has the wildest night of his life with Hervé. (TIRES SCREECHING) As a viewer, you’re
in the interviewer’s chair. That’s what’s really the great
thing about this story. Tell me what it felt like,
to have made it. Being famous is like
being drunk, except the whole world
is drunk with you. As an actor, you want to work
with the greatest actors in the world,
and Peter does not disappoint. JAMIE DORNAN:He’s been on this,
ten, twelve years
that he’s been developing this
with Sacha. DINKLAGE:It’s been wild.
I feel like we’ve talking
about this for so long.
Now we’re on set and he’s actually directing me
and giving me notes. -And action!
-(AUDIENCE CHEERS) We’re creating, like,
the glossiness of Hollywood, juxtaposed with, like,
the mess of real life. It’s like a whirlwind. SACHA GERVASI:
Our intention is to try
and put something good
into the world and make people think about
what it means to judge. DORNAN:This is a film
about finding the courage
to shatter the fantasy
and own our truth. DINKLAGE:We don’t make movies
about dull flames,
we make movies
about bright flames,and he was one of them.♪ (UPBEAT MUSIC CONTINUES) ♪

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  1. i bet you anything that if someone would of asked dinklage 10 years ago to do a " look boss the plane, the plane" he would of dick punched them and been offended. now today for money he is doing a movie about him with andy garcia. lol

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