BWild907 – What’s for Dinner (Official Music Video)

♫ BWild Kato on the track ♫ As I drive to work in the Durango I got it smellin’ like coconut and mango And I reminisce Harborside has been lit since ’06 I started it with kindling and matchsticks Old school tactics See way back I was born an Army brat But I learned to adapt Impulsively react, never trust or be Emotionally attached But that was then and this is now And that’s that, see? Always wanted to be A community fixture Recipe for success, ingredients in the mixer I’m a cook, not a hipster But I work so hard that my hips hurt Yeah, when I started this business I was young and ambitious I had goals and visions I thought I could work hard And make a comfortable living But it’s clear to me now: I never should have messed with pizza when I Coulda went fishing Sike! I’m just kiddin’ If I was out there floatin’ around I’d just be aimlessly drifting And my story has to be a bit more uplifting Check it I remember going out to Hampton Bays Spendin’ all my days riding on the waves At night, learnin’ all the ways that a man can get paid I started bussing tables at Galae by the bay Up on the roof with Mick gettin’ blazed (Gettin’ blazed) That was my first real glimpse into the eyes of the trade Then I made it down the Fort Lauderdale way Where I worked all night so I could surf all day I had a couple of brushes with fame along the way Then I helped Tony build a cabin in Cordova, AK I met my wife and I decided to stay I could feel my life taking shape Now I’m cookin’ circles around you With every pie that I make That pretty much brings us up to today Where I’m at Harborside stackin’ cheese Makin’ dough all day BWild
(BWild) Kato on the track And that’s what’s for dinner
(What’s for dinner) What’s for dinner What’s for dinner ♫

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  1. The lyrical story telling says it all. Inspiration to reality. Video is well done, down to the sound effects of a stylus on the record.

  2. Hell to the yeah, we finally get the long awaited Origin Story Rap! Love the vid, makes me miss home. Keep slinging pies and verses with that signature style, BWild

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