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hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I am very excited because I am making a carousel cardi prom
yay I was originally asked to make a carousel balloon sculpture but I wanted
much more than that I wanted a prop that I could use over
and over and just be able to change the colors or the fabric or at balloons or
put whatever the parishioner I wanted on it and I think no I don’t think I know I
accomplished it and I am so happy to share it with you guys
alright guys oh I wanted to tell you a couple of things and I’m going to have
bloopers at the end of this video so stay tuned front back my husband is
involved and you know every time he helps me out or he tries to help me out
something funny happens also I’m gonna have time to add the decoration part of
it so I am going to make a separate video I’ll have a radio on Sunday
alright so if you want to see that make sure to tune in day alright guys if you
new to my channel make sure to subscribe if you want to see more home holiday
event and DIY decor all right let’s get started here we go
I’m going to start by making the roof and the floor of my carousel and I’m
going to be using two pieces of plywood these are two four by four pre-cut
pieces from Home Depot and I’m going to use my pets tube to help me trace the
circular shape that I want to make for my carousel if you’re new to my channel
these pegs tube was left over from another project you can find these at
Home Depot in the plumbing department you don’t have to I just love it because
he helps me draw anything there’s circular shape okay
alright let’s do it I’m sure you can’t see anything bud is
there I’m gonna go ahead and cut this one and then I want to use it to trace
the other one so they can both and they should look something like this
now I’m going to move on to the next step to hold my cherry sauce roof and
floor together I am going to use for one and a half by five feet round pine
sticks and I’m going to be screwing together with two inch flathead wood
screws now I’m going to mark the spots where I want to drill the holes for my
roof and the floor of my carousel Giroux screws only a quarter of the way so this is how I’m holding the dowel
I literally taped it to the table top here plastic top and those I have the
top but anyway you get the point I had to tape it because you know plywood it’s
not the strongest wood you know it’s very thin so I did not want to break it
this will be easier if you do it with a partner so alright let’s continue
alright guys so this is what’s going on right now and I had to get some help
from Gary Garrett and Garrett works at Northwest Northwest experimenting yes
ma’am go stand over there Garrett and say
hello dad there you got lo thanks oh but she’s
gonna help me put on the roof all right let’s do it I will I just wanted to do it I don’t
care thank you so much thank you of course
thank you if I didn’t have an exterminating services that was
definitely hired I can help in any way even if it’s like exterminating
something for you thank you so much oh my gosh thank you as you all know all
carousels have a middle post and I’m going to use this sewer pipe this is a
four inch by five feet so now what I’m going to do is flew it in the middle
with Gorilla Glue please follow the instructions basically all you have to
do is damped the wood or dab any surface either the wood or the pipe and then you
are going to apply and then apply pressure now I’m gonna let that sit for
two hours and I’m going to move to the next step while the glue dries I’m going
to cut a few pieces of this scalloped trim that I actually bought for
something else but I never used that and I’m just gonna use it to secure the
frame a bit more okay so I’m thinking of placing it right around here nice right
I’m gonna place it I am loving the scalloped trim I am so
glad it was laying around waiting for me to use it so I am missing this side
right here so what I’m going to do is run to humpy for really quick and buy a
piece it’s really cheap I can’t remember the price I will tell you when I go
there alright so now what I’m going to do is add another piece of the sewer
pipe on top this is going to help me hang some of the decoration whether it’s
fabric or balloons and I’m going to do the same process as I did with the
middle post I’m going to be gluing this 24 inch water heater drain pan to the
bottom of the floor okay but you’re actually going to need two of them okay
but you’re only going to glue one and I’m going to use Gorilla Glue to bonded
make sure to take off these black little things that are on here it’s like a
little plastic and then you are going to also cover this hole here you can use
masking tape or transparent tape now I’m gonna have legs to this second pan which
is going to go underneath the first pan and I’m going to screw them together
with two inch flathead wood screws place the legs sixteen and a half to seventeen
inches apart and drill the holes one inch from the peg and it should look
something like this only thing that this is not too stable so I’m going to secure
it with pieces of wood this is actually left over from another project and I’m
just going to nail them on here with one and a half common nails this fix right
here were once distant so it is two of these and you find this a Home Depot for
like forty nine cents forty one cents is very cheap and there it is hard as a
rock it’s not going anywhere okay solve it
and how this works is that I’m going to place softballs I got these from Dollar
Tree if you have real ones even better okay and all you’re going to do is just
place it right and once the other half dries at the bottom of the carrier so
you’re gonna place it right on top and it’s going to rotate yay now I’m going
to paint the entire carousel and the base of the carousel in frosted pink I
got this color mix at Home Depot and it is in a gloss finish as I was painting I
noticed that the carousel was still moving a little the scalloped trim did
help a lot but he needed something to support at the bottom so I decided to
add one inch bracket and half an inch screws alright guys today is the next
day I have to wait for my husband to get home to help me glue the last piece of
the puzzle here the pan that goes underneath the floor I waited to glue
this piece because I wanted the curacao to be stable as I was painting and doing
everything else so now I’m gonna go ahead and glue it to the bottom okay guys so I added additional blue
with a stick this is one of the paint sticks from Home Depot so I just added
it to the top of it and then I just you know placed it around this is one way
that you can keep the carrousel just with the bottom tray or if you wish for
it to spend then you can place the other tray at the bottom alright guys so I am
going to be adding the golf balls inside the base pan and I’m actually gonna use
my husband’s real golf balls and make sure to distribute the golf balls evenly
so the carousel will not tilt and there it is guys here is my carousel right now
it’s pretty much just a frame I’m going to be adding some ribbons balloons and
some mylar foil horses I’m going to have all of the information in the
description box so check it out alright please make sure to give me a thumbs up
make sure to comment let me know if you think you see yourself making this in
the future and make sure to share should share sharing is caring if you know of a
friend or a family member they would love to have this for their kid’s
birthday party make sure to share with them at the end of this video and yeah
don’t forget to subscribe alright guys until next time you gotta do like this that would be
definitely get put your weight on let me see bring it I mean out on the line does
any be inside of it watch a tutorial so I said you got cut luckiest on the
outside just like that let me try remember best with this hand
oh hey but see you always scare me and stuff you watch the tutorial just press
it one don’t that’s why you wobbly you got put that hand here but you don’t
have to push this down down be steady put pressure on the goggles no cuz
that’s gonna go all inside your eyeballs and years maybe for next project that’s
too much power for it it’s excuse me you doing excuse me much power for you to
get used to it you want to eat tonight you can do it
don’t be afraid of it I know babe but I don’t want to mess this up let me flow I
just got comfortable with the disco look how nice that coast oh it sure does does this live like the UNAM for
intensity money late low intensity no it’s one way as power drill is a power
cuts is a wrong saw babe the power saw okay close the door got it
put your hand on top hey guys are four that’s they’re gonna
push it is shooting stuff by then I fold on the Gaza yes baby famous careful and
you gotta be firm with it if I start bleeding out heart
not funny that thing will cut the shit I don’t have a beat bouncing like you
doing with that you gotta hold tight I think you made me more nervous in what
it goes that’s what happens I don’t get it
he’s messing up my work jeez crap we’re gonna listen to him

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