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  1. Gracie was a consummate actress
    but she was so immersed in her perpetually ditzy character 
    that we tend to forget that she WAS acting.
    it was only in those rare moments
    when the script required her to step out of her usual character
    such as at 21:20 here
    that we are able to see her acting ability at work.

  2. this was back in the days when one could eat eggs – and eat 'more' without feeling like you are going to die!!!

  3. and a 'gay' evening meant an enjoyable evening… not some perverted twist of a meaning that we have today.

  4. locker 13 MAF, you forgot to mention when you met Gracie Allen when you commented that she was the “sweetest person I’ve known”. Was George also a nice person, if you met him also? wado,Ann Benson.

  5. Why was Arthur in the hospital and Tony wasn't, if Tony ate more pies than Arthur? I am sure Gracie would say he got food poisoning from the sandwich he stopped to eat.

  6. George once said that Gracie hadn't cooked a meal, ever; and that she wouldn't know where to begin; and so, I find it very interesting to watch her in the kitchen. Lol

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