♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ – Welcome to camp Ollie, let’s go inside! ♪ Happy Birthday dear Ollie ♪ (upbeat techno music) – [Group] Good morning! – Hey, Finn, whose birthday is it today? – Ollie’s birthday! – It’s Ollie’s birthday! Well where is he? Is he in Daddy’s office? Oh there he is! Oh, is that him? Oh, hey! – [Missy] Yay! – [Bryan] Happy birthday buddy! – Thank you! Happy birthday buddy, we love you! You have to show them your shirt, we got him the coolest shirt
for his birthday you guys. It says straight outta 2013, yo! (cheers) You’re a 2013 baby, aren’t you? You’re five years old today buddy! – Oh my goodness, I can’t
believe my baby’s five! – Missy has had, what did you say? – I promised I’ll still be her baby. – Aw! Missy was watching the
birth vlog of Oliver all morning today. We’re gonna meet our little boy now. Doing good, he’s almost here! (background chatter) Oh my god! Hi baby boy, oh my gosh! – Congratulations! – [Missy] Oh my gosh! – [Nurse] Here’s Oliver! – [Missy] Oh my gosh! – [Nurse] Say hi! (laughs) – [Bryan] See him? He’s so perfect. – [Missy] Hi baby! – [Bryan] He’s so perfect. – [Missy] Hi, Ollie. – This is our son, baby. This is our boy! And it was just like all those
memories rushing through me, it was crazy. – I have cried a couple times. – Oh yeah, I have definitely cried also. Just tried to post an Instagram
photo and like write a simple caption, like I can’t
deal with these emotions, Our big boy is five you guys! If you guys are new to our
channel, be sure to click that subscribe button, and click
the bell icon next to it to get your updates in your feed. For those of you who have
been subscribed for over five years, you have witnessed this
little boy be born and grow up and go through so many
different phases of life. It’s been so incredible. – He used to be like this tiny. – Yeah. – And now he’s this big. (soft orchestral music) – Smash that like button to
wish Ollie a happy birthday, you guys, let him know down below in the comments happy birthday. Eventually he’s going to be
old enough to read all those comments, it’s gonna be so
great for him one day to go back and get to watch all the
videos of him growing up, all the comments of people
like encouraging him. – I was telling him the other
day that on his very first birthday, we had viewers
send in birthday cards. – Yeah. – We have a huge bin of
birthday cards from his first birthday, from all over the world. And that’s something that
he’ll be able to look back at one day and be like, whoa. – For those of you who have
been following us for a couple years now, I would love to
know in the comments down below when did you join our story,
and how long have you guys been watching Ollie? Because he’s been on the
internet ever since he was born, and you guys got to see a
lot of really great moments. So let us know down below when
did you guys start watching us or when was the moment in
time that you saw Ollie or you were introduced to Ollie. – I think even with people
have first met him when he was one, or first saw him at three or four, I still think that’s so cool
because you’re still seeing him at such a young age, and just
seeing and watching him grow up and like, get a personality. You know he still makes the
same facial expressions that he did when he was a baby, like
the same attitude that he has now, is the same he
had when he was a baby, it’s so funny to watch. I was watching them and it was just like, he still makes that face! – If that’s the case for Finn,
then we’re really in trouble because he is- (gibberish) Whoa, now they’re racing. So today is gonna be a really
special day for him because he’s having all of his friends come over, and we’re throwing a big
birthday party in the back yard. And it’s gonna be really, really special. – It’s gonna be really, really
special, and I’m excited ’cause today’s his actual birthday. – Yes. – And his main birthday party,
and so I’m really excited. – But let us know in the
