Bubble Guppies’ Special Happy Birthday Song 🎂 | Nick Jr. Music

Nick Junior wishes you
a fin-tastic birthday! – What time is it?
– ♪ It’s time for your birthday! ♪ ♪ A fin-tastic guppy birthday! ♪ ♪ You’ll have a whale of a time
Deep down in the sea! ♪ – ♪ At your bubble guppie birthday! ♪
– Happy birthday! Let’s get this party started! Yeah, we’ll all do it, together. Yes! ♪ Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you! ♪ ♪ From all your friends at Nick Junior ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ We rocked it! ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ For party ideas, a free birthday call
and more, go to nickjrbirthdayclub.com

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  1. Happy birthday to you
    Lucky birthday to me
    Kimi ga sukisa ichi ban sukisa ima kimi ni omedetou
    Happy birthday to you
    Lucky birthday to me
    Dokodema doa wa ake ute mo chio toji deba akeru you

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