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Hello Friends I am your Friend Anu Singhal Welcomes all of you to my channel Today, I have brought a special idea of tambola which will surely delight you Whenever we play housie in our kitty parties We request the host to speak one number of our ticket to get the prize that host has decided such as lines, corner,etc Host has to speak all the numbers not being biased to anyone So, this is different type of game where host will speak his own number(either 1 or 2) We don’t have to wait for the host to speak the number and the prize Just roll the dice and your luck and you can mark one or two numbers according to your choice Let me show how do you have to play this game I have a request to you friends before we start the game that if your are new to my channel and like to know about more kiity games Then please SUBSCRIBE my channel and also press the BELL ICON so that every new video of mine reaches the first to you Lets get back to our game Host has to distribute the numbers of tickets equivalent to the number of members you can play with both single or double tickets Host can also keep the prices according to him/her Host will put all the numbers on the board prior to the time when tambola starts just like I have put And we just need 1 die Friends, If you want any different offers of tambola You can check a video link in the description which gives you a idea about tambola offers In that video, I have kept 30 to 35 new can go and check that ! I have taken 5 members in my group and numbered them for you convenience they will sit in a circle with the host in center keeping the board and dice with him One of the members will roll the dice If anyone gets 1 or 2 when dice is rolled he/she has to speak 1 or 2 numbers from his ticket If he/she doesn’t get 1 or 2, he/she has to pass on to the next person Let me show you a demo Member No.1 rolled the dice and got ‘2’ He will speak any 2 numbers from his ticket and that numbers will be cut by everybody playing the game And the host will keep the number aside from the board He/she said “One Four 14” So host will keep 14 aside And 14 will be cut by every person who has 14 in his/her ticket He/she also said “Four Zero 40” Host will pick up 40 from the board and keep it aside And who so ever will have 40 in his/her ticket, he/she will cut it Now, This is Member No.2 (‘s) chance to roll the dice And Got “1’ Now he will speak any 1 number from his ticket Imagine he/she said “One Eight 18” So firstly the host will keep 18 out of the board And members will cut 18 if anyone has. This time Nobody has Now, It is the chance of Third Member He/she also got ‘1’ He/she said “Seven Two 72 ” Member No.4 has 72 so he/she will cut it and the number will be kept aside Member No.4 got ‘4’ when he/she rolled the dice So he/she will be passed on and the chance of Member No.5 comes This Member got ‘3’ which will also be passed on Thus housie will go on and one like this It is a Little bit time consuming But it is something different and will be surely amusing to your friends Have this type of housie between your kitty members And share your experiences using the COMMENT section Thank You Friends We will meet again with a new game idea Take Care. Bye Bye

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