iCard pull above right now, did you guys ever go to summer camp? Did you ever go to summer camp? – I did, yeah, yeah. – Oh really? I’m so jealous, I never
got to go to summer camp. – I want to go to a summer camp. – You do? – I have an idea! – You have an idea, okay. – We can make one! – Make our own summer camp? – Yeah! – Is that what we should
do for your birthday party? – Yeah, I can have a
camping birthday party! – That would be so cool,
it could be camp Ollie! (cheering) That’s awesome! He’s so excited, you guys. Okay, I guess we are gonna
throw a little summer camp for Ollie’s birthday today. – Wait! – Huh? – I’m missing something. – You’re missing something? – My ranger outfit! – Yes that’s right, we’re
gonna have to set up the party, we’re gonna have to get the
costumes on, but first something needs to be done. Do you know what needs to be done, Ollie? – What? – The date needs to officially be changed, because it’s actually your birthday, it’s not the 26th Ollie, it’s the 27th. Go change it. – [Missy] 27. – [Bryan] Now, that’s a two. So now it’s officially your birthday. – Yay! (group cheering) – Ahh! You’re five years old! – I’m so excited to see camp Ollie! – I know, we get to
build it now, you ready? – Yeah! – Alright you guys, we are
gonna start puttin’ together Camp Ollie, but smash that
thumbs-up button if you think Camp Ollie is a place that
you guys would like to spend summer camp at one day,
how cool would that be? We have a lot of work to do,
because we have a lot of people coming over, we have a
really fun party planned. So we better get to work. – So this year for Ollie’s
birthday, we are doing it a little bit later in the
evening, which is really nice because it gives me plenty
of time to get ready. So I’ll show you what we have so far. I actually just brought a lot
of their bedroom decor out here, so cute! Look at this! – Look what we got, hey! – [Missy] The boys are
doing a little project, huh? – Yes, I got Ollie a
classic Harry Potter legos. – [Missy] This one right here. – I kid you not, you guys. The very first Harry Potter legos I got was this set, I built
the little flying car at my Grandma’s house. – Yeah, so they’re just sitting
down doing a little project. – Ollie’s been begging me
all day, and I’ve just been wanting to hang out with Ollie. – I know. – I got stuck shopping
for like three hours. – I know, he wasn’t supposed
to shop but he ended up having to go. And then we are watching some Yogi Bear, and I’m just finishing up
decorating and everything. It’s been a fun little family day! – I’m excited for my birthday! – [Missy] Yay! Ollie, so is this your little- – So Sprinkle’s gonna
be in my birthday party. – Oh yeah? We are setting up his little area, it’s starting to look really cute. We kind of got some stuff
so that it’s, you know, just a safe environment for them. And it should be interesting
having Draco around at the party, we’re just gonna
make it a rule that he’s not allowed to bring it around
because we just don’t want him to get hurt, he’s just so brand new. – Welcome to Camp Ollie, let’s go inside! (orchestral music) This is the table. (group chatter) – Everything looks so good,
babe, the party has begun and we are all about to jump
in the pool before the rest of the party festivities. But I think it’s so cool because
we’re doing like a camping theme and it’s all about like
adventures and exploring, ’cause that’s everything
that we’ve been doing for the past six months. Look at this cake! There’s a little tent. – [Missy] This is my favorite thing ever. – [Bryan] Oh it looks so amazing. Whoa, Ollie, what is that? – I don’t know! – It’s a pinata lizard! – [Bryan] It’s a giant pinata lizard. Ollie loves crocodiles, so
he got a crocodile pinata, you get to break that thing
open and get some candy later. – Pow! – [Ollie] Wait, is there candy in here? – [Bryan] There’s gonna be, yeah. – This is Camp Ollie Watering Hole. (splash) (upbeat music) Alright, guys, this is the
