Camp Nick Summer Fun! 😎 ft. Annie LeBlanc, Jayden Bartels & More! | Nick

– Hey, guys, it’s Annie.
– And Jayden. – And we’re at Camp Nick with Matte.
– And Isaak. – We’ll be here all summer long.
– So stay tuned for Camp Nick. [music playing] What’s up, campers? Let’s check the Camp Nick fish bone
for today’s activity. What’s up, guys? Councilor Kel here with another
arts and crafts challenge for ya! That’s right,
this time it’s Human Paintbrush. Since we are going to be making
a giant painting, we are going to be using
these awesome paintbrush helmets to do a huge painting by numbers,
let’s do it! Oh, we only have 60 seconds! So let’s go, go, go, go, go! Alright, alright, so what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna have one on this one. – Is there something on my paintbrush?
– Oh, my gosh, it’s actually working! It’s looking really good. You have one almost, almost–
OK, cool. I’m gonna move over here,
it’s dripping everywhere. This tree is red! Get more, get more red,
get more red, get more red! OK, OK! What is that?
I don’t know what that is! This is really hard
and I’m struggling here. – This is way harder than I thought!
– Alright, Annie, get two, get two! Because we have some two on Bigfoot,
right here on his feet. Two, two, OK, alright,
we got orange here, I guess. Alright, yes, ten seconds left! You ready?
Ten seconds, ten seconds, come on! Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Ding, ding, ding, you are done! Hands off, hands off, hands off! – How did you get so messy?
– How are you so clean? I think it went pretty well,
I don’t really know what’s going on here, here… or the whole thing,
I don’t really know what’s going on. Wow, that is a sasquatch masterpiece. My co-stars, Matte, Isaak and Jayden. Jayden, of course, is my best friend ever
and we do so many cool projects. We have so much fun on set,
this is only our third day and we’re already literally
like best friends. [music playing] Swords up, it’s time for feather fencing! These campers will be trying to make
the other team spit mouthfuls of water, then whoever does that wins, y’all ready? – Ready!
– Yes! – Go!
– Get in here, I see some– [screaming] I’m sorry! Go! Ooh, oh, there she goes! – Yes!
– OK, so one point to this team! OK, one point each, final round, go! I feel a little dribble! [screaming] And the winners are…
Matte and Jayden! My favorite part of summer
would have to be the beach. I love just like being in the sand
and jumping in the water and then getting to like lay in the sun,
I think just like the beach is like… The epitome of like a great time
in the summer. [music playing] What’s up, you guys? I hope you’re ready
for more Camp Nick action! Yeah, I dunno about all that. Tomorrow’s the big game
and I just don’t think I’m up to it. You know what you need?
Some motivation! From Camp Nick athletic Councilor,
John Cena! If you stay ready,
you don’t have to get ready! That’s why I always sleep
in my wrestling jorts. O-M-G, I need to get some jorts ASAP! You can’t see me! Isaak’s my man, man. We’re really good friends,
we’re always hanging out. Playing games on our phones,
playing guitar, we’re both musicians. So we’re always around the music area. And yeah we have a blast
every time we’re on set and we have so much fun
when we’re doing skits together. [music playing] Dearest mother, it’s been a fortnight
since I last wrote. And by that, I mean
I played a game of Fortnite. We lost,
I think the other team cheated. But you’d be surprised by how strong
Wi-Fi is here at Camp Nick. I must be going now,
as the dinner hour approaches, and I want to be first in line
for tonight’s all corn dinner. Corn dogs, popcorn and milk…
from a unicorn. Love you lots, Isaak. I can’t give too much away
but there’s been– It’s very messy,
we’ve had to eat some gross things… But you’ll find out soon. [music playing] Unleash the green stuff. – Oh, my God!
– Oh! [screaming] [music playing] I just got slimed! Alright, you guys, I’m Matte and I just wanna say thank you so much
for watching the video! We’ll be here all summer so make sure
you like, comment and subscribe to Nick’s channel for more Camp Nick!

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