Buck Has Dinner With Bobby & Athena | Season 3 Ep. 4 | 9-1-1

So I told that lawyer
off big time, you know? I said, you’re not
going to get me to sign any
affidavit that blames the 1-8 team for anything. Appreciate that. Please. The nerve of that guy! To think I would
turn on my friends. Unh-uh. Hoo! I missed your cooking, Cap. Well, I missed your eating. Never had to worry
about leftovers. – Collard greens?
– Oh, no! Not for me. Uh, I can’t eat those. Not while I’m on the blood
thinners– too much vitamin K. Oh! Well, it sounds
like you’re taking your health very seriously. I figure the
better I manage this, the sooner I can
go back to work. Well, that’s very
mature of you, Buck. Thank you. Hey, that– that
lawyer got me thinking. There’s strength
in numbers, right? Maybe I could get everyone
to sign a statement of support or something. Show the higher ups
that– that you guys don’t think I’m a liability. Buck– They’d have to listen, right? I want you to listen to me. I mean, you told
them that I was ready. I mean, these– these dumb
asses– they would, they would have no right to keep me– I’m the dumb ass! Uh, what? You’re not ready. That’s what I told
them when they asked. Would anybody
like any cornbread?

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  2. I understand why buck did what he did at the end of the episode suing the department he loves his job so much and losing it was the worse thing that could happen to him and it is obvious he is getting much much better

  3. I felt bad for Buck but that was a dumbass move. Dude wasn't suspended indefinitely Bobby's is just trying to give him time to heal himself. Now if he loses this case he'll lose his friends his job in any chance of being a firefighter ever again

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