reptile room, let’s go inside. – [Bryan] Whoa! – [Missy] Wow! – Oh is this a walking stick? – [Bryan] Whoa, look at that giant- – Yeah it is, that’s a real walking stick. – [Bryan] Real? – Yes. – [Bryan] That’s incredible. – Nothing in here is not
real, unless it’s a toy. – [Bryan] Oh, okay. – That is cool big walking stick. And that’s a pincher bug. Can I please do this one first? – [Woman] Yes, you may. – What is it called, I
don’t know what it’s called. – [Woman] Blue is called
a blue-tongue skink. Blue is an omnivore, he
eats protein and he eats fruit and vegetables, and he would love it
if you would feed him. – [Bryan] He’s so cool looking. – [Woman] I don’t know
if it’s hungry or not. – [Ollie] Is he a boy? – He is a boy, yes he is. – He has a really cool tongue. – Somebody said, and I’m
not sure if it’s true, that when his tongue sticks
out, it surprises predators. And they’re able to see color. Get on the ground, you can hold him. – [Bryan] There you go. – And put one hand there
and one hand there, there we go. – [Bryan] That is awesome! You’re holding him! What’s he feel like? – Feels like bumpy. – [Bryan] Oh really bumpy? – [Woman] He looks kind of like
a log, or rocks or whatever. – [Bryan] Does he smell
like anything, Ollie? – He probably smells like baby food. (laughs) Okay now let’s put him down, and see if he’s gonna be hungry. – [Ollie] Whoa, he’s really spiky. – [Woman] He’s very spiky. – [Bryan] So what’s his name, Ollie? – Spike. – [Bryan] Spike. – And Spike is a boy. – A breathing dragon. – [Bryan] How does he feel, is that cool? – Feels really spiky. – [Bryan] Yeah, Ollie,
Draco’s gonna get that big, isn’t that exciting? – Whoa! – He will get really big. – [Missy] He’ll probably
get bigger than that. – [Bryan] Now look at that
cute little guy, he’s white. – Yeah, he’s gonna
probably shed pretty soon, when they turn really pale like that. – [Bryan] Oh yeah? – It means that they’re
getting ready to shed. He wants to know who you are. – My name is Ollie. – And this is Leo. – [Bryan] Wait, so what
is in this box right now? – And this is a boy scorpion. (gasp) – [Bryan] Oh my goodness. – These here will get bigger. These will get twice that size. Wait long enough, and you
want to see that they glow in the dark. I read on Wikipedia that
scorpions will sometimes, well they always flouresce
because they want to avoid light. And so they’re very sensitive
to anything with light. – [Bryan] Wow. That’s fascinating, huh Ollie? (playful music) – Now Virginia Victorious
sometimes smells like vinegar, because if she gets upset, she
will secrete it from her tail so you might smell something- – No, I don’t want it! – She won’t bite you. – [Bryan] Aw, it’s okay. – [Missy] She won’t bite, baby. She’s nice. – [Woman] She’s very nice. – [Bryan] She’s so cool looking! – [Woman] She would only bite
you if you were a cricket. (laughs) – [Bryan] Ollie, that looks
like one of the insects from Harry Potter. Mama will hold her! – [Missy] She looks just like a scorpion. – [Bryan] She’s cool, huh? – [Woman] Very cool. – [Missy] And that face,
she looks like an alien. – [Bryan] Ollie, doesn’t she
kind of look like an alien? – [Woman] She does look like an alien. (light music) – Why does turtles have shells? – [Woman] Why do tortoises have shells, because they used to be dinosaurs. Some dinosaurs had shells and
hard coverings on their body. – Why do they roll up in a ball like this? – Oh, to protect themselves. – I can’t believe I’m feeding animals. Thanks for coming everyone! (crowd cheering) – Look, we got a campfire! That’s crazy! ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday dear Ollie ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ (applause) – Want to blow out the campfire? – Yeah! – You gotta blow that
campfire out, Ranger Ollie! More, more, more! (cheering) Alright guys, help yourselves to sweets, and then we’re gonna open some presents. (group chatter) I think it’s safe to say
the cake is a hit you guys, all the kids are like gimme gimme gimme. So is this a smores cake, babe? – Kind of, it’s got graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows. – [Bryan] I love the toasted marshmallows. – Yeah, it’s vanilla on top,
chocolate on the bottom. – [Bryan] Oh that’s so cool. Okay Bailey boo, let me
see that huge brownie. Scored a brownie from the dessert table. All the kids, look at Finn’s
like “ooh, chocolate-covered strawberries, don’t mind if I do!” Oh my gosh, this cake
looks so good you guys, smash that thumbs-up button
if this is a cake that you’d like to eat. Show me your slice of cake! Yeah, that looks so good dude! Look at the skill he’s
doing right now you guys, one-handed with a wooden spork. So how’s Draco doing with
all these bugs in his room? – I can’t even see him, you know. – I know, I know. – It looks like he- – [Bryan] Is he in there? There’s Draco. (laughs) alright, Draco, what do you think about all these new visitors? We’ve got butterflies, tarantulas,
look at all these bugs, Ollie, all these creepy crawly bugs. I know he’s so cool! Ollie, what do you got there? – [Woman] That’s a walking
stick, he’s gonna go wee, wee, wee. – That is so cool! Oh wow, oh wow! There is a walking stick on my hand! What do you think, is
that a stick or a bug? Stick or bug? How does it look like a stick? Alright, you can take that one now. This whole room has kind
of been a lot for me, there’s a lot of slithery things in there. But I think it’s safe to say
that we’re having an amazing party because everyone
is having so much fun. We just got done eating and
swimming, and now we are eating cake, and Ollie’s getting geared
up to open all his presents which he’s been begging to
do since the party started. Actually since before the party started. – It’s time to open presents! – [Bryan] Yes, it is time to
open presents and Ranger Ollie is so excited! Look at what your friends
drew you, that’s so awesome! Legos! Incredible Legos! That’s awesome! – You Mimi! – [Bryan] Alright, he’s
opening a present from Mimi. – Legos. – [Missy] More Legos? – [Bryan] What is it? – It’s this! – [Bryan] Whoa, Jurassic World Legos? That’s awesome. – From Emma and Debbie and Travis, aw. – Thank you! – [Bryan] Rip it open, what’s in there? Whoa, cool! – It’s a slitherin! – [Bryan] That’s awesome,
a slitherin backpack! We’ll have to take that to
Disney World when we go and it will hold all your stuff, okay? – Thank you Amelia! – Go ahead an open it up. – [Bryan] What is it, what is it? Whoa! What is it dude? A Slimeball Gobzooka! That is so cool. – That is so awesome. – [Bryan] That’s amazing. (laughs) – Thank you! – [Bryan] Whoa, two swords? That’s crazy! Woo! That is so cool, Ollie, what do you say? – Thank you! – [Bryan] Thanks man! Alright this one’s from Kyle. There we go. Whoa! That’s so cool. Whoa, more Nerf guns! – [Ollie] Whoa! – [Bryan] Candy! Skittles, your favorite, Ollie! Thank you guys, love you guys, aw! – Thank you! – [Bryan] This one’s from Uncle. – I see something. – [Bryan] What do you
see, what do you see? – It’s a dragon! (crowd cheers) – [Bryan] Uncle always
gets the best, he knows. Dragons, dragons! – Say thank you. – Thank you Uncle! – [Bryan] Alright, this
one’s from CJ and Bailey. What is it, it’s a big one! Whoa, what is that? It’s a sky glider, dude. You can fly it through the air. Nice! Ooh, a Star Wars book, that’s so cool. – Thank you guys! – [Bryan] What is that, Bro? – It’s a Harry Potter (inaudible) – [Bryan] That is so cool! – [Group] Whoa! – [Bryan] Whoa, look at
those toys, that’s so cool! – Thank you CJ and Bailey! – [Bryan] That’s awesome. Whoa, a giant spider? That’s so cool! – Thank you! – [Bryan] Go, go, go! (laughs) They stopped, it’s okay. (laughs) You give the kids a
sword, they’re gonna play. Alright we are doing
a movie night tonight, and what is a movie under the
stars without some popcorn? Right Jim? Where’s your bucket? – It’s in the car. Got this as backup. – He always brings this large
popcorn bucket everywhere, it’s a pop socket on it
so it holds it better, it’s pretty much genius. So, we got some popcorn
for the movie tonight, and we are just waiting for
the sun to go down a little bit more, we got a big
inflatable movie screen, we’re gonna be watching Coco
as soon as the stars come out. (light guitar music) Camp Ollie is doing a very
special smores night tonight as well, so we’ve got a fire going. And we have all the
fixin’s for a smores feast. Check this out you guys,
Missy put this all together on her own. Well not on her own, she had
a ton of help from her friends of course. We got Hershey’s
Chocolate, we’ve got Oreos, Ghiradelli caramel chocolates,
dark chocolate, Reese’s. Have you guys ever had a smores
with a Reese’s instead of the chocolate? Click the thumbs-up button if
you have, they are delicious. You guys know what I’m
talking about, Kit Kats. And of course we’ve got the
marshmallows and the graham crackers, and this is
where the magic happens. So this is where the movie
night is going to be, we’ve got some lights
out, we’ve got seating. We are gettin’ everything ready. You guys having fun on the slide? – Yeah! – [Bryan] Argh, we got chocolate! Oh, I love your outfits,
look at you guys matching, just like Ollie and Finn do, huh? Oh no you guys, we’ve
got a bear at the camp! Oh, oh, it’s a cute looking bear! Oh hey there! It’s smores time! Missy’s wearing a bear suit, so funny. Bears are gettin’ into our food here. What are you doing with the
Reese’s or what with the chocolate? Just a regular old, classic smore. – [Bryan] Classic smore,
that’s what you go for? That looks so good, honestly. Whoa, we’ve got a little
bear on the loose! – Wait, I’m only protecting him. – [Bryan] You’re gonna protect him? – He’s a baby one. – [Bryan] Oh, just a baby bear? – Mama, and that’s the mama bear. – [Bryan] So that’s the mama bear, this is the baby bear. You are the cutest little baby bear ever! Can you go arrrrgh! (growls) We’ve got a little bear
on the loose, you guys! – Watch out, he has sharp claws. – Oh, he does have sharp claws,
we gotta be careful of those sharp claws, huh? I bet your really cozy in that, huh? Ahhh! Hey did you see all the
marshmallows little bear? – Yeah! – Guess what guys? – [Bryan] What? – We’re having movie night outside guys! – [Bryan] Yeah, what are we watching dude? Show me! – Coco! – [Bryan] We’re gonna
watch Coco, let’s go! That’s right you guys, we have
a movie night set up here, look at this, this is so
cool, we got our little bear. What is going on in this tent? Hey kiddos, you having fun? – [Group] Yeah! – [Bryan] You guys excited to watch Coco? – [Group] Yeah! – [Bryan] Alright, we’re gonna turn it on. Ollie are you cozy? – Yep. – [Bryan] He’s got all
his bugs that he got from the bug lady today, huh? Was that so fun Ollie, getting
to see all those reptiles? – Yep. – [Bryan] Yeah, and now you
get to watch a movie under the stars, are you ready Finn? Are you so comfy cozy? – Yeah! – I am too, I put on a big camping onesie. So we’re all fittin’ the theme here. (chuckles) Ooh, you want a bag of popcorn buddy? Yeah, I want a bag of popcorn. – You’re welcome! – [Bryan] Thanks Mama Bear! You think you’re funny, Pop Pop? This is so cool, we got a huge
movie in our back yard, huh? – And a lot of animals. – Yeah, he’s so excited
about his animals, you guys. Just his creatures. Time to watch Coco. Get in front! We had the most amazing day you guys. Ollie is officially five years
old, still I’m having a lot of trouble coping, but it’s
amazing ’cause I’m excited to see this next year for him. It’s gonna be really, really fun. We had a blast, the boys are
still watching the movie, which I think is adorable. I think we should let them
crash and see what happens, and really just spoil them
tonight because I love them and it’s summer time and they
deserve it and it’s Ollie’s birthday and we’re all having
so much fun just hanging out together with all our family and friends. Thank you so much for watching
today’s Daily Bumps Vlog, be sure to click that thumbs-up button, comment down below wishing Ollie a very special 5th birthday, I’ll see you manana. Bye guys. (uplifting music)

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